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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

its not dirty

when i was working full time i never really thought too much
about doing the house work
i helped some but was not the primary house care giver

then i retired and it all changed
what a shock to the system it was
my wife she was working full time so i became  the house husband
thank goodness since ive been doing this for awhile
that its just the two of us


how in the heck can the two of us do this to a house in a week
i can only imagine what it would be like if our two sons were
kids and still at home
i probably wouldnt make it im afraid

i think maybe that y chromosome i have that my wife
she doesnt have
makes a difference when it comes to house cleaning
i think the difference is a coping dna that may not be in the y

i probably would not be fun to be around if i had to watch my
house cleaning get destroyed every day

i read an article this morning about people who never have to
clean their house
it seemed im afraid a little too ocd to me
they must not have kids and a messy husband

some of the things though kinda make sense
some we sort of follow
sort of

put away clothes every night
well i do have my piles i like to keep in the chairs

dont have extras
since i retired i dont
i have 3 types of socks
work outside ones  dress ones which i rarely wear
then those ones that you cant see when you wear them
each group is the same brand and color
the rest were thrown away or donated

wipe down after every use
that i do since i do the cleaning
sure makes it easier
before i wasnt as good about doing it

dont pile your beds with all that stuff
we have 4 pillows we use and a light napping blanket for me
works great

put shoes and coats away
we have a tray by the door and a tray under our jacket rack
we have a jacket rack in our hallway
this sure helps a lot
however thats where my old blue jacket was when it disappeared
a black hole for jackets sometimes

dont let dishes pile up
my rule is when my wife she texts me she is on the way home
i have 30 minute to get the dishes done
when she is out of town my rule is do the dishes at least two hours
before her plane lands

put things back where they came from
well this one is a problem
my work area is a do not touch area

dust and vacuum regularly
this one i got covered
my system involves a daily schedule of just a few minutes
in each room on its assigned day
lets see today is vacuum upstairs day

so this system works well for me
if there were kids involved here i wouldnt make it
how do you mommas do this

thanks kja for the article

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, August 26, 2014




since i have been taking aricept (donepezil) for possibly having
my dreams are much more vivid than before
its like the difference between a facebook video you post
and a full length oscar winning movie

it seems they are happening more often and always seem to
incorporate something ive experienced in the last two days
what these dreams mean i dont know
but im sure i could just google it and mr google would
give me an answer

yesterday i worked outside in the heat cutting trees down at
our new habitat house
almost fell a tree on a house but i didnt
i was gassed when i finished
but i kept hydrated while i was working
following my 2 pee rules
if you dont have to go pee twice in the morning while working
outside then you are not staying hydrated
i usually start hydrating as soon as i wake up on the days
like yesterday then continue it aggressively while working
no heat stroke for me

i went to another house we are doing a rehab on for
this little poor lady
i finished putting down a yard of mulch on her yard after
trimming out all the brush from her crepe myrtle and roses
i was sure that was years of growth in there
they even found her ac was blowing cold air into her attic
thatll make you electric bill high want it

so by the time i went home i was hot and exhausted
ate my lunch
then off to sleep for my afternoon nap to make up for the
few hours that aricept stole from me the night before

my oldest son who was two years old and i were staying at
some big hotel somewhere big
like a big casino or a big convention place
my wife she was out of town
he woke up from his nap and even though he was no longer
on the breast or the bottle
there was a baby bottle in the frig with milk or formula in it
he wanted it to drink
so i gave it to him you know do the im not going to argue with
him thing
we had to go outside somewhere to do something
since i didnt finish that part i didnt know what it was

out the room we go down the hall to the elevator
with him following me sucking on his bottle
he seemed quite content and happy following me down the hall
onto the elevator we went
kinda cute he was

he was behind me in the elevator looking up at the other folks
on the elevator
asmiling he was
they were asmiling at him also

then the door opened i stepped out a few steps
turned around and he wasnt there
the doors closed
i ran around looking both ways to see if he got loose in the hall
then went back on the elevator to where we came from
frantically asking folks if they saw this 2 year old with a bottle
went downstairs to the desk
looked everywhere
then i woke up with no answer to my dream

thanks a lot aricept for this one
it may be one of the most worst ones yet
thanks for invading my noon time naps with these dreams

i googled the dream and it wasnt of any help
except it said something about fertility and the birth of a new child

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, August 25, 2014

how sweet it is

for years i never ate breakfast
and would only have a cup of coffee for breakfast
well ok several cups of coffee every morning
of course
aricept (donepezil) put a stop to that one
my blood pressure

ok so thats a picture of my wifes tea in our anasazi coffee cup
but it does have caffeine in it

i had to decide between caffeine and sleeping at night
since combining that with aricept made me wide awake
at night and made me wake up early
way to early
then my blood pressure rise was directly related to
the amount of caffeine i was drinking
way too much it seemed
so i compromised and dropped the amount i drink by
2/3 which decreased my dose of blood pressure meds
by 2/3
which then
added a couple of hours of sleep to my regimen each day

then later on especially after retiring and getting on aricept
i began to eat a good breakfast since keeping my stomach
full in the morning keeps the aricept from making me sick
at my stomach

so each morning i eat
a country n free range organic egg on two pieces of bread
i eat two handfuls of dried fruit and nuts-cashews almonds
with no salt or sugar added
i eat a banana
i eat an apple or peach or fig or plum

no sugar or salt is added to this food i eat
lots of protein good fat good cholesterol some carbs

so i start my day in a good way each morning

so this week i saw this article about the 10 worst cereals
i guess this is what we are feeding our kids
i guess you do add milk which is good
and maybe some fruit
or maybe some juice which for many is really just sugar syrup
with flavored water

heres the lists from not the worse but bad to the worst
with the percentage of sugar in them

remember its the sugars we eat in our food that are probably
the cause of our health problems in the united states
obesity diabetes heart disease alzheimers

so here they are the top ten

kelloggs fruit loops 41.4%
quaker oats capn crunch berries 42.3%
kelloggs apple jacks 42.9%
kelloggs smorz 43.3%
now the smorz one isnt right that is only meant to be made
over a fireplace or a firepit or a grill
quaker oats ohs 44.4%
i think the ohs stands for oh sugar
quaker oats capn crunch originals 44.4%
quaker oats capn oops all berries 46.9%
kelloggs furit loops marshmallows 48.3%
post golden crisp 51.9%

then finally the sweetest of them all
the one most likely to fatten up your kids
the one that will really wire your kids up for those teachers
and hook them on eating this crack breakfast cereal
with more sugar than a hostess twinkie
the winner is

kellogs honey smacks 55.6%

sorry we can do better than that for our kids
and their future health

the organicgreen doctor