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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Friday, December 2, 2016

alzheimers news-bummer well maybe not

last thursday
thats thanksgiving morning
i was sitting on the front porch where we were staying in nola
thats new orleans
i was drinking my strong morning coffee
since it may slow down alzheimers some
sitting in the morning sun on the cool morning
watching neighborhood folks walking by
some with their dogs
good morning i said
they return the same greeting
warm feeling inside and out i had
i started reading my news feed on my cellphone
there it was
solanezumab results are in

i got clammy sweaty i was
my heart rate jumped some
i knew what these results meant for those
with alzheimers disease and those who will get the disease
life changing

there was the word that seemed to hit me in the face
the results showed that the drug use in mild alzheimers patients
was disappointing

i felt like i had been slapped upside the head

all the joy i had being in nola
went down the drain
i sat there for a long time
a long time
even let my coffee get cold

Image result for new orleans st louis cemetery near st charles
i felt real anxious anxiety it was
i went for a walk by myself in the neighborhood
nearby was a large cemetery
that stays locked at night
but lucky for me i guess the gate was open
inside i went
i just felt like i needed to be there
i slowly walked past the above the ground graves
looking at the dates
looking at when the person was born
when they died
wondering what they died from
some died young
some died old
some probably from trauma
some from probably infections
i wondered how many of them had dementia
had alzheimers disease
was it as bad back then

it when i think of it was strange that i was attracted to
that cemetery since i had toured it before

i gradually meandered my way back to our place
where we were staying
i felt melancholic all day

the next day i got a bad stomach bug
i think the drugs i took for the severe nausea masked
my melancholy
after a couple of days the melancholy gradually wore off
as i read more and more about the drug study
and other similar ones
that are ongoing
one of them i am waiting to enter soon

there are 3 drugs called alzheimers vaccines
thats what i call them
they are antibodies against the bad amyloid that is thought to
cause alzheimers disease
they go into the brain and remove the beta amyloid
if it works the persons memory gets better

made by lilly
the first to publish results officially on december 8th
it will show when given to folks with mild alzheimers disease
it didnt work

the more i have read from alzheimers experts
i realize like them that the drug was given too late in the disease

its like giving lipitor a statin to someone with a stroke or
a heart attack
well it aint going to help them
but if given months to years earlier they wouldnt have a stroke or
heart attack
the thinking with these alzheimers vaccines

if its given before symptoms start
maybe given when
symptoms are minimal like the statin used in stroke prevention
then it might prevent alzheimers disease or at least slow it down

solanezumab is being used in a study  called the a4 study
in folks who have no memory loss but who have
a positive amyvid pet scan for the bad beta amyloid in the brain
those results should be out in five or less years

made by genetech
its a similar drug that works the same
but is slightly different
it if you didnt see it was featured on
60 minutes last week
if you are remotely interested in a cure for alzheimers disease
click here to link the video and story 
read and weep
i know my she and i both did

basically in the colombia study the drug is given to folks who have the dominant gene
for alzheimers disease but do not have symptoms yet
they all will get alzheimers disease
they will get the drug for 5 years then the results will be published
if it works it will delay or stop alzheimers from occurring

made by biogene
thats my drug
thats the drug study i have been trying to get in
it works similar but slightly different from the other two

it will be given as a monthly infusion for 4.5 years
to folks like me with minimal symptoms but with
positive memory tests   positive spinal tap results   positive apoe4 gene results
finally a positive amyvid pet scan
the scan that shows if you have the bad stuff beta amyloid
ie you are going to get full blown alzheimers
you will be given the drug monthly over the above time period
get the placebo

i passed the first test
a screening of my medical records my memory tests my apoe4 labs
my spinal tap results shows that i may qualify for the study

yesterday i was officially notified that i now will be started in
the screening process for the study
my wife she and i go back to dallas to the alzheimers research center
at ut southwestern
to get reinterviewed
to get memory tests required by the study
to get examined by the neurologist running the study there
to get a unit of blood for testing
if i pass those tests
its a spinal tap
an mri scan
if i pass those tests
its the anticipated amyvid pet scan
if its positive
which means i have alzheimers disease
then i am in

i would then start infusions monthly of an intravenous infusion of
antibodies against the bad beta amyloid for up to 4.5 years

i will get the drugs or i will like in the crenuzamab study
get the placebo
if i get the placebo in a couple of years i will then be given
the real deal the real drug or up to 2.5  years
by then
they may seek approval for it to be on the market
if it works

this drug in preliminary studies in phase 1 showed
not like the others
showed the bad beta amyloid was removed
showed on memory tests that folks memory got better

so i am hoping this stuff works

so my melancholy has been lifted this week
as some hope appears to be that this stuff may work

i have spent every day since last week
thinking a lot about what is happening and is going to happen to me

since i was diagnosed i have lost several people i know
to cancer stroke heart attacks accidents other neurology disease
i am still standing living my life as i want to
arent with us anymore

for that that i am still here with mostly intact memory
i am thankful

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, December 1, 2016

country n news-a peck of peppers...


each spring i plant my peppers around the lst of april
since usually the last frost has happened here
usually i say
since some years the cold sneaks in and wipes out
what i planted
this is the story of our country n peppers shown in
the above picture

first i prep the garden bed
which usually i have done weeks before
i add 2-4 inches of our chicken generated
country n compost
mostly from the leaves that many of you gave me

i add a sprinkling of cottonseed meal
this provides nitrogen quickly to the new plants
i add a sprinkling of an organic fertilizer
like lady bugs 8-2-4 or medina growin green
this adds nitrogen that can be slowly accessed over
several weeks for the new plants
i water in a mixture of molasses and humates
to provide goodies for the soil organisms
that are the lifeblood of soil health
when i plant my peppers
i use a bit of earthworm castings in the planting hole
to boost the young plants growth
after planting i add liquid seaweed to boost new root growth

all i do after that is keep them watered when needed
keep insects off them
they actually rarely have a problem with insects
out here in the country
we get the infestation of grasshoppers which are worse
as the summer goes into the fall
i control them by scaring them into the chicken run
around the garden
adding an organic bait called nola bait to the garden
and surrounding property
this all seems to keep them under control

now usually is a common word thats used
when gardening around here
sometimes things just arent usual

we look at what peppers we like to eat
so we chose these four
bell peppers used in salads sandwiches pasta sauce grilled veggies
banana peppers rarely make it inside the house since i eat them
while working
jalapeno peppers used in poppers in margaritas grilling soups grilled veggies
poblano peppers  used in cooking and in chile rellenos

the peppers grow slow in the spring into the summer
now we do get to harvest some as we go
the real burst comes in the fall
i keep them watered and cover them with a solar screen
during those hot dog days of the summer
when the fall rains come
the weather cools
the peppers
they just explode in growth and fruit production
so much
that we cant eat all of them
right before the first severe freeze
i go out and pick all of them
like i did last week
i saved enough for the next weeks use
we freeze them
washing them well
placing them in ziplock freezer bags
zipping it almost closed
sticking a straw down in the bag
sucking all the air out of the bag
leaving the bag looking like this

we will use these peppers
bell jalepeno poblano
in cooking this winter

the heat from these jalapenos and poblanos
makes you feel warmer in the winter

this is more than enough peppers to last us until
next summer

so thats how we do peppers
here at the
country n

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

the dirty six

this morning i was going to write about
two dirty words
if you hear a politician say them
vouchers and privatization

they dont mean well for us the medicare aged group
future medicare recipients
uh thats all of you
its going to cost us a lot of money out of our pockets

drug companies insurance companies lobbyists
no swamp draining going on here

all i can say about these dirty two words
dont let them do it

it has nothing to do with which political party you support
if we arent careful we will end up like those folks below

what caught my eye this morning
was a report that 3 folks died and several was sickened from
eating a thanksgiving meal at a veterans hall in san francisco
a charity meal that gave a little too much to the eaters
Image result for food poisoning cdc
i ran across this from the consumer guru
clark howard

there is a lawyer that has made his living over the years
on food poisoning cases
to the tune of 600 million dollars+

so he generated a list of 6 foods he wont eat
since they have generated most of his income over the years

here they are

now first let me say
my wife she is the queen of leftovers
i have to keep a close eye on our frig
looking for growths on our food that could be used
to make an antibiotic
like penicillin mold
once i ate it and cured my strep throat

many a time over the years i have found
deep back in the frig
some unidentifiable substance in a container
oh i say
wasnt that the leftovers from thanksgiving
its now the ides of march time

sorry sweetie

here are the ones the lawyer will not eat

1   rare meat
uncooked meat can yield e coli or salmonella
also parasites

2   raw oysters
not a problem for me i wont eat them
it seems global warming has caused the oceans to be warmer
yielding more bacteria and viruses in the oyster
plus there is more sewage in the water

3   raw sprouts
there have many outbreaks from these mostly e  coli and salmonella

4   precut prewashed veggies and fruits
the more folks that handle these the higher risk of contamination
avoid them
remember the prewashed organic spinach contamination a few years
ago that made so many sick
if you buy prewash just pretend it says
you just gotta wash em good

5   unpasteurized milk and juices
these thing are pasteurized for a reason
thats not an issue with me since i dont ever drink either of these

6   uncooked eggs
can you say cookie dough
even sunny side up eggs
well that used to be my favorite not anymore

now i am sure some of you will poo-poo
no pun intended
this list
remember this guy has made millions and millions of dollars
off these infections
he knows
he wont eat any of these

so i went back over the list
i dont think ill get sick from these
i dont eat raw meat or raw oysters
i dont eat precut veggies or foods
besides the risk of contamination they cost a lot more to buy
i dont eat raw sprouts
i dont drink milk or juices
i dont eat uncooked eggs

the only thing i have to worry about
keep an eye out for
my wife shes refrigerator stews

the organicgreen doctor