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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

mortgage breaker

so i asked her how much do yall make a year
she told me
i ran the calculation from bankrate.com

they could afford a $280,000 mortgage
$1900 a month for a 15 year note
thats $92,000 in interest
she said

so they are getting a zero percent loan
for never
at $0 a month

their house will be paid for when they move in

so how did they do it
have you ever lived in an apartment
in cities like san francisco and new york
some live in them all their lives
you learn to be efficient

now enter the small house concept
low cost
low taxes
low upkeep
low energy costs
less to clean
less to furnish

so she said they got interested in the small house concept
it does fit in with their repertoire of living

just the other day as i stood in my garden
before i found out about their house
pausing to meditate ie listening to the birds achirping
the wind ablowing no other sounds were heard
thinking i was
i wish we had built a small house a tiny house as they are called
what a waste our house is
we only really live in 1 room sleep in one
the rest is just for show i guess
chop all that all away
whats left is a tiny small functional house
a kindred spirit we have with this young couple
wish it was us

now theyre not hippies
or some earthy persons
or survivalists
just a young couple who in my opinion looks at life
in the right way
has thought it through
has their priorities right

they read books
watched videos
toured these tiny houses
thinking this is what we want to do
they got designs but none really fit what they wanted
thats right
they just did one themselves

they found a repossessed building that is about +-600 sq ft
was very well built
moved it to the site
started to work

its design includes a bedroom an office a bathroom
combo kitchen living room dining room a small front porch
all space is spoken for and all space has a designated function

well i said whos doing all the renovation
we are she said
oh so youve done sheet rock electric plumbing flooring
insulation painting
no she said
were gonna learn
so they had uncles show them how to do sheet rock
but they did it all themselves
a theme it seems
the electricity and plumbing and ac heat was done by
papa with their assistance
the place is well insulated and air tight

the ac heat will be two of the minsplit systems
interesting i told her we are having these put in our
country n as i write now
very efficient systems
papa did this for years as a living
cost of labor so far

just lots of sweat equity

so the labor for doing a 1600 ft run of pvc for water
a 1600 ft driveway
leveling of the build site
anchoring the building to withstand those southern storms
all donated
cost of labor

all supplies used are paid for with cash as they go

total cost

at note for 15 years would be $250 a month
that would be $45,000

their note

so we went to visit them
there they were all sweaty
but smiling
a little dirty and hot
it was 95 degrees and the humidity felt like
you know that deep south humidity
as i took that picture
looked at those two 23 year olds
where did all their wisdom come from
how did they think of all this
then carry through with it

what does this mean for them
a lifetime of financial security
something that my wife she and i are only now
experiencing in our retirement years

they need a car
they can afford it
a used one im sure
cash paid for

want to travel to south america

do a cruise

its all a way of looking at the world
that we all have lost
our ancestors had it

we have been overtaken by all the things that
we are told we need that we really dont
these kids have iphones and tv and internet
so they arent off the grid type of folks
nice to see practical human beings

the likes we dont see enough of
we should

the organicgreen doctor

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