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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

my story revisited 30-how long will i live

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i think we all would like to know how long we will live
8 years ago i found this website where you could enter these health calculations to see how long you were programmed to live

i plugged in all the answers and came up with 91
when i look at my relatives my mom died in her mid 80s as did all her brothers and sisters with alzheimers disease or dementia
my dad died in his mid 70s from heart disease
my younger brother died in his early 60s with alzheimers disease

so i expect that that 91 for me is probably accurate since you would expect each generation to live longer
well thats not going to happen now in the us since the life expectancy is now dropping for everyone

one question the website didnt ask was
do you have alzheimers disease

if that one had been on there my guess is that that life expectancy for me would be
today 8-10 years later

here i am writing about that 8 year old blog about life expectancy
when i wrote it i really didnt think i would be sitting here this morning writing about this old blog

in the final paragraphs of that blog i wrote

also doing these things may also slow down the progression of
the disease once you do get it

so maybe all that work over 20+ years may help after all
if not then ......

here i am 
almost 10 years later
feeling better and healthier and as alert maybe more so than i was back then
my memory tests scores are much better

i am going to make it to 91 after all

i would accept making it to my mid 80s intact both physically and mentally

i wonder if 10 years from now if i will be able to write a blog then about the one i wrote today

if that aducanumab really turns out to work and new stuff will come along later then 
ill write that blog 
when im 80


we all want to know how long we will live
this website will calculate this for you after you answer a
few questions
tell the truth now
it takes about 5 minutes to do
click www.livingto100.com to do the calculation

i did it this morning
first i answered all the questions correctly and honestly
i am on medicine to control both my hdl and ldl so i was able to
answer that my hdl is over 45 and my ldl is lower than 100

when the calculations were done my calculated age is 91 years old
then i went back and changed my hdl and ldl to abnormal levels like
they use to be before i took medication and changed my diet and
increased my exercise
luckily for me i hope is that i did this 25 years ago
hopefully that will help me live longer

i went back and changed my cholesterol levels to where they use to
be and some of the history of what i use to do with diet and exercise
and the calculation lost several years of life expectancy

i was feeling good about all this until i realized that os i probably
have alzheimers disease which is going to mess up all the work
i have been doing to take care of my health over the years
alzheimers disease will probably shorten that life span by
15-20 years

maybe i should have just enjoyed those jalapeno cheeseburgers
with extra cheese and dripping greasy fries and said the heck
with it

(my medical school friend im sure remembers eating those at lunch
time when we rotated at the va hospital)

then i realized that maintaining your weight to normal, getting
exercise, eating properly, controlling your blood pressure,
controlling your cholesterol levels, avoiding excessive stress,
getting adequate sleep, not smoking, moderation of alcohol
intake, etc may turn out to be a way to delay or slow down
the onset of alzheimers and possibly prevent some causes of it

also doing these things may also slow down the progression of
the disease once you do get it

so maybe all that work over 20+ years may help after all
if not then ......


the questionnaire is easy to do and after you do a password you get your answer

i needed to decrease my coffee intake which i didnt and am not going to do
it said i was worried about my aging and health but i dont really feel like i do
i needed to lower my bp slightly since its running 130/80 and they recommend 120/70
doing that makes me dizzy during the day so im not going to do that either
they recommended i decrease my sweets but im not going to do that either
all the other healthy things they asked about i was doing already and i think is the real reason im doing ok now 8 years later

my expected life expectancy today was

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