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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Thursday, December 18, 2014

little bit

thats what i call her
since when she stands up she barely
reaches my armpits

stuffed inside that bundle is a lot of desire
that would be good for us and society if we all
had some of it

heres her story
now i didnt ask her permission to write about her
so i will not give her name or where she is from

i have known her since she was in middle school
as a patient and as a family member of some one
we know

she did well in high school
one of those big schools like are all over this area
actually in my opinion way too big
in fact in a 30 mile radius from the country n
there are at least 20 of these too big of a school

she graduated with good grades
off to college she went
with the hopes of getting her degree in nursing
a long time desire of hers

then while with a group of friends while diving off
a building i think a boat dock into the water
she landed in shallow water on rocks
jamming her right leg onto the rocks
shattering her lower leg
cracking open the skin
down into the mucky bottom of the lake

in the er she was totally covered with mud
like what you see in a mud run
so was her open fracture of her lower leg

what followed was a painful long debilitating course
that almost did her in
both physically and emotionally

imagine your college daughter undergoing many
many surgeries just to save her leg
walking around campus in crutches
wear this big halo thing on her leg
which she had to painfully crank this devise regularly to slowly
stretch out her leg bone so she would not have
one leg shorter than the other
plus a infected portion had to be just simply removed

then doing weeks and weeks of iv antibiotics in her
apartment by herself

no she never dropped out of school
despite the pain
and were talking about excruciating pain
she still finished her classes
and made good grades in all of them

at one point
probably the lowest point
there was talk of amputating her lower leg
since the thinking was when this all healed
if it ever did
that what was left would be a long time
excruciatingly painful leg
that might be better not being there

she talked with folks who were athletes who
opted to have the amputation
i even had a patient who had a similar injury from
a car wreck who opted to keep his leg
talk with her

there were moments when she wanted the amputation
just to get rid of the pain and to get it over with

after a long period of agonizing over what to do
can you imagine your pretty blonde headed spunky active
daughter strong willed as hell she was
having to make this decision
she made it herself
i think never looked back

she suffered through the next months and months of
more surgery and more iv antibiotics and more
halo hardware hanging on her lower leg
when it was all over with
having to learn how to walk
on that leg again

all while continuing to pursue her dream of being
a nurse

i got the honor of writing a letter of recommendation
for her for nursing school
that was the easiest one ive ever written

she was turned down her first try
probably good it was
she wasnt ready
probably physically or emotionally
she reapplied and was accepted
heading closer to her dream

then last month my wife she and i got our
announcement of her graduation with her
bachelors in nursing

as i opened it up
i sat and thought of all she went through to get to
where she wanted to go
all she had to endure
i teared up is what i did

what a great story for others to hear and read
to not give up on your goals
that is what she did

what a great nurse she will be im sure
since she like me has been on both sides now
a patient and now a provider
this will make a better nurse
lucky patients

we wish you the best

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

blue front white back

its called magic
by the local temple wildcat fans

if you dont live in texas you dont really understand
if you move here from somewhere else
then you eventually understand

its supremo
almost god like
an almost religious experience

if you have seen the friday night lights movie
or tv show
its like that here in texas

heck one town built a 62 million dollar stadium
but because of defects they arent able to use it

the stadium for the school district where my wife she
works is called
the palace

they built this big thang
then cut teachers salaries
laid off teachers
ticked off a lot of folks
thats texas

every friday night in the fall
this state goes crazy
at the end of the season
there is the state playoffs that goes on and on
it culminates now in the state championship games
at jerrys world in dallas
or should i say arlington

what a stage for a high school player to get to play on
or a cheerleader
or a band member
or a dance team
or all those fans

we lived that experience once
actually twice
and got got caught up in all the magic
all the giddiness
an experience we wont ever forget or regret

blue front white back magic is what it was
the uniforms are blue on the front and white on the back
its been that way for years
magic is what it is suppose to be

in the early to mid 90s at the school
temple high school
there were classes that were special for several years
not only was football the best team in the state but
so was football basketball track baseball
cheerleading choir band etc

oh that band was fantastic during those years
both boys and girls teams were good
it seemed to permeate through the whole school
that greatness
throughout the community

we got scooped up in all that since our son
played during that time
we traveled all over the state to playoff games
sometimes we had larger crowds than the home
teams did

that was the year during a game against
odessa permian
the team from friday night lights
that the fans got to jumping banging chanting so
long and loud
that it cracked the stadiums concrete foundations
such that the home side was closed for repairs
the next year

they played in all the big stadiums in the state
am baylor ut jerrys house texas stadium

this was a special group during that time
full of division 1 players

its all hard to describe unless you have been swept
up into it
its almost mystical in its feeling

now the
blue front white back magic has returned
the team is making its run through the state playoffs
yes even through thanksgiving holidays
bumping right up against christmas
they have been over powering teams just like they
did in the early 1990s when they won
the state championship

magic is what it is
may the blue front white back magic
win out this weekend

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


well he seems to have disappeared since this weekend
he probably read his facebook page
where some of the folks who voted him into office recently
are now t-oed at him
big time

yesterday i posted the video of the senate where
elizabeth warren
if you are a middle class person like most of us
she is own our side
whether we voted republican or democrat or
even if we didnt vote
laid out in a fiery speech how citibank or citigroup wrote
and influenced the politicians
yes both republican and democratic
to push through the citibank amendment
so they could be retained as
to big to fail
so we are on the hook again
if they loose money on those nasty
derivatives again

so this representative
from kansas
a republican
his party doesnt really matter
was voted in the last election
thanks of course to the financial sectors nice donations
in thanks to them
he let citibank or citigroup write
the wallstreet bailout amendment
to the spending bill just passed by congress
holding the whole country hostage

vote against the bill and the country gets shut down
like someone holds a gun to your head
makes you empty out all your bank accounts
and give it to them

well thats what was done
some folks democrats and republicans and independent
said no way
but it passed anyway

now this guy
kevin yoder representative from the 3rd district
is mia
he has disappeared
his constituents
republicans who voted him in and the others who
are real ticked at him
i expect he will shut down his facebook page soon
as its getting kinda nasty

i just hope the 3rd district has a long memory
when it comes to the election for that seat
in 2016
reading the comments
he wont
get reelected
the republicans democrats and independents
are ready it seems to make him
a two term representative

heck just recall him

he better stay mia
he now is the poster boy for what is wrong with
american politics

the organicgreen doctor