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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Monday, January 14, 2019


these are my weekend at bernies glasses
if you saw the movie you understand
no i cant make myself wear them
plus when i do my wife she laughs at me and calls me bernie

in my medical career ive seen a lot of dislocated things like
hips elbows
toes shoulders
so i have a visual and personal experience with dislocations
some i put back in place on the spot

so when he said it was dislocated
all i could think of was the ankle dislocation and knee one
those were painful and painful to watch

that right eye of mine has been my nemesis
in high school before i got my safety lenses i got hit with an elbow playing basketball shattering my lens with the fragments slicing my cornea and some embedding themselves there
all the glass was removed
after two weeks it was healed and i got to return to full activities after that

in the mid 90s my eye became red and quite painful
i developed a marked headache that took vicodin to relieve
then i developed marked fatigue for awhile
i had iritis or uveitis which is inflammation of the iris and the eye
over the years it would flare and unflare requiring pupil dilatation and long term steroid eye drops
it seemed to flare for no reason every 2-3 years

about 3 years ago it flared and i was put on steroids in that eye for 3 months then thats when that agave thorn poked in my eye braking off in the eye
in these blogs i wrote about my experience
yes i used a pair of tweezers to remove the thorn even though it was broken off at the corneal level
yes my wife she gets real squeamish when i retell the story

if you want to know more read these old blogs
have a good laugh at my expense
click on these three links in order
-a thorny situation
-the treatment

after that time 3 years ago i have been on steroid eye drops every day
if i miss them i develop fatigue first then get headaches then if i dont start the steroids my eye will turn red like the pink eye and i will have vicodin eye pain
thats eye pain that only vicodin will relieve
i dont let it get that far though

as i saw my favorite ophthalmologist in austin right before i left she said you know you have an early cataract in that right eye that will be need to be removed one day
youll know when she said

when i moved to santa barbara i made an appointment with an ophthalmologist here to get my steroid drops and to have someone to see when the need arrives
he said
youll know when its time just call me

this brings me to where i am today

as in my last blog right above this one i write about needing my cataract removed
so i underwent a completely painless stressless procedure
during the procedure he says do you take flomax  well he asked me several times
i said through the versed fog no but ive ordered it a lot for patients

when i woke good it was like someone had smeared vaseline all over my glasses
i could see light and that was it
no i couldnt read the big big e on the eye chart

he said
for some reason your pupil wouldnt dilate like it should and the lens wouldnt sit right like it was suppose to back in the eye
do you take flomax
no i said
your lens has dislocated and needs to be replaced

dislocated i thought of all those joints i had put back in place
cant you just snap it back where it belongs
its not that simple he said
we need to remove it and put in a slightly different lens and suture it in good

ive seen this happen with flomax
flomax makes old men pee better
but it also affects the pupil
do you take flomax he said
so i was scheduled the next day for
an exchange of lens right eye
i thought
exchange seems like a funny word to use

so i read up on dislocated lenses after cataract surgery
it happens in 10% of cases
one of the top ten risk factors was

so under the versed influence i went
they sure do this surgery fast
it only took a few minutes
this time i saw the stitches being put it
the next day i saw the redness on both sides of the whites of the eyes that werent there after surgery one
i presume that had something to do with the stitches

i started having an increase in eye pressures in that eye
high enough i had headaches and got nauseated
i knew what that meant when i had the symptoms

i was given glaucoma eye drops
i got 5% sodium chloride drops to put in that eye that sucks fluid out of the eye
the normal saline you wash you eye with or that you get in an iv is 0.9%
all i know is it burns like hell when i put it in the eye
i also was given an oral diuretic called diamox to take for a few days to help relieve the eye pressure

lucky for me except for the iv stick ive not had much pain except when my eye pressure shot up

today as i sit here
i estimate my vision in my right eye to be 20/100
it is like im looking through a mild fog or froggy as ms b calls it
i have no pain
i am on 5 different eye drops
a steroid one
an anti inflammatory one
a glaucoma one
the burns like hell saline one
an antibiotic one
all these meds  prices are whats wrong with drug pricing in the united states

i need a computer to keep up with the dosing

my vision improves as the day progresses
it reminds me of when i would have the severe flare up of iritis
there is a lot of dead cells that slough off in the eye fluid leaving a froggy or cloudy vision
this stuff tends to settle down in the lower part of the eye during the day then get stirred up at night while you sleep

its expected that this will eventually all return to normal vision in that eye

i sure hope so

as i was leaving the office the other day i said you know you shouldnt treat a doctor and their family
bad things happen

he said with a smile
i know

the organicgreen doctor

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