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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Friday, July 22, 2016

alzheimers news-they both do good


Alzheimer's Texas

this symbol above is the old central texas chapter of the alzheimers association
who this last year like other large cities chapters withdrew from the
alzheimers association to become totally independent
austin san diego chicago new york etc
all the funds raised use to go to the national association the alzheimers association
which sent some of the funds back to the local level for local use

now as an independent chapter 100% of the funds raised stays locally
eg in the central texas area and can be used for local causes
alzheimers education caregiving classes seminars etc
the percentage of funds use for administrative costs are much much
lower for the alzheimers texas group
a higher percentage goes into research locally in texas now

that why i am supporting the
alzheimers texas
all the funds are kept locally
i personally see what they are doing
i feel better knowing my efforts will lead to local uses

both of these do good
one is local good
the other is national good
the alzheimers association supports research education lobbying on
a national level

i am doing
two of the local alzheimers texas walks
one of the alzheimers association walks in another state

not all states have strong local chapters like the central texas one
its been around for over 25 years

there is i think room for both groups
much like the cancer fund raising groups
think american cancer society and susan komen race for cure

what ive noticed looking at the numbers is that
the amount of money raised now for alzheimers will be increasing this year
because there are two different organizations raising money
for the fight against alzheimers

so in summary
i support the texas alzheimers
i support the alzheimers association

lets put a boot to alzheimers

donate and or join my team organicgreendoctor
for the alzheimers texas williamson county walk on september 24th

to join the team you will need to register first
to only donate just hit the donate button

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, July 21, 2016

country n news-teaching it forward


there are three things that you dont want to ask me about
unless you want to know more than you want to know

alzheimers disease
rainwater collection
organic gardening

i will go on and on on these topics

i got an email from the daughter of a friend
she was moving back into austin to start
graduate school at ut

she wanted to know more about organic gardening
would i mind if she came out and worked in
my garden before her graduate school started
in late july

i emailed back
of course i dont mind
just bring your ears

its hotter than hades around here in texas
so i told her
it will have to be in the morning
when it gets too hot we will have to stop working
in the garden
she agreed to the limitation

so i saved up a lot of my work for the day we would work
in the garden

i started day one
by doing a 4 hour tour

first the boggy creek farm in austin
a city farm in east austin
one of the original organic farms in the area
the owner carol ann stopped her busy morning
talking to us about how she prepped her soil
and took care of it
a lot of education was given by her

as i told the student hb
when you see our place the country n garden
you will find that i do a lot of what she does
i learned from the best

from there we went to the  springdale farm a nearby
organic farm
from there
we went to the natural gardener
an organic best in the south plant nursery thats located in austin
the owner john dromgoole is the god of organics
in austin

i easily lectured her on the different plants
showing her the xeric plants that we planted
went through their amazing veggie garden
explaining that what she sees me do in my garden the
next day
was learned talking to their veggie garden expert

we then went inside touring the multiple organic products
that are sold there
also noting these are available at most good nurseries in
this area

so the next day
i decided to do my tomato bed
for my fall tomatoes
two of the tomatoes we were to plant were from cuttings
i took from my spring tomatoes
putting the cuttings directly into 1 gal pots using
the ladybug vortex potting soil
the other ones we bought at the natural gardener the day before
now this time of year the selection is not always good
you just have to take what you can get

lecturing as i went
this bed was last years fall crop
we raked off the bed so it was even
we added 4 inches of my organic chicken made compost
we added an organic fertilizer i used ladybugs 8-2-4
we added a dusting of cottonseed meal
we added a soaking of humates and a soaking of molasses
we added a dusting of green sand

the fertilizer provides nitrogen for several weeks gradually
the cottonseed meal provides a quicker access to a nitrogen source
the molasses provides a food source to the bacteria and fungi
that grow in the soil
the humates are the juice that helps this all work better
the green sand provides iron and other minerals into the soil

as we worked i explained maybe in too much detail
why each of things were being used
why the non organic way is not good for the soil
plus its what the natural gardener does to their garden
they know best
i buried 5 gallon buckets with holes in the bottom
holes 10 inches on the side
to keep the roots when they go deep to have access to water
we also partially filled the buckets with compost
so when they were filled with water
a compost tea would leak down into the roots

i taught her how to plant tomatoes
burying them deep into the soil
placing a tbsp of earthworm castings with its nitrogen
and minerals to give the new tomato a big boost
then watering it in well with sea weed
that stimulates root growth

the tomatoes have doubled in size in one week time

a collar of paper was wrapped around the base of the plant
to prevent the cutworm from coming through and
chopping down our new plants

this was all covered with a 3 in layer of your leaves
to keep in moisture
since it hotter than hades
we then added this shade cloth which blocks 60% of the
hot suns rays
we will leave this in place until the weather cools off

i think i taught her a lot about organic gardening
she got her hands dirty
yes she took off her gloves some
got some dirt under her nails
its good for you you know

we then took a tour of our place
showing her all the native xeric plants that are planted here
all the plantings that have been done
to block the sun
to allow the sun in during the winter when the leaves fall off
our complete rainwater system
our solar system
our honeybees

i hope that during these two days
thats she got infected with
the organic gardening bug
maybe the rainwater virus

after working with her
i do have hope for the future
we are leaving our earth in good hands

i like the millennials

thanks hb

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

snake buster video

last week i wrote a blog about the snake buster
my former patients-mom and son

now she is a great organic person
raising chickens
doing compost
being a teacher
one that you would want your child to
be in her class

i love snakes
she doesnt love them like i do
well she is like my wife she
in her approach

watch this video
its what my wife she is like when the snakes get in our coup
see what i have to put up with sometimes

you should go to the bathroom first

i must say this is the funniest video i think i have ever seen
i laughed and laughed and laughed and cried and cried

some of you will feel her pain
watch the video
feel free to share this blog today
its definitely a potential viral video

the organicgreen doctor