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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Friday, September 21, 2018

alzheimers news-here comes round two

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i am preparing for two presentations over the next 3 weeks
one an alzheimers panel that i will be on answering questions about having mild cognitive impairment from a moderator and the audience at ucla medical center in santa monica
another doing a 20 minute presentation on telling my story with my diagnosis followed by questions from the audience at the valle verde facility in santa barbara
a usc professor wants to interview me about being diagnosed while i was practicing medicine

yesterday and the day before i started the long term extension that will last another two years and maybe longer of the biogen aducanumab study
this time i will either get the 3 mg dose or the 6 mg dose of the aducanumab

since i have the apoe 4 apoe4 gene i cant get the larger 10 mg dose since apoe 4 folks run the risk of having brain bleeds on that dose
the 10 mgm dose is the dose in the phase one study that worked the best
it cleared all the amyloid out that showed on the original amyvid scan in the phase one study
my two doses that i might get still cleared most of the amyloid but not all of it

in the first part of this phase three study im in now i either got the placebo or the other two doses
if i got the real stuff then they leave me on that dose
if i got the placebo then i get randomly the 3 mg or  6 mg dose
i want the 6 mg dose
well actually i want the 10 mg since i dont mind a little brain bleed
the option of doing nothing
that option is a hell of a lot worse than a little brain bleed
especially since most folks recover from the brain bleeds without effects
in fact if you get a bleed they just lower the dose then work the dose back up to the original one

i am so glad to get rid of the placebo cloud
have i lost ground by being on the placebo or have i wiped some of that bad stuff outa there

so all this alzheimers stuff plus getting ready for the alzheimers walk in november
see below
i feel almost like i have ptsd
i had to rethink about all thats happened in the last 10 or so years re alzheimers in my life
most if it is not good
my mother died
my brother died
my older brother was diagnosed
i was diagnosed
i had to quit work
i have made it my mission to go out there and talk about it freely
you ask me ill talk about it
i can see how ptsd folks do better being in the open and talking about their issues

i worry about not seeing my grandkids graduate from high school
i especially worry about not being around when mr h will need a lot of help
i worry about my wife she when she has to be a caregiver
i worry abut my two sons
i worry about my other siblings
i dont want any of them to have to deal with this
i think about my dad dying of a heart attack
i know he was headed down the alzheimers journey
man he spared himself and all of us a lot
i think about my mom and brother going down that alzheimer path to the end

when i do all these alzheimers things i do
sometimes its hard to make myself do them
i feel sad but no im not depressed
dont worry i get screened 4 times a year for depression
i cry sometimes as i practice my presentations or write my blogs
it really is therapeutic for me

i really hope that others can learn from what has happened to me
the caregivers
please please take care of yourself

off i went yesterday afternoon
i had my amyvid pet scan that shows that bad amyloid upstairs in  my brain
thats the one that on me looked like this 18 months ago

they gave me the radioactive stuff in an iv then waited 30 minutes then into the pet scanner i went
with it whirling whirling sounding like a washing machine spinning a load of clothes
when its over
what i would give to just take a look the screen

since then i would know
did it work did it work
did i get the placebo
ill never know

for now im looking forward way out into the future as far as i can see
im never looking back
only forward

im doing all i can to slow this down
will all im doing work

donate and or walk with you local alzheimers walk

my younger brothers team in the south arkansas walk to end alzheimers on saturday september 22nd is called
#joe nash
click above to see his team page

his course with alzheimers bothered and bothers me a lot
we were a year apart
he died not long after i was diagnosed
when i looked at him as he worsened i felt like i was looking in a mirror
i really thought when i was diagnosed that today i would be where he was when he was first diagnosed

if you live in south arkansas and know his family show up tomorrow and support them
and the fight against this disease

it means a lot to them

my team in the santa barbara walk to end alzheimers on saturday november 3rd is called

click the link above and donate and or walk with us

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, September 20, 2018

the grey pot

this is about the graying of america
is it greying of america

which is it
to find the truth on whats correct
what you do is
google it

so i did
its ok to use both
usually in the us its called grey

being somewhat a nonconformist at times
i plan on interchanging the grays greys since both are ok

my hair is gray
for me using this color spelling just seems right

i feel gray today seems right

now greyhound is the correct spelling not grayhound

ill use both

last month we were down in the los angeles area staying in west hollywood and also in one of the beach cities nearby while we were visiting mr h in the nicu at cedars sinai

near where we were staying was one of the new pot shops that is now legal in california
as we drove by the pot shop there would be at times lines out the door

i looked at the line of folks expecting some hippie types in the line
what i saw was millennial types and generation x folks and a lot of gray haired folks
those would be my generation the grey headed baby boomers

why would those grays be in line for some pot
must be old hippies from the 60s and 70s i guess

well some probably are
many are seeking treatment for different things
aches and pains
alzheimers risk
neuromuscular issues
appetite improvement
some to just feel better

those things listed above i have read or heard doctors tell patients to take pot
either thc or thc cbd or cbd version to help

i was never a pot smoker or user
i probably tried it once in my youth
since it was illegal i stayed away from it

now since its legal
since im grey headed
i have tried it a few times

for sleep
for its antiinflammatory effects mainly the cbd that may help with slowing down alzheimers disease
inflammation is part of the process that happens as alzheimers disease causes damage in the brain
using antiinflammatory products or drugs could potentially help slow it down
now thats not proven but its suspected to maybe help
research is ongoing on cbd and other products now to see if it does

us gray folks
could pot makes our lives better
maybe not

i recently started taking cbd for the possibility of it attacking the inflammation in the brain that i have ongoing now
its part of the triad of things that probably causes alzheimers
deposition of amyloid resulting in brain damage
unraveling of tau protein in damaged cells which when it is released causes more brain damage
the inflammation that the body causes to attack all that damage that has occurred
when all three starts happening the snowball rolls down the brain hill and just gets bigger and bigger

can cbd slow down this third leg
hopefully we will know soon

now i had to discontinue the cbd since i developed these awful awful dreams that i could not tolerate
it may be the combination of the cbd with my aricept or donepezil

gray headed folks
this pot stuff
may help all your grey headed ailments
may not help

the greening of americas baby boomers

the organicgreendoctor

Monday, September 17, 2018

i may be on to something

it all starts with this container
in to it goes anything we can put in
so i looked in there this morning
theres egg shells and coffee grounds and veggies like lettuce caulflower broccoli carrots tomatoes peppers beans peas bread chips swiss chard pea shells avocado seed and peelings and coffee filters etc
now its been sitting there for a few days
when you open the lid it smells a little
theres this juice in the bottom
im sure this is reaming with lots of bacteria

this stuff is dumped into a 5 gallon bucket with about 30 holes in it
that is buried in my garden walkway
i dump all this stuff from my kitchen composter into this bucket
spread at different levels are layers of newspapers
i try to keep it all wet
all through this stuff is lots of wiggling compost worms
eating and pooping
its the worm poop that im after
its the richest compost to use on your garden
i cover it with a concrete block

inside this finished compost forms
which looks just like coffee beans that have been ground to a fine powder

it smells good
im sure it tastes good
i admit
it does taste good
just ask me and ms b
we did a taste test
:) :)

so this is where this story starts
with the compost

it is full of all these good bacteria and fungi that the plants love to have in the soil
put them in the soil and the plant grows better

so it is with humans
we need lots of good bacteria in our gut

things like taking antibiotics and eating the wrong diet and over cleaning things in our house
all this wipes out or changes our normal gut flora or bacteria

each of us have a unique gut bacteria that lives in us

it can determine how healthy we are
inflammatory diseases
it maybe even influences alzheimers

as i go to visit mr h in the nicu
i have to take off my watch and alzheimers bracelet
i try to take off my ring but it wont come off sometimes
i wet my hands
i squirt this stuff with disinfectant on my hands
scrub for several minutes
then rinse if off
then i add a squirt of this disinfectant stuff onto my hands
i looked to see what it has in it
it has chlor hexi mega sgrol sigma delta killer stuff in it
booze i mean ethyl alcohol or ethanol 140 proof

i am sure if you culture my hands and arms that nothing will grow now

i guess thats the way you want it so mr h wont get any viruses or bad germs

its noted here the biggest risks to patients are from the staff and from germs inside the hospital
the real bad ones that are resistant to all our antibiotics live there

so i look at my nails
sometimes i have been working in my garden playing in my soil and my compost
i go home and shower good
i use only good ole regular soap like grandma use to make
i use ivory soap
sometimes when i look at my nails i see some residual compost and garden soil under my nails

dont do it i say
dont do it i say
even though those germs will be good for him
if added to his repertoire of gut flora
i rinse well and move on
without breaking any rules

when you are 3 like ms b is now is about when you have developed your unique gut bacteria
that will help determine your future health

thank goodness ms b got inoculated before her third birthday
it actually started when she was a toddler while visiting the country n
she manged to taste some good compost and garden soil
i felt better after that

dont worry mr h well take care of you
well give you the good germs one day
your sister and i will

i take the time to clean my nails real good
off to hold and visit mr h
knowing he would do better if i broke the rule

it seems that all that cleaning we do at home is not real good for us
its changing up our normal gut flora or bacteria that we should have

a bacteria family is increasing inside of us that is related to eg childhood obesity
some of those chemicals
well they cant be good for you

maybe instead of the 5 second rule we should all change to the alternative
count to 10 real slow rule

we only use soap
regular soap and cleaners with vinegar or ammonia with lemon or lime or orange in them

we dont kill too many germs and we dont kill ourself with all those ingredients we cant spell or pronounce

we now know why farmers and ranchers and their families tend to be so healthy
they have less allergies and less asthma also

the organicgreen doctor