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Monday, May 13, 2019

why do these young moms die

i delivered in my medical career if you include medical school and residency and my private practice close to 300 babies
i never had a maternal death occur

my colleagues had some women die after childbirth with what was probably pulmonary embolus or blood clot to the lung like serena williams had
if you saw her documentary you know that if it had not been for her being aggressive getting care she would probably have died
she had had a pulmonary embolus before her pregnancy so she was well aware of her symptoms
most women arent that aware and aggressive

if not for her knowledge of what she had going she would have died
other women would have died

women die during this time from cardiovascular causes endocrine and blood disorders hemorrhage pulmonary embolus infection stroke hypertension heart muscle disease

here is an article from last year from the national geographic on maternal mortality in the us
in that article is a maternal mortality graph

one thing that jumps out is the fact that the us has a maternal mortality rate that is the 24th ranking
in other words they have 23 other industrialized countries that have better rates than we do
we the us barely beat out czechia and malta and was beat out by slavenia

that is a poor poor rating for a country that has the wealthiest health care system in the world and spends more money on folks than all the other countries do

our maternal mortality rate is 14 per 100,000 births
the number one country with the lowest rate was around 6 per 100,000

the worst states were missouri texas arkansas new jersey washington dc indiana georgia lousiana

the best states are california massachusetts nevada
none of those other states stats are something to be proud of

the one i am really disappointed in is texas
a fairly wealthy state where they dont even have income taxes since they rely on all that oil money
they cant prevent women from dying in child birth
most causes of these deaths are preventable
well over 90%

maybe texas and those other states should go to california nevada and massachusetts to see what they are doing right
i suspect its how well they support their maternal child programs

this has to be tied in someway to our health care system

it is tied to race also as
black women make up 47.2%
native americans 38.8%
whites 18.3%
latinos 12.2%
asian 11.6

its tied to most likely also poverty

why are we worse than all those other countries
why is texas worse than most other states
both have plenty of money

its a disgrace that this happens

my opinion
poor women dont get as much good prenatal and post natal care as women with good health care coverage
some of these women dont have good social systems to help them
i wonder if thats why the latinos and asians have better numbers
there is some genetic predisposition to some of these diseases that may be contributing to our increased rates like obesity hypertension diabetes etc

mostly it comes probably from the lack of care

this is something that the politicians need to be talking about as we start toenter the political season

have them answer the question

why are our women dying at a higher rate around childbirth

have them answer this question

the organicgreen doctor

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