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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

dear ms b-we r in trouble

yes i think our country is in trouble
it seems there are two things that we have that is
destroying our country

one is financial
the other is social

its enough ms b that i wonder if maybe your gma and i
dont just move to another country
like australia or great britain

both of these countries like so many other advanced countries
seemed to have solved these problems
does that make us the us not an advanced country

so ms b
its the student debt that now is affecting three generations
of americans
more about that in a future blog

the other
is the fact that we allow folks to just get murdered in mass numbers
like issis does when they blow innocent folks in markets eg
little kids little babies teenagers mommies gmas

you would think ms b
that in our advanced country we wouldnt let that happen
let some guy its usually a guy
just walk into an elementary school
shoot little kid and little kid and little kid and little kid
and little kid and more little kids
and their teachers
we as a county dont have the cojones to do what needs to be
done to keep that from happening

we here in the united states dont have to reinvent the wheel
its already be invented in other countries
that are advanced and dont have the mass murders

Image result for sandy hook crime scene photos
why does those murdered always have to be young folks
they never go in a nursing home and shoot all those old folks
just young ones little innocent kids and teenagers and
college kids

how ms b can we let this continue

now im not some gun control nut
it doesnt bother me to own guns or for others to own guns
yes i know we have a 2nd  amendment
but ms b
we had that 2nd amendment when i was a kid
why oh why is it different today
its the same one that was written years and years ago
by our forefathers

Image result for mass shooting photos
baltimore sun.com

ms b
it doesnt make sense
what i dont understand is why a person has to have an arsenal
i dont want some military machine gun or rifle thats used to kill
those issis folks in my house

maybe a rifle or shot gun all safely locked away
maybe a handgun just for safety sake
but not all those weapons some folks have
all that stuff leaks out to the crazies
that do all the damage

its ms b im sure all about profit
the gun manufacturers have a lot to lose if there is gun control
their lobby is pretty dang powerful
maybe more than big pharms
no much much bigger

so yes we need gun control
i have no problem if i buy a rifle or pistol
to show my id register myself take a gun course
all to get the gun
if someone uses my gun to do bad stuff then im liable for it
if someone drives your car and runs over someone
yoube like liable

yes ms b
we need some rules
your generation doesnt continue to have its young
like they were on some battlefield

ms b
its time

the organicgreen doctor

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  1. Well green doc, I started to say that these folks would give up their children before they would give up their guns. And then I realized, that in a larger sense, as a society, we are choosing extreme gun rights over the lives of our children.