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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Friday, July 3, 2015

alzheimers news-wwogdd

i think about this a lot
when folks ask me what to do
to prevent getting alzheimers

so wwogdd
what would the organicgreen doctor do

this week a study was published where they followed
folks every 3 years with a simple memory test for 18 years
when they went back and looked at the memory tests of
those who developed alzheimers
they found that those patients with alzheimers had some
problems doing the memory tests that were gradual
as time went on
basically looking back they could have predicted who
would get alzheimers long before symptoms occur

then another study found that those who had hypertension
were less likely to develop alzheimers
thinking that it may be something with the medication
folks take that may slow down or prevent alzheimers disease

so in 2015 knowing what i know about alzheimers
and if i were at risk for getting it
eg if you are genetically linked to me
when i turned 50 if not sooner

i would maximize my health as below

do a baseline memory test and repeat it every 3 years
i would use the moca test thats administered by a
health care provider and not the ones usually done
in their offices-the clock test or mmse
the moca will pick up early  abnormalities
well it did on me at 60 but the mmse did not

i being one who wants to know where i stand
would have the new alzheimers blood test done when
it becomes available
probably in less than 5 years
accuracy will be 90-100%

but dont do this until all your ducks are in a row
long term care insurance life insurance or disability insurance
as long as there is obamacare you dont have to worry about
denial for health insurance

im sorry but if you are genetically kin to me you probably
will not be able to ever get long term care insurance

if i had high blood pressure or high cholesterol i would
aggressively treat them with medication
the blood pressure meds and the statin drugs themselves
may have benefits in slowing down the disease
separate from controlling the pressure and cholesterol

i would get moving every day with exercise
walking is so simple inexpensive to do

control your diabetes anxiety depression stress sleep abnormalities
be active mentally and socially
limit alcohol use
dont smoke
avoid medicines linked to memory loss like old antihistamines
bladder pills etc

take a bunch of vitamin and supplements that have shown to
possibly be beneficial in slowing down the disease process

now i would be ready
my health and my brain will be ready

then since in the next 10 years maybe as soon as 5 years
those who will be able to be identified as having
preclinical alzheimers
(based on a positive alzheimers blood test positive amyloid brain scan
and maybe positive spinal fluid tests)

like i was in my 50s and like my younger brother and my older brother
and my mother and probably my dad and my aunts and uncles and
my grandmothers were
we were it seems born a generation too soon

you if you have preclinical alzheimers will be able to receive
either or both

an infusion of an alzheimers vaccine antibody
( a similar method used to treat those with lupus or rheumatoid
or ulcerative colitis or crohns or other connective tissue diseases)
which will remove the bad stuff amyloid and also prevent it from
being deposited
a bace inhibitor taken as a pill that will prevent the bad stuff from

if it works these drugs will slow down or prevent azheimers disease

there are also other drugs on the way

this is all within your near future

maybe avoiding in yourself what has happened to your ancestors

please be ready

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, July 2, 2015

country n news-we do our part

my wife she sent me this article
she usually is spot on the ones she sends
im usually interested in the topic
weve been married too long

this one called 50 simple things
which i linked here
is the one she sent me yesterday

as i read down all the things to do to save this earth
make it greener save you money
the one that wasnt on there
well parts of it was

we discontinued our trash collection
as part of my new austerity measures to save money
looking for money spent on things we dont really need
so far im or i should say we are at $2000 a year saved
thats $20000 in 10 years
we are still alive happy fed well traveling still doing all the things
we like to do

the trash thing was costing us $600 a year
we noticed that as we got better and better at recycling things
we had smaller and smaller trash bags each week
this last month we had one not full trash bag we put out
for the trash folks
that was a $50 bag of trash
now its no more

well over half the trash was soiled paper products
that are now composted

10 year savings is $6000
that combined with our other austerity measures
like discontinuing our newspaper
$300 a year or $3000 in 10 years
those two things are paying for our new solar system
we are doubling its size
plus the $50-100 a month savings on electricity which pays
partially in 10 years our new highly energy efficient
air conditioning and heating system
which also is lowering our energy use especially in the
hot summer
cold winters

yes we still plan to get our wood from firewood steve
each fall and use our wood burning stove

then there is the $6000 tax credits and other credits that
almost covers the cost of our new energy efficient windows
we are replacing all of them in our house

so when its all over with
we will only be paying extra for about 20% of  these new
when we one day leave the country n
well i will either be dead or wont know the difference
we will sell this place and should make back a large
percentage of our investments

we are borrowing the money from ourselves to pay
for this
we are using money we were or would have been paying
verizon dish newspaper trash co car auto health insurance
yes we still have a cell phone dish tv and insurance
$5000 in 10 years on insurance
$2500 in 10 years on dish
$3000 in 10 years on verizon
at a reasonable interest rate
so in 10 years
our net cost will be zero

i think im doing the math right

so we are being green two different ways
the old way
the new way

the organicgreen green doctor

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

how sweet it is

Image result for sugar

there is a white powdery substance that is killing a lot
of americans every year
25,000 to be exact
no its not k2 or heroid

warning your kids are consuming this potential lethal legal substance

some folks are overdosing on it every day
its a legal white substance

46,000 die its year from illicit drugs
36,000 die each year from car accidents
33,000 die each year from fire arms
29,000 die each year from alcohol
75,000 die each year from alzheimers disease

like this white powdery substance alcohol is legal also
limit boths use could save a lot of lives

some folks take in 50 tsps of the stuff a day
a lethal dose
it appears
based on new statistics

Image result for sugary drinks images

youve probably already figured this out
its sugar

gulp is what i said when i read the stat this morning
a gulp has 35 tsps of sugar
one a day guarantees you
diabetes risk
heart disease risk
high blood pressure risk
alzheimers risk
an early death
Image result for legal sweet tea photo
for you southerners
that also includes the famous
ill have a sweet tea please

i feel like a can of soda a day
a glass of sweet tea a day
but probably not ok
but above that the odds
are against you

apparently in mexico 30 per cent of the the deaths
under 45
are due to sugary drinks
thats bad

in japan where unsweetened drinks are consumed
the death rate is almost nonexistent

now i look at my diet
my sugar consumption is negligible
i do eat sweets after each meal
drink a sugar free soda once a day
the rest of the time its water and wine

think about this for yourself and your kids
you are the one that usually purchases this stuff for them
if you look at the statistics
you are buying a lethal although legal substance for you kids
and your family
that kills them almost as much as guns alcohol drugs and cars do

seems a simple chose to me

the unsweetened organicgreen doctor