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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Thursday, October 18, 2018

bust my budget

Image result for us deficit by year graph

each fall i sit down and do a budget for the year
ive done this for a long time

i add up income sources
i subtract expenses
if the number that results is a positive one
well thats good
if the number that results is a negative one
wel thats not good

i have a few choices
increase incoming monies
decrease expenses
use credit
use deficit spending

we have never used deficit spending before
my solution is always
bringing in more money
making decisions on what we spend our money on

unless my wife she and i decide go back to work
then our income sources aint changing
ive calculated using all kinds of calculations
how much we need to draw from our savings each month
so that our money will last until my wife she is 100
we take that money out each money
no more no less
we dont look back

what im saying is
our income is set each year with no additional money expected coming in
well we ie i did get a 2.8% increase in my social security
enough to maybe pay for a meal at a restaurant each month

we are left at cutting our expenses
we are over budget by 4.7%

we could be like uncle sam and do deficit spending
raising up our national debt higher than expected
by using our credit cards each month to spend that 4.7%
of course theyll charge us a lot of interest for that money

we will just cut our expenses by that amount
at the end of the year
our national debt here at our home will be

now we could take money from our savings our iras to live a more expensive life
we are happy quite happy with the standard of living we have now
theres no reason to steal money away from our future when we get real old

so we wont
well tighten our belts slightly
we wont notice at all
we will be happy

why cant uncle sam do that
not by stealing money away from our medicare or our social security or our schools
maybe they could increase our nations income by cutting back on some of those tax breaks

when you look at that deficit graph you can see we were headed towards a smaller and smaller deficit then those tax breaks went into effect
it is starting to get larger and larger

i read where our president benefited by $20-40 million on the tax breaks he got from the new tax law
then looking at all those leaders on both sides of the aisle
all rich
all benefited greatly from the tax breaks

i suggest that uncle sam do like we do
maybe cut some expenses except they could try increasing their income
by increasing the taxes on folks like our major leaders and the top 1%

dont steal from us any more than you are now stealing from our kids futures with this huge deficit

my wife she and i are doing our part
why cant they

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

open enrollment is acoming

Image result for medicare.gov  enrollment

here is my new motto
message to mr mitch
i will give you my medicare card when you pry it from my cold dead hands

thats my message to him and those who want to change or even get rid of medicare
i would include social security in there also

i have been on medicare now for about 8 years
i must say its been the most efficient insurance i have ever been on 
i have had only two issues in 8 years
proper coding for a b12 blood level
leaving off a code for a recent doctor visit
both minor
both not medicares fault

if i was chosing between say private blue cross or aetna or humana etc plans and medicare well i would chose medicare every time

pirvate insurance should take lessons from medicare

now your medicare premiums on regular medicare and your medipak or supplement and your drug supplement are all income based
my premiums have varied a lot based on my income tax returns

so i like regular medicare
i dont like medicare advantage or disadavantage i call them plans

the medicare advantage plans may or may not be a good choice 
its all based on where you live

i personally like to chose my doctors and hospitals

so i stay with regular medicare

for the supplement im pleased with my carrier i have had for 8 years so i stay with them

for my drug plan i look at the price per month and i put in the medicare.gov drug plan locator all my drugs i take to see what price ill pay for my drugs each year
i selected aetna since the price was cheaper at $19+ a month
most of my meds have no copay
im pleased
ive used them now for several years

remember this is what i chose based on my experience my location my drugs 
this plan or one like it may not be the best for you

my wife she was on trs retirement and was scheduled to be on a medicare disadvantage plan in the austin area which since we live out here would not work real well
there were just a few providers in this area
she chose to be on the regular medicare and supplements i am on 
the price is slightly less a month than the trs medicare disadvantage plan

shes pleased so far
as i say a happy wife is a happy life

now back to mr mitch
i dont see medicare and social security as entitlements
i paid taxes a lot of taxes over the years into the system
for my medicare 
i pay a lot of money each month since its adjusted for income for my coverage

my advice to you
mr mitch 
you really want to lose an election
try prying our medicare card and our social security card out of our hands

this is something all of us over 65 can agree on 
probably close to 100%

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

keep it clean

this isnt about politics
its about my laptop

each morning i pull my laptop out of its hiding place
early each morning
i rarely use my laptop during the day
since i do all my computer and social media and blogging
before the sun comes up

i usually am working on my computer in a somewhat dim light
so i can sort of see my screen better
it just seems to show up better in that lighting

now when we travel i usually take my laptop with me
as a carry on i keep under my seat
i like to look at my social media and emails on the laptop
since i seem to not miss as much as when i just use my cellphone

i ran across an article on how to clean your computer
i got to thinking
ive not cleaned this thing in a long long time

when i say its been everywhere i mean everywhere
its been in the bathroom more than once

my old computer got a broken screen from a mishap in the bathroom
ill spare you the details

so i took out my laptop after reading that article
used the spotlight on my iphone
looked at it real real close

oh my i thought
thats almost disgusting
all those crumbs and dust and prints and smears
whatever is that on my screen
ok so i do sneeze a lot in the morning

so i reread that article
i knew i had noticed my laptop had slowed down some lately
i know its getting real old
not as old as my rainwater brothers
his laptop looks like something you would dig out of the dump
i still get emails from him off that computer
granted like many of us he uses his iphone a lot

so my laptop is old
so my laptop is grungy

i linked the komando article on cleaning your laptop click here

here is what i did
i took some alcohol pads
wiped down the screen using multiple pads
that was dirty at first then got more white the more pads i used
i did notice all those periods on my screen are now gone

i then used those pads on my keys and my touch pads
oh my
the alcohol pads werent white after the first cleaning or the second
but eventually the keys and touchpads were all greaseless and crumbless and shiny

then i got some of that spray stuff for your computer
you know the stuff they keep locked up
you have to be either 18 or 21 to buy it
ill need your id the clerk said
excuse me
see all this grey hair
an id
yes an id she said
you want this stuff
i need an id
i gave her an id

then i sprayed all over the laptop
if  there was an opening it got sprayed
all this material come flying out from around the keys

at the end
the laptop felt lighter
not slippery when i picked it up
i could see the screen better especially without all that punctuation on it

. now i tired to wipe off this one at the beginning of this sentence
but i finally realized that was really a period

i turned on the computer
it hummed just like a car would if you washed it
you know how a car drives better after a car wash
thats the way my laptop seems to be running now

ill keep it clean
i promise.

the organicgreen doctor