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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Friday, September 30, 2016

alzheimers news-is this the one


Alzheimer's Texas

there has been an observation over the years
that folks who get chemotherapy for cancer
seemed to not get alzheimers as often

an article
here is the link
describes the approval of a phase 2 study
for a
no not a new drug
a drug already approved by the fda
for use in certain leukemias

Image result for tasigna
its called nilotinib
brand name tasigna

what this means is that its already on the market
really any doctor could order it off label
if they wanted to

an example of an off label use of a medicine
albuterol brand ventolin and proventil

originally it was not approved for use in kids under 12
in my practice at one time
most of my use of albuterol
was in that age group
i was using it off label
 not approved by the fda for that age group

this drug is just sitting that with this potential to work
it has already been used in lewey body dementia
think robin williams
and in parkinsons disease
with good success

so in this study phase 2 it will be used in folks
with mild to moderate alzheimers

they will be using lower doses of the nilotinib

how it works is it goes through the blood brain barrier
to stimulate the garbage cleaner cells to
eat up the bad beta amyloid and the tau tangles that
have accumulated in the brain
these two are the hallmark of alzheimers disease

i am afraid that like a lot of alzheimers studies
they are treating the wrong group of folks
they used stuff later in the disease before and it didnt work well
it really needs to be used in folks with normal memory
or with
folks with early symptoms
who could take this medicine to prevent damage from
occurring in the first place

like me for example
i had short term memory loss diagnosed as
early mild cognitive impairment amnestic type
which means this could be early alzheimers disease

i take aricept (donepezil) and am aggressively taking care of
my health
doing all the healthy things i can to slow it down

i have the apoe 4 double gene putting me at high risk
for having alzheimers disease

my level of bad beta amyloid and tau in the spinal fluid
were near alzheimers disease levels five years ago

i am about to get the amyvid pet brain scan for the bad
beta amyloid
if its there i most likely have alzheimers disease

so i am a prime candidate if its positive for a treatment
like this one
i still have a lot of brain left to protect
lock me in to where i am now
i would be quite happy

so this drug is a chemo drug
with a list of side effects
nausea vomiting diarrhea constipation headache fatigue
low blood count muscle and joint pain uri sx etc

ive had a lot of these just from taking my aricept (donepezil)
from a chronic problem with iritis
from just plan old osteoarthritis and an old ruptured disk

i think i could handle these side effects if i were to take
this pill

especially when you consider the side effects of
alzheimers disease
certain death from it
losing short term memory
eventually losing all memory
not knowing your wife your kids your grandkids
mumbling gibberish
having to be fed
having to be diapered
having problems walking
getting lost
becoming eventually bedridden
changing your personality sometimes for the worse

ill take this chemo drug any day
no side effects can match what would be in store
for myself
my family

bring it on i say
i am ready now

we will be walking in another
alzheimers texas walk
camp mabry in austin texas
the travis county alzheiemers texas walk
next saturday october 8, 2016
for the
austin regional clinic team

donate and or join us
to help
in the fight against this disease

we are getting closer to a treatment or cure

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, September 29, 2016

do debates matter

thats the question i was asking myself
we watched all 90 minutes plus of the debates
we watched the pre show and the post show
Image result for presidential debate

i have a rule
i dont listen to pundits from either side
since i have a mute button on my remote
darwinian mute button

the reason we watch the debates
that we dont want to rely on someone elses opinion
on who won
what was discussed
was it fair

ill decide that myself

now i realize that
the debate no matter what happened or what was said
was not going to change my mind on whom i was going to vote
i doubt that many of you got your mind changed

looking at the debate
i think hillary won the debate
scattered across the new media and from politicians
who were trump supporters
agree with my assessment

did it matter
well it didnt change my mind
nor did it change most of everyone elses minds

it seems the ones that it could affect are
those millennials
yep yours and my kids and grandkids
may decide this election
scary huh

white women
i tell you they are always are under control those females
subtle like
if you are married and are a male
well you already know this

does it matter
these debates

i would say from what i hear and read
it matters

the election may hinge on these next two debates

no i personally dont care if
he releases his tax returns
her emails i could care less about
i dont care about bills indiscretions since all know about them
i dont care about hearing childish words slug back and forth

i care about

how each treats other human beings

pensions which may break state and city government
guess who will be paying when that happens

dont just say get rid of it
solution please
i for one am a big advocate of medicare for all
with a lot of tough decisions which our politicians cant seem to make


social security the big elephant in the room

immigration a fair policy please

sorry we have to have taxes
even fairminded billionaires recognize we have to tax people
just make it more fair
we cant cut taxes and keep spending

race relations

most of these werent even discussed

so thats what i want them to talk about
how to fix these issues

i want all the millennials to vote
its really thier future here we are talking about

they need to speak on their behalf

all those who say they are going to sit this one out
you cant do that
there is too much at stake

if you arent registered to vote
or if you dont vote
there is no excuse
you have no right to complain about anything

if you arent registered to vote
here is a link
walks you through how to
register to vote in every statte


if you dont use it
you might lose it

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

dear ms b-it doesnt matter


thats what i say
it doesnt really matter does it

so i went upstairs to look at how how ours was arranged
was it an outy or an inny

now since my wife she never replaces an empty roll
or an almost empty roll
maybe placing a full one on the floor as a backup
the placement of the roll
falls squarely on my shoulders

a failure to do this right
its all me
it seems ours get put on there both ways
i sat down
reached over
spun it
it spins either way
tore off a few pieces
they tore ok either way
seems ok to me either way

now if you go to a hotel or motel
it is always i guess over the front
an outy

so you can see the prints on the paper
so you can easily grab it and spin it
so your kiddos like you ms b and those kitty cats
have a harder time grabbing it and spinning it
into a big pile
worse i guess putting the end of the roll into
the toilet
letting the water wick up the paper to the
roll making the whole thing soaking wet

i will admit i have done that one before
just to make folks mad

i have found a kiddo once sitting in the floor
having a great time
spinning that roll so it unwinds
onto the floor

i have found a kitty before who started playing
with that end of the paper that blows around
in the air
so those playful kitties just cant resist it
the whole roll is clawed down onto the floor
they are all wrapped up in it

if you havent ever seen this
if you do
dont get mad at the kitty
they are just following their instincts

so ms b
walk into the bathroom
see which way your paper is hanging
reach up and grab the end
take off running
until you get that roll aspinnnnnnning real good
play with all that paper

if you get caught
just look up at mommy and daddy
smile real big like you are having a good time
they might understand

take the paper
put it into the potty
pull that leaver that mommy and daddy pull down
to make that water twirl around
run away
so you dont get all wet
when that water comes flowing out over the top
of the toilet bowl


i think we have more to worry about in this world
than this

the organicgreen doctor