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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, September 11, 2017


searching the internet for the definition
false not real fake
Image result for equifax
in the last few weeks that have been two terrible tragedies
involving hurricanes
the billions of dollars of devastation has occurred to
thousands and thousands
we have seen it all roll out
all this destruction
all the human toll and suffering that has happened
will continue to happen for a while

about 3 months ago
another tragedy
another form of devastation happened
it appears will affect well over half of the folks in the us
at least 150 million+ folks

this tragedy will linger all well after all the wounds
of irma and harvey have healed
there will be scars from those storms but healing will occur

the tragedy
called the equifaux tragedy
it will linger on and on for years to come
really never being able to be fixed
there is no fix really

when the information the hackers got from equifaux
is sold and used
now remember these guy who stole it
they arent in a hurry to use the info
sometimes they take months and years before they
use it

they will destroy lives
some forever

if they have your info or my info
the odds are they have your info and mine
they will use it
to do things like
drain your checking accounts
open you checking accounts
open new credit card accounts
commit insurance fraud using your information
buy a car
buy a boat
buy a house
take a cruise
go to vegas
etc etc etc

so i looked at my equifaux report that i have from months ago
there in that report is my life
my addresses
my phone numbers
my social security numbers
my former work
all my accounts like banking and investments and credit cards
its all there for them to use
whenever they choose

the potential
the financial and emotional devastation
will not be short lived
it will last forever until the day i die
they will probably keep using the information
even after i have started decomposing in the ground

so i went to the equifaux website
there is this thing i read

here is the word for word what it said
Privacy and Security Notices
We understand your desire to know how your information will be used. See our Privacy and Security Notices for complete descriptions on how we collect, use and maintain your submitted information.

We use SSL encryption to protect the confidentiality of your personal records. You can learn more about how we protect your information online in Security Notice.

i must add
that didnt go so well did it equifaux
now all our info is out there forever in the dark web
your encryptions suck

i refuse to sign that waiver on your website
so i can get free credit monitoring

just destroyed the lives of over half of america
maybe forever
much worse than if you had been a cat 5 hurricane

you need to be held totally responsible
for the damage when it occurs
like someone who sets a fire and destroys property
no matter the cost

so i reached out to the consumer guru
clark howard
here is the link to his recommendation

if you do a credit freeze
you will have to unfreeze it to
buy a house
get credit
open a bank account etc
it costs you to freeze it
it costs you to unfreeze it

here is what i plan on doing
i have put super alerts on all my checking and savings accounts
all my credit cards and debit cards
all my investment accounts

i am changing all my passwords on my financial stuff
all my email accounts

they busted through all these secure websites at equifaux
whats my little old secure password going to do

since we dont plan any loans or new accounts
we will freeze our credit at all three credit bureaus and the check clearing site
equifaux experian transunion and chexsytems

that is as much as i can do
plus keep a close eye on our accounts
forever i guess

i wonder if we will qualify for fema relief
if this tragedy destroys our lives

the organicgreen doctor

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