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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

did i or you get faked newsed on facebook

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during the election i got tired of all the stuff that was
appearing on facebook
from both sides
i found an app and put it on my facebook page
it filters out political stuff
especially any mention of trump or clinton
if folks got too aggressive on their political postings
i used my darwinian clicker and blocked them
i must admit i blocked more folks who believe
like i did then those who have opposing views from mine
if racists or bigoted or homophobic stuff got posted
i blocked that person also
what was left was a much more pleasant read each day

when i go on facebook i want to know
how folks are doing
how their family is doing
not that other stuff

i started hearing about the true fake news stuff
not trumps fake news he rants about
the real fake news that was mainly put out by
the russian hackers it seems against the clinton
run for president

it seems from court and legal documents that the russians
wanted trump to win
the russians as most agree hate and loathe clinton
they did these fake news stories and posted it
mainly on facebook
mainly to folks in areas that determined the election
michigan and wisconsin and pennsylvania and a few
other states

after i heard about all this
i no longer click on any news related stories on facebook
i consider anything that gets posted there as
possibly fake news

i get all my news online from 3 different news feeds
that gives me a variety of news sources from
across the news spectrum
i decide for myself what to believe
not just what some reporter wrote

so i wondered
did i read fake news on facebook during the election
that may have affected my thinking

so kim komando the computer guru
posted this link that you can click on to see if you
got faked news

here is her article click here

here is the facebook link to see if you got faked

this should disturb you that this has happened to us

no i didnt click on any fake news sites on facebook
according to this link

mudslide update
the hwy 101 is still closed between santa barbara and los angeles
since i have to have an mri at ucla to get my next infusion
i cant get it anywhere else since this is all part of the study
we had to make it down to los angeles yesterday to be here
for our mid morning mri scan today
so off we went north for about an hour up the 101
then up and over the  mountains
a slow trip that was quite curvy
but i must add quite beautiful
the line of cars and trucks seemed to extend behind
us for a couple of miles
all moving slow
lucky for us we seemed to be number 3 in line
then after 3 hours of driving we made it to the
interstate 5 south of bakersfield
lucky for us
we drove during the right time of day for the la traffic
missing all the backups on the notorious 405
we made the trip in a little over 5 hours
it could have easily take 7 hours
but it didnt
if we are lucky in 1 week the 101 will be opened some
so we will not have to go back the way we came

the mudslides were the result of a perfect storm
it turned out to be a 1 in 2000 year event
in all my reading on this this morning
there was a flood several years ago
down the creek that is a block away from our condo
it was a 15 foot of mud rocks debri that caused flooding
in the part of santa barbara we live in
yes it closed the 101 then

so in the south
you have tornadoes and floods
we here it seems
have mudslides and fires and i must add earthquakes
although the south is getting a lot of earthquakes now
from all the fracking thats done

there has been no change in the death toll
someone who was displaced in the mudslides
will be staying at our condo while we are gone
our contribution to the cause

he is extubated
his ivs are out
his pic line in in
his oxygen is off
he smiled
he sucks on his pacifier
he drank a bottle of formula
his parents have got to hold him in a chair
he grabbed his dads hat off his head
the miracle child

here is his gofundme account
#thatcher strong

the organicgreen doctor

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