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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

right to vote


i have voted every presidential election since i was eligible to vote
i usually vote for the candidate from a particular well known party
in at least 3 elections i voted but not for that partys candidate
one year i even wrote in a name
no it wasnt donald duck

so now when i vote i usually get that i voted sticker to wear
i hope to wear it again this fall
no matter how much they mess with the post office

thats sad that they would try to mess with the delivery of the mail to affect the election
that seems unpatriotic third world like

now when i use to vote i loved to go to the local precinct i was to vote at
i loved to stand in line 
listen to all the folks talking
say hi to folks i knew
it was a social event
that i looked forward to

when we lived at the country n we voted at a local community center in a nearby small town
it use to be the old high school that had closed years ago
it had high ceilings and well it looked like an old high school from the 40s or 50s
it added to the feel of the event         

now since we moved to california we were given the chance to do mail in voting
at first i thought no i want to go in person
life got busy so i checked out this vote by mail thing

we got the ballot in the mail
we also got a booklet that gave descriptions of the candidates and all the other things you vote on
so i read all the stuff
marked my ballot
sealed it
signed it carefully on the outside like my official signature
not my doctor signature

i then walked a block over to the blue mailbox and dropped the envelope into the box
they had also sent a i voted sticker that i proudly wore that day

it never crossed my mind that
that ballot would never make it to be counted on time
that blue mailbox may not be there come november

now its in doubt that if you mail your ballot as you are told to then the ballot may not make it on time and get counted

that i wrote that is so wrong

i should get my ballot in early october
i plan to mark it sign it and hand deliver to the ballot box stand downtown so i wont have to deal with them mucking with the postal service

why are they mucking around with the postal system now
i think most of us know why

just leave the post office along for now 
make your changes if they are needed and im sure some are needed but do it after all the votes are counted
i think thats what most americans want to leave it alone right now

this voting thing we all get to do is a sacred right we all have
messing with the post office to stymie that right needs to stop
we all need to make sure it doesnt happen

after the election congress should take a long hard look at the post office
im sure changes are greatly needed but we have to have a dependable efficient accurate post office for our letters our packages our legal documents our tax forms our medications etc to arrive on time

some folks lives depend on this well functioning post office system we have

the post office is mentioned in the constitution
there are services it provides that cant be cost efficiented we just have to have it 

reform it but not now

we all have the right to have our vote counted safely during this covid 19 outbreak
there is enough voter suppression going on so we dont need to add the post office to that list

over half of us are going to vote by mail so the postal system has to work for us 

the organicgreen doctor

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