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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

slides and hope

Image result for hwy 101 santa barbara

first the slides
the thomas fires affected us directly because of
the poor air quality that made it hard to breathe
we my wife she and i were not really directly affected otherwise
although we thought we were the day we evacuated down
to the la area for a day
the thomas fire was devastating in its destruction

the other day
i thought thank goodness its over with
i got to thinking as i looked up from the garden plot
as i was working in my garden
looking up towards the beautiful mountains
i thought as i looked over towards the east
where the fire did all that burning
there is nothing there to stop all that rain
when it comes

little did i know
that it would be this bad
the power of rainwater boulders
in a 10 ft river mixed with mud cars debris
rolling down that mountain for several miles
down through neigborhoods
all the way to the ocean
destroying everything in its path
removing completely multimillionaire mansions
it spared no one in its path it seems
even oprah

yesterday here at our place
we must be in some flight path
there were it seemed lines of helicoptors
some military flying back and forth all day
i presume carrying rescued folks
injured ones as we live a few blocks from the

none of our kinfolk were affected
except for one who is finishing up a build in that area
they think their place is ok
they are not allowed to go into the area yet
there is no electricity or water there either

looking at the freeway
the 101
that runs along the coast through
santa barbara and montecito and carpenteria
what it looks like
a river that is 6 lanes wide
covered with several feet of
if you live in the south
quicksand mucky mud
littered with boulders mangled cars all kinds of debris
it looks to me like a river
if you live in texas
like the lano river or lampasas river where its wide
but shallow with water streaming down through the
mud and rock
its a sea of muck
that runs for miles and miles

how they will be opened by thursday night
all i can say
it aint going to happen

so far 18 folks have died
one small child removed from the mud
they dont know who she is or where her family is
she was found luckily when someone went to check
on their neighbor
they heard her
they reached down into the mud and debris where they heard
her cry
pulled her out
she apparently is ok

the stories go on and on

for such a beautiful special place to live
almost idealic for us
so much havoc and destruction could be dumped
on it over the last few weeks

we are lucky this time to be safe and sound
it all could have easily have happened above us
the fires and all
lucky for us
the fireman and nature stopped it before it got above us

ive learned since then this area has a long history
dating back to the earthquake of the early 1900s
that totally destroyed this area
the fires and floods seem to happen off and on over
the years
like in the south with the tornadoes and floods and hurricanes
folks seem to persevere through it all
like they do elsewhere

now for the hope

thatchers heart issue was picked up when he developed
a viral infection that required transfer to a childrens hospital
the issue was his heart was arranged wrong
the best treatment was to put everything as close as possible
back to where it all should be
the worry was that since he was older
that probably wouldnt be possible to do
a temporizing procedure would have to be done
that would buy him time
years probably
the final solution would probably be eventually one day
a heart transplant
thats where things were as he went to surgery

as they did the operation this week
it seemed that the arteries were not as closed down
one valve was able to be repaired
it looks like they will be able to go back in later
to put things all back together again
like they should have been

all i could say
when i heard the news was

i knew from what i read of his status online
this will make for a huge difference in his quality
of life as he gets older
his prognosis will be much better

as my wife she always says

now im sure they have good insurance
that pays for some of the bills
thank goodness the law now doesnt allow caps on coverage
like it use to years ago
as we all know when you use your insurance
it doesnt cover it all

both parents have jobs
it would be hard to work knowing your little buddy
is laying up in the cardiac icu
this little 6 month old guy

the expenses besides just the medical
im sure are accumulating

so if you have some funds to donate to a good cause
their happiness and his future
consider donating to his gonfundme account

here is the link to thatchers account

the organicgreen doctor

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