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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Saturday, September 20, 2014

tests and links

for those who were at the caregiver conference today
in austin called
striking a balance 2014-13th annual caregivers conference

i write on alzheimers disease every friday
along the way i try to let you know what im thinking and feeling
about all this
i also write on other topics the other days

i dont use punctuation or capitalizations
thats just my thing

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here are some important links and references i referred to in my presentation

here are the in office mental status tests that may be done

mini-cog-click here for link
mmse-mini mental state exam-click here for link
moca-montreal cognitive assessment-click here for link

here is the link to the 5 online memory tests for alzheimers and dementia
alzheimers reading room

here is the link to the 21 question alzheimers questionnaire
to assess a loved ones status
fill it out score it and take with you to their appointment

here are some recommended links


a pdf file can be viewed on best clinical best practices for treatment
of alzheimers patients
these are the guidelines for evaluation and treatment recommended
to doctors and other providers
look at it and see if your loved one has had the recommended
evaluations and treatments that are the new starndard of care
for alzheimers patients

alzheimers disease center universty of texas southwestern
a great location for information on joining clinical trials and
having a loved one evaluated
this is where i go for my research studies and to see my neurologist

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, September 19, 2014

control the result

you have some control over the outcome
whether or not you get alzheimers
its the 6th and some recent studies suggest its the 3rd leading
cause of death in the united states

yes i wrote you have some control over the outcome
whether or not you get alzheimers

this report on
world alzheimers report 2014 on dementia and risk reduction
can be reviewed at this link

here is an article on a summary of the report

here is togd summary
well ive written this many times

you have control on whether you get dementia and or
how bad it is if you get it
somethings like genetics family tendencies environmental
exposures you cant control
like ddt exposure like carrying the apoe4 gene like your age eg

see that kid in the  picture above
put your kid your grand kid your nephew or niece in that picture
do this for them also

so you can control

-your blood pressure especially starting in mid life
its interesting that this time is when the bad stuff
beta amyloid accumulation and tau destruction starts in the brain
again please dont worry about potential side effects of meds
they cant be worse than a stroke heart attack or the most dreaded
disease alzheimers disease

-your diabetes in mid to late life
folks the chances of getting alzheimers if its not controlled
is 50%
that an impressive number
diet and exercise and medicine
even the old diabetic drug metformin may help slow things down

-dont smoke dont start stop if you do

-your cholesterol easily done now a days with medications and
diet and exercise
if you have ever dealt with the family member or friend with
alzheimers the side effects of the cholesterol meds arent that

-those things that make a healthy heart make a healthy brain

-healthy diet like the mediterranean diet
-your weight as normal as possible
-mentally active all the way through your life

-get as much education as you can
the goal is to enter your late life with a healthy robust brain
with lot of brain cells to withstand the on slot of this terrible

-stay socially active
-control stress anxiety depression
-get adequate sleep
-enjoy your music

also take notice that these things also help in the fight against
stroke heart attack cancer diabetes

so yes you have some control
start now while you are young
although its never too late to start

then finally
we need your help fighting for a cure and treatment
its the nih and the alzheimers association who lead in
providing the research monies for this fight

in georgetown texas on saturday at 900am september 27, 2014
is now one week away
the walk is less than a thousand dollars from its goal

you may donate and or join my team at this link
you can donate to the team or click on an individual to donate to them
we are at 41% of our goal of $3000
we need $1780 more over the next week

remember there is no charge for the walks
you can also show up for any of them register there and walk

our organicgreendocotor online silent auction ends on
sunday night at 930pm on september 21, 2014

if a bid comes in at the last 3 minutes the auction gets extended
for 3 minutes allowing for counter bids
this will go on for 30 minutes

so go to


to make a bid

note the quilts may be good items for those who live a long distance
from here
the shipping for them will be free

we reap what we sow

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

unflex account

the flex account was designed to allow you to take money
out of your pay check tax free
to use for medical expenses or daycare expenses
the higher your tax bracket the higher the amount you save

so if you max it out at $2500
your bracket is 30%
you save $750 in taxes
your bracket is 20%
you save $500
if your bracket is 10%
you save $250

it seems worthwhile to me to do it
last year we put back $1800
based on our estimated medical and dental expenses
we saved at 20% tax bracket
$360 in taxes

so this should be a no brainer thing to do
straight forward it should be
we use a flex card thats hooked to a mastercard
just slide it through and make the payment
for services rendered
its all done electronically

quick easy simple

how do they make a lot of money those flex guys
they hope you dont figure out how the system works
so at the end of year if you have money left
if you dont use it they get to keep it
apparently thats what a lot of people do

but not me no the ogd does not leave that money on
the table

(heres a secret way to win against them
i did it because they made me mad
when i knew i was leaving my practice
i used up all my flex money for the year from my
flex account even though i only paid two months
on it
it was for $1500
they had to eat all that money
take that you jerks
yes its legal to do that)

i made the mistake of calling then once
man they are rude
even said some bad words as i laid the phone down
didnt know i had not disconnected the phone

i think they make it difficult to work the system
they deny claims it seems randomly
like they always deny our dental claim

no i send to them
we dont have dental insurance
since we come out ahead by not having it
and using our flex card to pay our dental bill
that is if you would ever pay the dang bill
like you are suppose to

then ive noticed that as it gets closer to the end of the year
they seem to do more denying claims
hoping i guess that you want refile

well they dont know me i guess

so i had $95 left in the account
and only 2 weeks left to use it up
with no expected medical bills left to pay
i scrounged around looked on the internet again
what can i deduct
there it was
medical mileage to and from the dentist doctor hospital
pharmacy physical therapy etc

so since i go to dallas twice a year
thats 180 miles x 2 x $0.235/mile = $82.8 i could deduct
for that trip
so i added on two trips to the doctor last year
to get my $95+
i always throw in extra since they try to get out of paying for
one of them

so i faxed it in
so i redid it and faxed it in
went on their website and found this form for challenging a denial

so i was getting mad now
theres no way i was calling them again
so i found another form and faxed it in
claim approved it said
checks in the mail

so i won at least i feel like i won
but i shoudnt have to work so hard to win

now dont yall let those guys keep your money

the organicgreen doctor