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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

big pharma makes money off us

after i read the article
i went and looked in my medicine cabinet
to see if they were making money off me

i think they are
should i say they were

in my cabinet i found these two meds

Image result for prednisolone eye drops

i use them 1 drop a day in my affected eye to
control chronic iritis
without them for a few days
the eye turns real red and is painful like you get
if you scratch your cornea
plus i get bad headaches and marked fatigue
i put a drop in once a day and it keeps this under control

this stuff comes at a cost of $75 a bottle
thats with insurance and it is generic

so it seems what the drug companies do with eye drops is
they make the drops too big
i guess by making the hole bigger or putting more medicine in
each drop

i notice when i use them the eye is full and a lot runs down my face
so i have to wipe off quite a bit thats wasted

it seems its made that way
so you have to buy twice the volume you need
so that my $75 a bottle could be a smaller $37.50 one

thats money in the big pharmas pocket
they basically double the amount of the drug thats sold
doubling their money

there is a microdrop that can be made to put less drug in a drop
i guess you could just find an eye drop bottle with a smaller hole

wonder if i could try that
i plan to research it
if i find a smaller hole bottle ill just transfer my prednisilone into
the smaller hole bottle
maybe i wont waste any anymore
ill save money doing it

Image result for irbesartan

theres my blood pressure medicine
irbesartan thats brand name avapro
after moving here for some reason i had to drop my dose some
maybe since its so laid back relaxing living here
plus i have lost a few lbs

i pay about $15 a month for the 150 mgm tablet
which now i break in half
my blood pressure is well controlled on this dose
i have now cut my cost in half
sorry big pharma
i just cut your profits a little bit

thinking about the experimental infusion i get
the aducanumab
it could be on the market in around 5 years
at a cost of $40,000 a year
thats $3333 each month for the infusion

lets just say the dose for people adjusted for age weight height
memory loss etc ranges from 2.5 mg to 5 mg to 7.5 mg to 10 mg

lets just say i have to take 5 mg a month
the cost of the 10 mg dose vial since that is the only one thats made
is $6667 a vial

so when i go in they take out 5 gm out of the vial and throw the other
5 mg away
thats $3333 thrown away in the trash
i pay $6667 for my infusion drug
the big pharma makes an extra $3333 on each treatment thats given

a solution would be to make a 2.5 mg vial a 5mg vial a 7.5 mg vial
a 10 mg vial
the price of the 2.5 mg vial would be $1667

so you can see how big pharma doubles their income like the eye drop
folks do with each treatment

now i dont know if the aducanumab will be done that way
probably not
a lot of cancer drugs given as infusions are packaged in just one dose
but folks dont all get the same dose
the extra is just chunked in the trash
but the patient pays for all of it

they use to make different dose vials or a multidose vial that could be
used on several folks

these tricks with the eye drops and the cancer infusions are costing us
or our insurances billions and billions of dollars each year

cant this be fixed

the organicgreen doctor

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