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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, July 1, 2024

my head is itching



i read the wikipedia article linked above on the head louse and then read the washington post article on the rise of lice since the pandemic
if you are in the lice in your head world read that post article

after a few minutes my head started to itch real bad
the more i looked at the pictures and read the articles the more my head itched
now writing this my head is on fire

i may have to go wash my hair and put on some vaseline and brush it real good

apparently lice is on the uprise since the pandemic
it apparently dropped off during the pandemic since we werent mingling around with each other especially the school kids

now we they are 
some think its also because of the increase in selfies we now take
putting our heads together to smile and take our photo

those little varmints will jump from one head to the other

if you are an elementary school teacher you are very familiar with lice

it knows no social boundaries 

according to this article much of the old over the counter treatments dont work well
and many of the topical stuff that is applied doesnt work
like mayonnaise, vinegar, rubbing alcohol melted butter dont work
maybe vaseline or petroleum jelly works maybe

whatever treatment is done has to be repeated in 7-9 days since any nits or eggs left will hatch during that time
if vaseline is used it needs to be combed out real well then washed away which may be hard to do 

essential oils work somewhat such as rosemary pennyroyal eucalyptus marjoram but doesnt get them all
you have to be careful using them

there are now lice clinics that will treat lice
they are fairly successful but expensive
they treat comb then retreat comb and repeat as needed

a new drug called natroba is available by prescription 
i looked at the ingredient

i recognize that since it is an organic pesticide we use in the garden to treat insects like caterpillars slugs and pill bugs
i have pellets and liquid that i use some in my garden

i looked up how much a bottle of the natroba 0.9% spinosad would be as a prescription
a bottle at the nursery about $20

the problem is i couldnt find anything that said it was safe to use garden 0.5% spinosad on lice in a kid
im sure someone thought of that after going to the pharmacy to shell out $300

man now my head is itching so bad i think im going to the garden and spray spinosad on my hair and maybe my hat
repeat it in 9 days

so how would i treat lice if i had it
after reading these articles i would cut my nails real close
wash my hair
apply vaseline liberally and comb comb comb all those nits out of my hair
probably treat with something like otc meds or if rich enough i would get some natroba to use
then repeat it all in 9 days
maybe repeat again in another 9 days
just make an appointment with one of those lice clinics and let them do all the work

anything to get my head to quit itching

did your head start itching too

the organicgreen doctor

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