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Monday, August 24, 2020

covid 19 stats dont lie


the stats dont lie when it comes to the covid 19 infections
we make up about 5% of the worlds population
we have about 25% of the world cases of covid 19
we have about 25% of the worlds deaths

there have been 800,000+ deaths worldwide
we have had 175,000+ deaths

there have been over 23 million cases worldwide
we have had 5 million+ cases in the us

those are not good stats
we are doing something wrong with how we are dealing with this crisis
stats dont lie

its so easy to look at other countries that are doing better with the covid 19 outbreak
we need to look at what they are doing that gives them better numbers
maybe even look at states like new york 
what did they do eventually to get their numbers down 

what did denmark do to have such good stats on opening their schools
cant we look at what they did and emulate their plans
it seems we have all these hodge podge plans that dont always seem to be based on any scientific basis

we seem to be doing this massive scientific study instead using our kids and our teachers as guinea pigs
we really dont know what to expect
sadly the results of that experiment will be available in about 4-8 weeks
in numbers
the number of cases in our kids who we sent to school
now statistically those kids may not get very sick
the number of cases in our kids teachers

the number of hospitalizations in our kids teachers
the number of icu admissions in our kids teachers 
the number of deaths in our kids teachers 
also add to that the principals janitors cafeteria workers librarians and other school employees
also add to that the kids parents grandparents aunts uncles etc
also add to that the other employees parents grandparents aunts uncles etc
the numbers could eventually grow and grow

we dont really know what will happen 
we dont really know

my guess it will be like the recent maine wedding where 150 folks attended that resulted in 50+ cases and one death

we also are doing a mass experiment with our kids sports teams
i see where a lot of kids teams are starting their seasons like volleyball and football
looking at what is happening with professional football and baseball now 

the odds are there will be outbreaks that hopefully wont end up like that maine wedding did

we seem in most places to be getting over the hump with this second wave as hospitalizations are starting to drop and icu admissions are starting to drop and deaths drop will follow soon
i read where there will be a third wave coming again 
if not after labor day definitely this winter when its flu outbreak time

as an side immunize the whole family this fall for the flu
if you are older be sure and also get your pneumonia vaccine

then i read where a researcher said like the flu this virus this covid 19 virus may always be with us
requiring regular vaccine shots to keep it under control

for those of you who think this is a hoax i recommend you spend some time with the medical folks in your local icu when the surge hits your community
maybe watch some of these folks smother to death in icu 
if it hasnt got where you live yet it will probably with this third wave

i hope our experiment with our kids and their families and their teachers and schools doesnt go all wrong
if it does we will be set back for along long time

as someone who is observing how virtual learning works in the kindergarten world i realize that its not going to be easy to do this
it may be the safest way to do this

we really all of us need to take a gap year or sabbatical year for our schools by doing virtual school
we may save a lot of lives

in the mean time

wear a mask
keep a long safe distance from others
wash your hands with soap and water or disinfectant
avoid large groups
be safe

the organicgreen doctor

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