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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Thursday, January 17, 2019

whered they go


i wondered this a lot the day we thought we were being attacked by the drone but it turned out to be the space x rocket zooming overhead as we walked in the butterfly grove
see the blog what a way to go for the full story

as we walked we saw all these signs that said do not enter its dangerous
we walked past the signs down the pathways through the grove

we have lived here two falls and have came here in november december january looking for all those butterflies
on that particular day we saw 3
well it may have been the same one that just followed us through our law breaking journey
i was looking for those thousands and thousands of monarchs that would stay there each winter for about 3 months
i read about it in a book i was given on hikes in this area
noting that the book was 20 so years old
apparently at the time of the hike books publication these monarchs came through and stayed for 3 months or so
now they like millions of other monarchs are just gone

not long ago i read this best seller fiction novel that with the story gives you a good history of the monarchs
it made me want to see those strands of monarchs holding onto the eucalyptus limbs starting to flutter as the sun warmed them up
getting to see hundreds of them flying around through the forest


alas we only got to see three or one we saw three times
it was pretty flitting around in the morning sunlight
i can only imagine what it looked like just a few years ago with hundreds fluttering around

why whats happening to the monarchs
climate change
maybe roundup
urban sprawl
habitat loss
severe drought

at this area in 2017 they counted 1390
not sure how they counted them when they are all fluttering around
we had trouble counting that one which i think we counted three times

in 2018 they counted 205

whatever it is they are gone
hopefully not forever

can we save them
maybe maybe not

at our school garden we planted 3 native milkweeds and one tropical milkweed
we got a lot of monarch caterpillars that chewed all the milkweeds up
maybe our small contribution will help

why dont you do something to help
click and read this nice usda article on the monarchs
do something about climate change

the organicgreen doctor

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