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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Thursday, April 19, 2018

youll be missed ms b

no not my granddaughter ms b
ms b the former first lady
barbara bush
the grey headed one
that when you saw her in a crowd you could spot her
because of that silver hair

Image result for barbara bush
nice article on her final decision

i always noticed her eyes
they being easily identified in someone who has
had graves disease
thats where the body gets tricked into overproducing
thyroid hormone
the eyes look that wide open look since the antibodies
cause inflammation and swelling around the eyes
causing them to have that wide eyed look
even when its treated

i dont know that the disease ever caused her long term problems
must not since she lived to be 92
its easily controlled with radioactive ablation of the thyroid
or surgical removal of the thyroid or with use of medication
to slow the overproduction down to normal
i see no scar on her neck so she probably had one of the other two

i always liked her
i didnt always like or agree with her husband or son
but her
i liked and respected a lot

she was witty
she was a strong willed person from what i can tell from reading
about her
she was nice to people unless they attacked her family
i dont think she liked trump much

this week as i lay on the bed getting my infusion at ucla
i have two hours downtime
i sat and filled out my living will using the 5 wishes booklet
i read through all the options of what you want to have done
when your time comes

you can have them go all out
with all that modern medicine stuff to save you
the end result will be the same
maybe not sooner with all that help

i chose
like ms bush
to say when its time
its time

she made that decision
not someone else

she said
i lived a good one
im ready
its time
she went her way

thats how she lived her life
she rest in peace

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

did you pay too much tax

Image result for income taxes irs website
this is the first year that i have done our taxes myself
in almost 30 years
while in practice my taxes were always too complicated
when we moved to the country that were a lot of tax
deductions for the property that were just too complicated
for me to do
after i had to retire in 2010 and i was no longer associated
with the clinic my taxes gradually got less and less complicated

when we sold our country n last year
all those deductions from the property went away

now with the new law we really dont have enough
deductions to claim that would exceed the exemption
that is new and higher

so i decided to do them myself this year

it also for me was a test of my cognition
i decided if i could do my taxes
both the federal and state ones
then i was in good standing with my memory

the federal tax form was easy breezy
i zoomed right through all that

since i moved into the state in august
the form the long one i had to do for california taxes
well that one did test my memory and cognitive
abilities an awful lot
i manged to do it after several attempts
i had a sense of accomplishment when i finished
i feel good about my status now with my brain

8 years ago if you told me i was going to be able to
do these taxes
i would have said no way
i was expecting to not to be able to do these things
by now

i also used a hr block program where i estimated my
taxes for 2018 based on our present financial situation

when i saw what we would owe next year
i got to wondering
what difference in folks paychecks did this new tax law really
make in peoples checks in 2018

here is the link to the article where i go these numbers

i picked several occupations of folks i know that read this blog
then i listed their wages
im not sure where these wages came from
this one below is definitely not from oklahoma
the schoolteachers wage was 60k
the increased two week paycheck was $64,69
$1682.94 per year
a 2.8% increase in pay

the paycheck increases were from paying less taxes
these are for a single person non homeowner getting paid every
2 weeks
so thats 26 paychecks a year

so its
annual salary
every two week savings
annual savings
% increase in check


22 k


construction worker



family doctor

oh my
that would have been a good saving in taxes for me
if i was still in practice

something doesnt see right about all this
as i look at this
i think of all of the tax cuts that were given
where did it all go
it doesnt seem to have gone much to any of these folks in this article
to many of you who read this blog
unless they were on the higher end of the salaries

why do the lower wages get less of a % increase

i think its that 1% group thing again
their tax savings numbers are well obscene

we need to remember that these increased incomes we are
all getting from the tax cuts
well its coming off the backs of our kids and our future generations
they will be paying for them

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

my favorite color is blue

as she was setting up all her stuff on the bedside table
to draw my blood and start my iv for my
#15 infusion for the aducanumab study at ucla
i noticed the blue wrap thats used to wrap the arm
after the iv is in place

sometimes its purple
i always think how appropriate since this is an
alzheimers study
purple being the color for the alzheimers association

sometimes its red
not my favorite color
it would be ok to use since its my wife shes favorite color

but me
its always been blue
i guess cuz thats my eye color

i noticed they never have burnt orange color at ucla
in texas they had the green color
i guess for baylor

the blue
thats ucla blue
ive never been a ucla fan
but i dont dislike them
maybe cuz their color is blue

im ok with it
ive noticed that when i have a blue wrap
i just feel better afterwards
they have you leave it on for awhile after
the infusion
to apply pressure to the puncture site
they needed extra pressure when they removed the iv
i was ok
since the extra wrap was that pretty blue color
thats my favorite

its so pretty i really dont want to remove it
maybe i could keep it on as one of those forearm
bracelet things

the blue color made me think a lot yesterday
maybe because the nurse i had asked me a lot
of questions
well i asked her a lot also

i realize i have 5 more left before i finish this study
its then that all the info gets analyzed
it will be a year or two before we know if this stuff
doesnt work

in october i will elect to continue the infusions for at least
another 2+ years
in this long term extension of the aducanumab study
all of us will get the real drug
there will be no one on the placebo

my favorite color is blue
it sort of brightens my day
yesterday and today as i look down at my wrapped arm

i dont feel blue
i feel hopeful

yesterday i drove by myself to my infusion
drove home all the way
a 90 + mile trip each way
i noticed while driving  i seemed to pay more attention
to details of the surrounding terrain buildings etc
its the burst of infusion i got yesterday
making me more alert
more aware of things

somehow i feel different today

it must be the blue wrap

the organicgreen doctor