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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
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Thursday, March 16, 2023

covid 19-does it matter where it came from


the answer is 

yes it matters where it came from since we dont want to have this type of epidemic again
knowing where it came from can help scientists to figure out how to maybe prevent this from happening again

there are two possibilities
one from a wet market in wuhan china
the other is an escapee from a research lab in wuhan china

the more likely source is the wet  market in wuhan china
the less likely source is a lab leak

both need to be considered sources and ways to prevent these two bodes of transmission in the future need to be addressed

despite what the fbi or energy department says we will never know for sure where the covid 19 came from

for me i want scientists to make the determinations on all of this
not politicians

hopefully we have learned a lot from this pandemic that we can use for the next one
one thing is to listen to the scientists not the politicians
not doing so left us with thousands of dead americans that didnt need to die

misinformation lies conspiracy theories politics killed those folks
i personally hold those folks that spouted all that accountable for all those dead americans
plus all those permanently damaged americans many who are still suffering
they provided a disservice to humanity

history will not be kind to them

there are bad viruses that have hit the world in my lifetime that was much worser than covid
had those got out into the world the death toll would have been so much greater

i was thinking about three years ago when i was locked isolated in my room for three weeks how much we really didnt know about covid
we did a lot of things we didnt need to do
we stayed isolated longer than we really needed to be
a lot of folks were damaged by the viral infection and a lot were damaged from the prolonged isolation
especially the younger folks

as i sit here today i dont fear covid at all
i only occasionally wear my n95 mask
i soon will stop wearing it unless im sick and im around others
something we should do with colds flu covid pneumonia stomach bug anyway
here in california the mask requirement for most places including hospitals are being lifted

thankfully most americans are immunized at least partially with covid shots
i have had all of mine and plan to get the covid fall booster with my flu shot each year
most americans also have had covid now and have some natural immunity
the covid virus is constantly changing but lucky for us it is not generally causing bad disease now

yes covid will not go away 
it will probably be like the flu
it will continue to sicken folks ast risk killing several thousand a year like the flu does
i will wear my mask if im sick or if im am around someone at risk eg someone undergoing chemo
something i should be doing anyway

personally i think some masking should be required in medical facilities where high risk folks are all year round like icus cancer wards transplant wards etc

there will be another outbreak
it will come from animals probably wild ones
it will be a badder virus probably
we have a lot of tools to use now
we have learned a lot
lets get ready for the next one and not make the same mistakes again

so i say it doesnt matter where it came from

the organicgreen doctor

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