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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Thursday, April 17, 2014

duct tape 101

i have a dell inspiron laptop computer that
i brought a few years ago
it still works well
ive decided ill use it until it just doesnt work anymore

i thought that day had arrived recently when i was typing this

all great men have a great women

it came out

al eat gr avemeh twrome atwne

what the heck is going on

so i did  a computer search with google
with dell
no i didnt call dell as last time i did i didnt know what the hell
the guy said
i just know a box came to the house a few days later with
instructions to send it in to their repair place
i did and they fixed it

the search had a lot of instructions
like download this fix  and download that fix
none of that stuff worked

it suggested that i turned down the sensitivity of my touch pad
which i did
that helped only slightly
sure slowed me down
that writing i did just kept jumping all over the place

finally i found a real good solution to the problem
a modern computer nerd said
get a dish towel and cover the lower half of the computer
with it
well what do you know
that worked

later i found a mouse pad that was about the right size
laid it over the bottom half and it also worked well
looked better also

now you know if youve read this blog that i like duct tape
and duct tape uses
i even have a book of duct tape stories

people always send me duct tape pictures

here is a gift someone gave me
i think they enjoyed this one way too much
since i am such a donald duck fan

poor donald duck duck taped down like that
its just not right
although i will admit i wished i could have duct taped someone
down like that in the past

then theres my infamous duct tape chair
when people come over they say
oh so thats your duct tape chair
its still there
i use it everyday
it will outlast me i think
unless my wife she decides to put it out in the barn

so the other day i was sitting on the couch where i sit
every morning with my cups of coffee looking out over
the back pasture toward the river
looking at the sunrise
to write and type my blog

i looked over at the coffee table and saw this
black roll of duct tape sitting there

i thought
i wonder yes i wonder if that would work on my computer

i tore strips off the roll
laid two layers across the bottom half of the computer
guess what
you betcha

that duct tape worked
no more jumping around those letters as i typed them

i must say i sure am happy
since im such a duct tape connoisseur
this jumping letter things was getting really frust

oops i need to add another strip over there on the side

the organicgreen duct tape doctor

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

moonglow, sliced maters, firsty

yes i was up at 230 am yesterday to see the blood moon
i figured the next time it came around i might not be able to
enjoy its beauty
even my wife she got up and went out on our upper deck
and looked at that red moon glowing over our trees

i took an iphone picture which wasnt very good
on facebook and on the local news website
i saw this photo which was
i think
the best one of this unusual lunar event
taken by mike mezeul
Eclipse over Bluebonnets (Mike Mezeul)

click here for the link to the video
on how to slice cherry tomatoes

since i retired i do a lot of the cooking
one thing i hate to do is try to cut those dang little tomatoes
those cherry tomatoes and pear tomatoes

in the winter thats the only tomatoes we buy since they seem to
be the only ones with any flavor

in the summer we plant them the sweet 100s and the juliets as they
are prolific in their production from the late spring until it freezes
in the late fall

in fact the juliettes those pear shaped small ones are the first ones
that have produced a green tomato in our country n garden this year
sure am hoping they didnt freeze

granted most of the time these guys are just popped in our mouths
chewed then swallowed without slicing

but when i have to slice them for a salad or a meal
they seem to get squished and all the juices stuff runs out
i cut my finger

so when i watched this video i was excited since now i can
slice those guys
leaving two intact halves

i sometimes love facebook and youtube sometimes


click link below to watch
this video called 
hold onto your heart these hilarious grannies are about to fly away with it

one of the reasons i hate to fly is that i get motion sickness
real bad
so i take a medicine that controls that
i take it preflight
get on the plane
doze off after takeoff
wake up as we descend
feel drugged afterwards for a day

i remember my first flight from la to dallas
flying back home
accompanied by a young girl from la whose grandparents
lived close by my parents
i was her chaperon for the trip
it was i think the other way
she chaperoned me
do you remember that ah

yes i was nervous like these ladies
yes i got motion sickness real bad
cause i looked out the window as i was excited
then i had to play board games with that little girl
which made my motion sickness worse
i survived the trip
im sorry to say i did not have the fun that these two
elderly ladies did on their first flights

i cried and i laughed until i cried watching this video

it made my day start off better

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

do the dance, mr c, mooned

its the weekend to do the dance
called the funky chicken
in the form of the funky chicken tour here in austin
if you ever thought you wanted to have backyard chickens in
your yard
you should do the funky chicken

if you want to talk to chickeners about raising chickens
do the funky chicken

if you want to see good examples of xeriscaping your yard
do the funky chicken

if you want to see examples of rainwater collection
do the funky chicken

if you have kids
they will absolutely love this tour
do the funky chicken

your kiddos might end up loving the chickens

go to the funky chicken tour website
for more information

watch for the organicgreen doctor and my wife she
along the tour


another picture of mr c that was left off my blog yesterday
the frogs and the fishes were in the bowl
mr c and the fox and the hound named s when checking
them out
i guess scared those little froggies as they jumped out and
swam away
we managed to save the 6 little fishes
for use in my water trough ponds for mosquito control

unlike many of you who either stayed up or set your alarms
to see the blood moon
i thanks to aricept (donepezil) interference with my sleep
i was up and out the door this morning to see the
pre eclipse moon
the eclipsed blood moon
the post eclipse moon

here is the documentation from my iphone
that i was there at the peak time
although im sad to say my grainy fussy pictures did not
do justice to how
beautiful it was

if you miss them those blood eclipses this year
you can see them again in 18 years
when your newborn is able to vote
when those of you who just started mediare will be 84
when the new 50 year olds will be on medicare and
social security they hope

it was refreshing to stop take a deep breath
gaze up at the clear crisp night sky
see all the stars
see that blood moon
it could be my last one
so i took the time
to seize the moment

what we need to do more of

if you have a garden and live close to me
i sure hope you took the time
to cover up your garden veggies with a cover
like the thick white row cover i use on my garden
do it again tonight
then in this area you should be ok for the rest of the

last year i didnt do a good job and lost a lot of tomatoes
when it froze here around tax day

happy birthday today to my sweet smiley daughterinlaw

the organicgreen doctor