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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

this nauseates me

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i read an article this morning about a nurse mom whose two sons twins went out graduation night to a party
they were both honor students and good athletes
never been in trouble

they apparently had drinks at the party and pills were passed around which they took
no they werent drug users
the pills turned out to be oxycontin

the next morning mom was washing clothes
she went in to check on one son
he was dead
she ran downstairs to check on the other one
he was dead

two sons lost from the use of oxycontin and alcohol

its these opioid prescription drugs that have triggered our national disaster
the opioid crisis

enter a company called purdue that in 2007 was charged with lying and cheating to patients pharmacies and doctors about how safe they were
the company is mainly owned by one family
they have made billions off our grief
they have ruined many a family in the us

so what did they do
since the purdue oxycontin brand was being attack justifiably in the media and the courts and in congress
they have millions of dollars of law suits against them by families and government agencies

what did they do
well they went out and bought a new generic company to make generic versions of the opioids
the companys name is rhodes
never heard of them right

they even made a lot of the drugs in the purdue factories
just slapping the rhode generic labels on the drugs

cha ching the family is making billions again off us

it doesnt matter where you live
you have opioid overdoses happening in your neighborhood
some die
usually young like the nurses two sons

what a tragedy

this crisis the opioid one should be up close to the top of the issues that congress is talking about

just look at the top news stories this week
none of those stories are about things that will make our lives better

good jobs
good pay for work done
those should be the headlines everyday until the election

this all makes me sick that this is and has been allowed to happen
we have lost a lot of our young adults to this tragedy

the organicgreen doctor

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