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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

its best for them and him

i can remember there was a point in time when not many moms breastfed their new babies
it was almost looked down on at one time
i think out of the 60s and the womens movement that came out of that time that more and more women started to breastfeed
that now there are more women breastfeeding than not breastfeeding

i have my own idea why there was this push to bottle feed formula
it involves the companies that make the formula
pushing it in hospitals and in doctors office
some even getting hospitals to designate their formula as the formula of choice
the push came to change breast milk to the feeding of choice

it was almost standard to ask a new mom
what formula do you want to feed your baby
not here lets help you breast feed your baby

all of us in medicine know that breast milk is the best for babies
sorry formula companies you cant duplicate what moms bodies can make for their babies

so when mr h was born
the nephrologist said are you going to breastfeed
we sure hope so
breast milk is the best thing for him to use
otherwise if you formula feed you have to use this special formula
called pm 60/40 low iron that used for babies with kidney issues

we prefer breast milk since it has what mr h needs

i looked up the cost of a can of that stuff
its $26 a can
i looked up the cost of mr hs moms breast milk
it was $0 a can

let see
its free
its better for him even preferred by the nephrology folks

which should mom feed mr h

mr h gets breast milk
he loves every drop
when they put those nasty meds in it

i even got the nurses to let me taste his meds
my ranking worse tasting to yummy tasting

#1 vitamins with iron taste awful
he has to have the iron until one day he gets a transplant
to keep his blood counts to normal
he also gets a weekly shot to keep his blood counts up
the one his relative gets who is undergoing chemotherapy
when he gets transplanted that shot will be stopped

#2 saline solution
its like eating salt a lot it in a small amount of water
he dont like it but he takes it

#3 calcium
he seems to be ok with it

#4 blood pressure med
he also likes that one

#5 his antibiotic
he loves that one

once he is transplanted one day he will go off these meds

its the breast milk thats the vehicle for him to take all these meds
he seems to just suck all that breast milk right down

sorry similac you seemed to have lost a customer

now its found in a recent study that babies who are directly breast fed seem to be the less likely to grow up and be obese
second best is when there are bottle fed breast milk
which mr h has to do a lot since he had so many tubes in his lungs and in his nose and ivs and monitors and at one point catheters and central lines

so the difference between breastfeeding directly and bottle feeding breast milk is not that great
those fed the formulas are more likely to be obese when they grow up

now sometime babies just have to be fed formula for various reasons

the recommended regimen for mr h and all babies is to breast feed as long as possible
starting some foods around 6 months with breast milk until around 2 yrs old
do that
you are more likely to have a healthy toddler and a child who is not obese

mother nature just seems to know whats right for those babies

we are excited since mr h has one foot out of the nicu door
he will be tubeless soon if not already
its so nice to see him without all those tubes
wide eyed
looking around

now the long road starts
a transplant is in the card for mr h

ive decided to add to my causes i am advocating
kidney transplant
national kidney foundation

the organicgreen doctor

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