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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Friday, January 26, 2024

making lemonade out of lemons


this looks like a pretty southern california beach
well when this picture was taken in 2018 no one was allowed in the water here for months and months
this is goleta beach
i call it the dumping ground beach around here

In this blog in 2018 i wrote about this beach
it sits just south within walking distance of the university of california at santa barbara campus
which sits on a bluff above the ocean
i wrote a follow up blog also in 2018 
i also wrote this blog in 2023 when they dumped stuff there again

in fact below the bluffs is a popular place to surf 
there are always folks out their surfing
i think the surf breaks just right on some rocks
folks walk down a long stairway to the beach

this should be a great location for a beautiful beach this goleta beach

there is a pier just out of that picture above
you can see pictures in my old blog
its mainly used by fisherman and birds
it seems not maintained well the last time i was there

there also is a restaurant there that changed hands but has not been opened for quite some time
the bad winter storms that hit that area in recent winters had eroded the beach and damaged the restaurant so its had to be reinforced to withstand such attacks

then the beach got attacked several times not from storms or from winds but from muck and debris getting dumped there from other sites
mostly from the montecito area
you recognize that name
can you say oprah ellen prince harry and other well known folks 

when i was first there in 2018 after the mudslides they were digging deep holes and dumping truckloads of debris and muck in the holes for days it seemed
it smelled like a sewer
there are pictures in my old blogs

can you say contamination like sewage and whatever got washed down in all that muck
the beach was closed for months
it may still be

later when we had another flood and muck situation further south of this beach
they again dumped the debris and muck onto goleta beach
this time though
they pushed it out onto the beach and gradually built a sort of point

this left changes in the waves that has created some good surf waves there that the local surfers are surfing
the writer of this article about it recommended they call it the
dump truck point or some suggested oprahs point

now it seems the restaurant is getting rebuilt and hopefully reopened
this area so close to the university
it has a lot of potential
they would quit using it for a dumping ground for all that stinky contaminated muck

yes maybe it will be a lemonade beach one day
maybe they should call it lemonade cove or the lemonade point

the organicgreen doctor

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