welcome to the organic green doctor blog

i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

winter report

each winter we sit in front of this cozy fire
as it puts out its heat
warming our limestone walls
warming our saltillo tile floor
once its all warm
it like a cocoon in our living room

that warmth just seems to penetrate deep into your
Image result for cord of firewood
each fall i start out with a cord of firewood
i get from firewood steve
some years thats all we need
other years we need more
some years even more

it seems to correlate with the thickness of the fur
on our dogs and our neighbors horses
with whats happening with our weather
the problem with our texas weather it just jerks us around
today it will  be in the 70s and within 24 hours it will
be sleeting and in the 20s
sucks to be a tree or an animal around here

we ran out of wood recently
well right before the last several days of freezing rains
ice and real cold weather

we managed to keep our living room warm to 68 degrees
it doesnt feel the same without that fire in the wood burning stove
its just a different 68 degrees

the cold seemed to penetrate into the bones
my bones just felt cold all weekend long

so yesterday i looked at the weather report
several more days of real cold rainy maybe icy days
of that bone cold feeling

so i gave in and went and got a  load of wood
calculating in my brain
now supercharged with all those supplements
exactly how much we would need until we finally
really get the spring here

i made my fire
got it going good
got the room real toasty inside
so the thermostat says 68 degrees here this morning
i feel my bones all warm and non achy
i feel this warmth oozing from my body

firewood money well spent i say

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, March 2, 2015

its all the same

thats what i thought as i read the article
thought about all the uproar over obamacare
the upcoming disaster thats about to happen if the supreme court
overturns the subsidies for some of the obamacare policies
Image result for california insurance exchange
one of my sons is on an obamacare policy in california
he wont be affected by the supreme court ruling
since he doesnt get subsidized by the feds
plus he got a better policy than what was offered by the
private insurance company

oh wait a minute
we are subsidizing his insurance
he takes the $4000 and uses it as a deduction
and saves over $1000 in taxes
so  technically we subsidize him $1000

then there was a point where we were paying
$10000 a year for health insurance
so we were being subsidized $3000 a year
by the federal government
Image result for blue cross blue shield
my wife she is now on a policy from work
she still has to pay $2000 a year for her coverage
so we save $600 a year in subsidized tax relief
thank you very much uncle sam

Image result for medicare
i am on a medicare policy as are 4 of my siblings
no doubt about it
thats a federally funded national plan

Image result for champus insurance
then i thought about my brothers and relatives retired
from the military
thats champus
yep another federally funded national plan

Image result for champus insurance
theres relatives that go to the va for care
a federal national plan for sure

then i thought about
well i thought through everyone we knew
im sorry but i cant really think of anyone who
is not on an insurance that we dont subsidize
or that isnt a federally funded plan
Image result for health savings account
maybe someone who is working and doesnt have
insurance at work
buys it themselves
unless they have a health savings account which
we all subsidize

we meaning the federal government

it seems to me that all these are the same
we are all subsidizing each others plans

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, February 27, 2015

if they cant agree

thats what i was thinking as i listened to several state
neurologists discuss alzheimers this week at an
alzheimers conference sponsored by the
texas health department
Image result for algorithm
i am also on a subcommittee thats working on an algorithm
for evaluating someone with memory loss
based mainly on the pdf file and booklet
listed here
clinical best practices for early detection...

i am on the committee as a family doctor and as a patient
to give my view from these two perspectives
ive noticed without me there im afraid these two views
might not be looked at as closely as they should
after all
its the patient that we are talking about here

by the way if you have memory loss or have a loved one
who has it
this booklet will give you a good guide
for whether or not you or they are being or have been
worked up properly
its the standard for the workup of memory loss

its always sad to find someone with a treatable disease
months or years later
when earlier treatment would have cured them or improved
their memory
like thyroid issues poor control of diabetes
blood pressure cholesterol depression sleep problems
etc etc

on this committee and those who are making suggestions for
the committee its interesting that even the experts dont agree
on what to do
now the core part we all agree on
some would not have treated me at the beginning while others
would have
now i knew the statistics and research that was used to base
my treatment
i understood and was willing to accept the limitations of treatment
and its side effects
my choices were not good otherwise
i went with treatment
maybe in 10 years they will say
yes you should begin treatment it seems to help to delay things
for several years
no it doesnt make no difference
i went with the yeses
i and others of us cant wait for answers to be found
i say definitely prove this doesnt work and ill not do it

the main speaker was from ucla and he mainly does research on
preventative stuff
now this stuff he discussed has been shown to help slow down
that decline graph as the disease progresses
eating healthy controlling blood pressure and cholesterol
getting adequate sleep etc
may shift the graph so that the decline may not happen
for 2 years or 4 years
if one is lucky 10 years later

now i know and understand these things dont make alzheimers go away
since its  going to win its battle with us in the end
man on man wouldnt it be nice
to see a grandchild start kindergarten or graduate from high school
if we are lucky graduate from college get married have kids

thats what this is all about
extracting all we can so we can enjoy these things when they happen

i sat there watching these experts talk and discuss how  they manage
i thought
they some of them really dont understand do they
Image result for coconut
we are willing to accept side effects extra costs even on things
that may later prove not to work
do the study on coconut oil using placebo groups and treatment
groups on patients destined to get alzheimers disease
on patients with mci
on patients with early alzheimers disease
follow them long term
do the tests that need to be done like memory test scans to document
whether this works or not
if it doesnt then publish it so we can all quit taking it
this should have been done years ago
that folks is simple straight forward science
Image result for curcumin
another example
is turmeric acid or curcumin the spice
many of us take it every day
again just do the dam study that shows definitely that it works
or doesnt
again this should have been done years ago
yes or no just give us the answer
its again simple to do
Image result for resveratrol
now resveratrol has been studied like this
the results will be out soon
i take it every day at a high dose based on the dose that
was used in the study
if it is shown to not have an effect on the progression of memory loss
then ill stop using it
will move on

now its been shown and research supports these
theyve done the studies
controlling blood pressure diabetes cholesterol obesity
eating a well balanced diet like the mediterranean diet
controlling anxiety and depression and sleep issues
meditating reducing stress
stop smoking
drinking in moderation
exercising your body and your mind and your spirit
maintaining normal vitamin b12 folate vitamin d homocysteine

these have all been scientifically been proven to make a difference
no doubt about it

now can you please start doing the studies on all the vitamin
and supplements that seem to maybe possibly could be helpful
just do the studies please
either they do or they dont
its not that hard to do the studies that need to be done

quit working on rats and mice
us humans are willing to be the guinea pigs for proving if
these things work
thousands are doing it anyway

so thats what i was thinking as i sat and listen to all those
agree and not agree on what needs to be done

i am not changing what i am doing until its shown that the things
i do dont work

until they agree

the organicgreen doctor