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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

no $ympathy

Image result for us treasury money
thats what i told my wife she last week
i have no sympathy for those guys
its usually guys 
football coaches
that get the big bucks

they know what they are getting in for
you win or you go home
there is no 
what you have done for me lately
its all
what have you done for me

it seems they all got axed this last week
texas am 

i saw in one article where $70 million will be paid out
to those coaches fired recently with buyouts
coach sumlin from texas am gets to leave
if he accepts a check for $10 million
not bad
for not working for awhile

now this seems all wrong
like the proposed new tax laws

a graduate assistant say at baylor or harvard or usc
may have to now pay taxes on their free tuition they get
for being an assistant
think 15-20% of their close to $30,000+- tuition
while the coach
they get paid big bucks just to leave
ok so the coaches have to pay taxes too
those dollars put the coaches in the higher tax bracket
now a lower one
i calculate he will pay $300,000 less in taxes
the grad assistant will pay $6,000 more in taxes

those coaches are making out like bandits arent they

the new coach was hired at ucla for a total contract of
$23 million with $10 million guaranteed
no matter what the ucla football team does
he gets his money
like sumlin will pay fewer taxes now

i have no sympathy for those coaches
just those fans who supported their colleges teams
those students those grad students
who may have to pay more a lot more in taxes

those folks
i have sympathy for

i just all seems wrong to me
we just seem to be getting things wrong 

the organicgreen doctor

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