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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Friday, April 21, 2017

alzheimers news-there is more coming

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yesterday as i was sitting in the lounge chair
getting infusion #2
now its real comfortable and cozy in there
theres a nice large screen tv

i havent watched it much
theres folks in and out of the room
nurses and the research director
talking and asking me questions
sticking in an iv
adjusting the flow rates
adding the unknown stuff thats all hidden under this
dark aluminum looking cover

its a secret i guess whats in there

i may know this time if i get those week long headaches again
if i dont get them
then i dont know either
for those who dont know
folks getting the aducanumab who have the apoe4 apoe4 genes
have a high chance of getting manageable headaches
i want headaches i tell everyone

as i sat there
i thought
please dont ask me
please dont start me talking about alzheimers
about clinical trials
i cant help myself
if you ask me
i go into lecture mode and probably tell you more than
you really want to know
i do adjust what i say  based on who i am talking to
lay person vs medical person

yesterday it was the nurse who took care of me
he was asking about the medicine
i sort of ignored him
i thought
sir you are about to get told a lot more than you wanted to know

he asked again
just like a kid in kindergarten that cant help himself or herself
to answer the teachers question

i blurted it all out
told him the whole aducanumab story

you know he said we do other of these antibody infusions
for these diseases like ms and gastroenterology diseases and
ophthalmology diseases
some experimental some not
i dont think ive done any of these alzheimers one before

do you know about this one
no he said

my kindergarten brain and voice just let it roll out my mouth

well its an antibody against what i call the bad beta amyloid
that is thought to the cause of alzheimers disease
actually this drug may prove or disprove this theory

it removes all of it
yes i said all of it
in the phase 1 study
it removed all of it that showed on the pet brain scan for the
beta amyloid called the amyvid pet scan
zippo nada it was all gone after over a year
folks memory didnt worsen most got better
the goal of a good drug that works

in a year and half when they redo my amyvid pet scan
if i get the real drug aducanumab and not the placebo
my scan will go from being diffusely positive for all that
being all negative being like its all gone from up there

he just looked at me like
well i was lying or something
you arent telling me the truth
that aint so

he said
ive never heard of that before
he had this look of amazement in his face

i must say ive seen that amazement before
from alzheimers research neurologists that i have seen
they added a sparkle and smile to their face
as they talked about it

now we wait
18 months
then all of us will get the real thing
for another 42 months after that

hopefully it will become available for all who
need it

hopefully that is if it really works
it will remove the stuff
memory gets better
and or
at least memory doesnt worsen
that downward slide that occurs with alzheimers disease
get slowed down stretched out so that
we who have it die from something else
enjoying a more memorable life along the way

as i say
my two goals

see my granddaughter graduate from high school
to be one of the first alzheimers disease survivors

so yesterday as i sat there getting my infusion
looking at my alzheimers texas bracelet
i realized
there  just might be some hope now

join us at this alzheimers symposium
i speak first about my story and clinical trials
answer questions the more the merrier
then 3 other speakers will follow

Alzheimer's Texas Symposium

friday april 28th
the mayborn convention center
temple texas

join us
its free
breakfast and lunch are provided
registration is required
click here

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, April 20, 2017

its a triple conundrum



today is 4/20
its thursday

today is the day i go to the utsouthwestern infusion center
to receive my 2nd infusion of the experimental
alzheimers treatment drug made by biogen called

after the last one
i was told i needed to schedule the next one
in 29 days
two days before that date or two days after that day

i told the researcher
i want to do it on 4/20

she said
not blinking an eye
we will set it up for you

i said
you know what day that is dont you
she said
i think its a thursday

no i said
its 4/20
thats mj day
marijuana day
willies day
the day we celebrate marijuana
the drug that has ruined many a teenagers life
when they were busted with it
sending them into the armpits of our jail and legal system

this drug marijuana
it has the possibility of helping those who have neurological diseases
alzheimers disease
severe migraines
diffucult to control seizures especially in kids
chronic pain
chemo nausea
chemo appetite suppression
just to name a few

the problem is
there are so much restrictions on its research
researchers find it hard to get approval to get money for research
on mj
they are restricted to use only marijuana grown on some farm
in mississippi thats controlled by the feds

the salk institute
a well respected research institution wants to do research on the
cbd component of marijuana
the part that doesnt make you high
but seems to have a lot of benefit in neurological diseases
especially children with uncontrolled seizures

this institution makes its chd from methane gas
the farts of cows
they cant access the marijuana plants needed for research
without a lot of red tape and lots of time it takes to get approval

im sorry this just smells bad to me in more ways than one

i turned to the researcher
and said
thats why i want to do my infusion on 4/20
give my support to chd marijuana research

i am making my stand today
in that support
as i sit down
stick out my arm
they insert that needle
giving me later that infusion of that stuff that might
slow my disease down

all i can think is
what if there is something in that marijuana plant
that could be do the same thing
you just vap it or smoke it or take an edible
seems easier to me

i am stoked day

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

dear ms b-dont do it


now ms b
as i watched on tv
i thought to myself
i sure hope she doesnt do this

while you were visiting us
i noticed that
you have cute little feet

slide easily into your mud boots that you splashed in the river in
slide easily into your new red cowgirl boots that you wore
to ride the horse

of course
your favorite way to go
is commando
dont ask what that means
you dont like socks on or shoes on

the first chance you get
off they go
wiggling your toes back and forth
pitter pattering across the floor

i think theres a genetic cause for this
its your arkansas gene you got from your granddaddy

we always went barefooted when i was a kid

now that may have been to save our good shoes from wear
probably was the reason
i think theres this enjoyment of wiggling your toes in
the sand
in mud
its a primal thing i think

now i like to watch the voice
i am amassed at the talented young folks
that are on the show
how can they be that good so young

now some of the girls it seems
especially those on blakes team
they are cowgirls
they wear cowgirl boots
lucky them

the others seem to wear these high high heels
these things seem unsteady
that if you just gently push them im sure the girls
would fall over

so they start young wearing these shoes
these high heels im sure only a man would design

if they do this for a lifetime
they are dooming their feet
ingrown toenails as all the toes get all squished inside
those pointed toes
shortened achilles tendons that doom them to knee and ankle
and foot problems as they age
knee cap problems which already is a common malady
in young growing teenage females
eventual back and hip and knee arthritis

if they are obese these girls the doom is even worse

i can only imagine what must happen to the ball of the feet
as you stand in those shoes putting pressure
all the pressure on that area

so i guess ms b
just because everyone else does it
doesnt mean you have to

save your feet
follow your own trail
wear flats
you know they make dress ones
wear those cowgirl shoes
wear those sneakers
whenever you can
pop off those shoes
then you are back to your roots

the organicgreen doctor