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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

love those mason jars


from this huffington post article on mason jars

first before i get started on this blog
i am now 2 days into my political free facebook
it has been really enjoyable reading my feeds
all the political garbage showing up
false news and all
heres the link to the blog on how to set it up
titled darwinian pencil

being a southerner from the deep south
i have an appreciation for the
mason jar

we used it as a kid to can stuff in
tomatoes green beans corn you name it got
put in there

we used it to drink ice tea out of
ice tea just tastes better in a
mason jar

a few years ago they put a handle on it
that made it even better to use
your hand didnt get cold drinking the tea

we use to put ours in the freezer
so in the humid air of the south
it would get a frosty cover on it

if you poured a nice cold beer in there
makes me thirsty for one just thinking about it

we used it to pour cold milk in
same thing
a cold glass of milk
maybe add some cornbread in there
man what a great snack or meal

a cold soda with ice in the jar first
poured over the ice
making the outside frosty
man thats tasty
here at the country n we even use the wide mouth mason jars
to filter our honey when we collect it

so this morning i was intrigued
when i saw this article from the ag extension
about doing salads in a mason jar

i thought
thinking like a retired person
why would i want to put a salad in a mason jar
isnt that kind of a hard way to eat a salad
how do you get that fork down in there to eat
the salad
must be one of those pinterest things

i found the above article and saw me some youtube video
mason jar salads

now i understand it
when i started thinking about being a working person
who carries their lunch to work
which i use to do every day
its part of the latte factor money saving method

now salads are probably the  most nutritious meals
you can eat
we sometimes have salad nights for our only meals

you can pack a lot of good stuff down a mason jar
using the wide mouth one is best

first in goes the salad dressing
use a olive oil based one to stay healthy
next add things like tomatoes chopped celery chopped carrots
things that wont get all soggy on you
now you have a barrier between the dressing and the lettuces

next add layers of stuff
like chicken if not vegetarian or berries or fruits or nuts
cheeses maybe an egg or some bread crumbs
heck just about anything you want that will go down that jar

add the lettuces and spinach and other salad greens on top

put on the lid
stick it in your pocket in your purse in a bag

when its time for lunch or supper
dump it in a plate
stir it up some
start eating

bring an extra mason jar with you
keep it chilled in the frig
add you favorite beverage to it

so dang simple
wish i had thought of this

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

hog calling

Image result for wild hogs in texas

no razorback fans this isnt about your
well mine too
its about those rogue ones
wild hogs

now here at the country n
knock on wood
we have been spared the damage these
ancestral hogs can do

now for years they werent around here
but gradually
i guess over the years they have followed the river

now though
they are at the upper limits of our river
since the river just starts from it tributaries
a few miles from here

our neighbor has experienced these wild hogs
doing destruction to his pastures and gardens

now we have a problem usually in the winter if its
real cold
the summer when it gets real hot
of mice getting into our house
but thankfully not big ole rats
well leave those to you big city folks

we use a multiple prog attack
in the pastures the hawks can be seen swooping down
at times and grabbing them one
the mice not the hogs

our cat occasionally will bring one to our front door
after he has played with it for awhile
all dead
thanks the cat says for feeding me

we also inside use
those old traps with the spring
just dont mess up setting those

scares the bjervers out of you if they go off

we use those sticky traps
which seems to work well
seems cruel
but we are after all trying to kill them

we use those poison baits
in plastic containers
so only mice can get in there
they eat it
they get their blood all anticoagulated
they hemorrhage to death
there is some concern of other animals eating these
dead ones causing harm
like our cats and our hawks

all are effective and keep them under control
you cant get them all
theyll be back

so it is with the hogs
to me
the best attack is letting folks shoot and kill as many
as they can
a lot of folks do this and eat the meat
donate it to charities that feed the needy
seems like a good way to do it
thanks tom for doing your part

maybe they could use robotic drones like they use
in the war against the extremists

this morning i read where they are putting coumadin
the blood thinner that can kill you and a hog
if you or they get too much
in feed bait
hoping to cut down on the population
hogs not humans

lets see
humans eat these hogs
wild animals eat these hogs when they die
nothing worse than an anticoagulated buzzard

it just seems that
something bad is going to come out of this
a dead human
lots of dead buzzards
dead coyotes
now thats not too bad

so i say
dont do it
just call them up with traps or baits
shoot them
leave them where they are or eat them

i wonder if we could bait them with birth control
make it free
to keep them from having so many unwanted pregnancies

there probably is not a real good solution to this problem
killing as many as you can by unlimited hunting helps some
it just feels uncomfortable killing them with coumadin
knowing there is this risk of humans getting hurt
but i want all the buzzards to stay around
to keep our roads cleared of all that
road kill

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, February 20, 2017

darwinian pencil

see that he said


thats my darwinian pencil he said


if my students disrupt my class
dont do their assignments
skip classes
skip tests
use their cellphones during my lectures

well he said
i pull this thing out
my darwanian pencil
it has an eraser
it can erase
it can change one letter to another one real easy

so he said
i call it my darwinian pencil

i thought about this a lot recently
what he is always saying

thats what i need
is a darwinian pencil for facebook

i first signed up for facebook when i had to retire
to make contact with former patients
with friends
with family members
to use it as a vehicle to introduce my blog

i have thoroughly enjoyed watching former patients
grow up
graduate from high school
graduate from college
get married
have kids

i also have enjoyed seeing the same for relatives
that live some distance away from us
we actually feel closer to them since we follow
them on facebook

so its important to me and us for this reason

its an important source of readers for my blog
a recent blog i wrote received over 2000 readers
from my facebook and my blogs facebook page

so its an important source of readership
for most bloggers
me included

everything seemed  fine and dandy
until this last political season
things seem to have just gotten worse
since the election

now when i go on facebook i really dont want
to see all that political stuff and news stuff
from either side

i will admit i have unfollowed more folks who
think like i do than those who think opposite of me

it just gets old

i also hate mean hateful racists antireligious posting

it was nice to see a relative who just had a set of twins
you could see the happiness oozing from the postings
from the family
ok especially from the grandparents
there were some great pictures of proud dad
holding the twins after he fell asleep
i thought
man there is going to be a lot of times like this
for you

that why i like facebook
i almost feel like i was there

the next thing you see is this ranting that just
goes to the extremes
both left and right

when i read facebook stuff
like when i watch or read the news
i dont just want to read or watch things that agree with me
i want to read or watch the other side to see what they are saying
i just dont want either side to be mean spirited about it

i like to watch fareed zakaria do commentary and interviews on cnn on sunday
i also like to watch chris wallace on fox news do his commentaries
and interviews
i get a more balanced view of the world that way

so i have been thinking about all this a lot lately
even finding out how to unfollow folks and pages but
maybe not blocking them completely
i understand all that
but you have to do it individually though

so this morning as i was reading my email feed from
kim komando
there it was
how to filter some of the stuff out
including some of the ads etc

heres the link to the article she wrote

i highly suggest that all of us facebook folks read this

so i went and put a filter on my google chrome for things political
putting in filter words
hoping it doesnt overfilter things
maybe it will do a good enough job

it will make reading facebook more pleasurable
now this one only works for google chrome as your bowser

so i went back to my facebook
it was a pleasure to read facebook again
there was none of  that junk on my facebook feed
like it was early this morning

you can also turn it off or on easily since its on you toolbar

those annoying ads
she suggests clicking in the upside down ^
facebook will at least learn not to show you certain ads

there is one called
social fixer
it works on more browsers than the other one
this social fixer one ill try next after using the other filter for a week

this social fixer
fixes more than just political stuff
it does ads and other things that may annoy you that get posted

for those who have been hacked recently on facebook
there is a section in her article
on what to do if you get hacked
on how to improve your facebook security
i just added notifications if someone logs in besides me
next ill make my passwords more secure etc

i plan on using these filters and changes for a week
to see if it works ok
my guess is that i probably wont have to unfollow someone
in fact i will probably go back in to start following those
that i applied the unfollow to

my new computer generating darwinian pencil to
the rescue

i really do feel much better after writing this
after applying all these filters

the organicgreen doctor