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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Friday, November 21, 2014

it takes a volunteer

there are a lot of organizations that do good for other
they do it with mostly donations and volunteers
they probably do a better more cost efficient job
if it was run by the federal or state government

when i retired i looked for volunteer opportunities
that fit me and what i felt was important for folks

thats why i chose
the meal on wheels programs
the habitat for humanity
of course since i am so personally affected
the alzheimers association

all good organizations
mostly privately funded by you and me

the one i put the most effort and time into
is the
alzheimers associaton
without this organization and its political and social
not much would be happening in the alzheimers world
they just wont let the politicians off the hook

when i volunteer
i like to volunteer and not be on some big old
committee that just sits and talks and really
doesnt get out there and do
the blue collar work

so with the alzheimers association
i am on three committees that organize the
walk to end alzheimers
we also do all the work
setting up the walk
help the walk happen
clean up the mess afterward
blue collar stuff

we also help raise funds that will be used
for research caregiver education etc

i am on a state wide committee to promote
alzheimers education
i dont enjoy it as much
as the alzheimers committees for the walks
one you just talk a lot and the other
you do the work

without all the volunteers the hundreds involved
in this area the monies wouldnt get raised
so here the stats for our team organicgreendoctor
in the 4 walks we walked in
total team members walked     50
total funds raised     $3200
totals for all the walks
total raised     $350,000
total walkers   2800
so we did our part to contribute to the numbers
feeling good as we walked
as hundreds of others did the same

my kind of people
volunteers them all
doing what it takes
most are personally affected
dont worry if you havent been you will
youll feel about these walks like we all do

we all need to find that thing that we want to make
be it cancer autism other diseases abuse social issues etc

the answer is in our hands

the oganicgreen doctor

Thursday, November 20, 2014

text neck

my wife she has been complaining a lot recently
about neck pain with pain radiating down both arms
you know
like when you hit your funny bone
not really funny
not sure why they call it funny bone

i thought maybe it was due to her work
as a teacher
i ran across this article from kim komando
and articles online
this picture below

Slumping over a phone adds extra pressure on the cervical spine- the part above the shoulders - researchers found. Bending the head to a 60 degree angle adds 60 lbs - or more than four stone- worth of pressure

apparently if you have the 60 degree angle while looking
at you electrical device
that would be my wife she looking at her smartphone

its like having a 60 lb weight forcing down on your spine
thats like a feedbag of chicken scratch or lay pellets
that hurts my back just lifting it

would that make it iphonitis

now i will admit that many times in the evening she sits
in her easy chair and does have a better angle while
viewing her my wife she phone

maybe only a  27 lb bag or a 40 lb bag on that neck
a bag of cat food or a big bag of dog food

so whats a wife she to do
stop looking at her my wife she phone
nah that aint happening
lay on her back and look straight up
maybe upstairs in the hammock

no funny bone pain there

so i watch kiddos and well all of you looking at
your devices
all hunched over
now all i will see are
feed bags and fertilizer bags and flour bags and sugar bags
sitting on you head
pressing down on you cervical spines

add this to the causes of neck pain
the cure and treatment is up to you

(disclaimer i made the story up about my wife shes
neck problems to make a point-shes a good sport)

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

use the old stuff

i remember my parents talking about making their own
soap in their rural homes in arkansas in the 30s
using wood ashes and fats
mixing them together outside
in an old iron pot on an open fire

they washed their clothes their dishes their bodies with
it and im sure had no concerns about it harming their
it was just pure ingredients wood ashes and animal fat

and add to that the fact that as we were growing up
we ran around
eating dirt
going barefoot
playing with cow dung
improved our immune systems is what we did
it seems from reports
no allergies or asmur in our family

now there was times that that lye soap was used
somewhere else
in our mouth
when we used a bad word
well most of those words they say on tv now
we told a lie
lye soap for a lie

never thought that lye soap would be toxic
it really wasnt
unless you swallowed too much of it
clean you out is what it did

now they puts this stuff called triclosan in soaps
to kill bacteria
if it says antibacterial or germ killing then
it probably has it in there

you have to be careful and not use it on mice and rats
since they can get cancers like in the liver
and have hormone problems

i was wondering about a young kiddo who uses that
stuff every day to wash their hands
wash their bodies
wear clothes and socks with it in the material
even brush their teeth with tooth paste that has
it in there
even use mouthwash that has it in there

wonder if all that exposure would affect that rapidly
growing baby as it goes to toddler to prek to elementary
you know they have to wash their hands all the time
spray that alcohol spray on their hands

some school have to lock up that spray since
the middle schoolers and up kids try to drink it

so i looked around my house looking for that
triclosan in the products and those antibacterial
and germ fighting words
didnt find any
i use pure ivory soap
since im cheap i use generic baby shampoo or dish washing
liquids as our liquid soap since its cheaper than
soft soap which may have triclosan in it

no triclosan at the country n

now im sure my wife she will look at me today real
close when i clean out our wood burning stove
shes gonna say
dont you go and make no soap out of that today

i would like to use that old stuff
since its fared so well for so long

heck even our septic tanks benefits from our
not using triclosan
thats where in all ends up in our septics and
sewer systems
then eventually into our water systems

we got to make our home grand baby safety proof

the organicgreen doctor