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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
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Monday, July 27, 2015

telling it like it is

thats what donald and bernie are doing
telling their views on things in an almost unfiltered way
donald probably worst than bernie
donald has all that money but bernie aint got none
it is sort of refreshing to have some one say what needs
to be said
no i dont agree with what donald says
he is saying what he is thinking
doesnt seemed to be affected by what the rest of us think
or the news media
or the republican party
Image result for donald trump
boy would they like him to go away

now ole bernie is more like us than donald

i would like to see the wind blow donalds hair
real hard to see whats under that thing

i sure am looking forward to those republican debates
boy is old donald going to ruffle some feathers

Image result for bernie sanders
now old bernie
he looks like a kind ole granddaddy doesnt he
he is from independent vermont
thats independent
they think different and dont always follow what
the national parties want followed
thats why
he is such a good independent

he really is for us the common folks
now donald
he is not really one of us
no hes not

so why cant the other candidates just do whats right
think for themselves

immigration-just do something
fix it
quit ticking off the hispanics
they are both parties future
the loser of their support will be the minority party
our economy would collapse without those hispanic
ok send the bad ones home but keep all the rest

health care-quit wasting time trying to get rid of obamacare
most folks agree its here to stay
now work to fix whats wrong with it
make all states sign up for medicaid
look at whose profiting the most
insurance companies hospitals drug companies
thank goodness millions of folks are insured

iran-sign the treaty or get a better solution
dont get a better solution then sign the treaty
you cant do nothing

guns-do whats right
have some rules on who can buy guns
no loopholes please
it makes me sick when a large group
in this case the nra can control so many congressman
if i go and buy a pistol today to keep here on my property
i would expect to show id do a background check
make me wait a period of time
the end result
i will get my handgun to have on my property

campaign finance-the rich richest folks will and are going
to control what happens in this country
as they can finance any person they want for office
we the regular folks use to control things somewhat
by being the ones who financed the elections
with our few dollars each
those rich richest folks arent going to do whats best
for us you know

theres the big republican parties list of candidates
ive lost count
what a circus that will be
the winner will be all bruised up
when he or she finally wins the nomination
with a lot of fodder for the democrats to use
it seems all this
with donald being uncontrollable
it cant be good for the republican party

what or what has happened to our political system
i hope this is not the start of our downfall

ok i do hope donald and bernie stay in for the long hall
it sure makes it more interesting
almost comical to watch at times

they are making the other folks face issues they have
been avoiding

the next 15 months
it could be a fun time

the organicgreen doctor

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