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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Friday, April 17, 2015

how it feels

last fall while at a walk to end alzheimers i met the
head of the department of dementia and aging
at texas state university
Image result for department of dementia and aging texas state university
he invited me to talk at the luncheon at a demetia conference
the department was having later that week
i had a previous commitment for that day
i said i would be glad to do a presentation at a future event
i got a phone call from his office
talked to him and his assistant

would you do a talk at the luncheon during our dementia seminar
aging dementia and the family
todays the date

we want you to talk about how you feel about being diagnosed
with possible alzheimers

well lets see
it sucks when i sit down pause and think about it
i guess i cant say that today can i
well maybe i can

now i dont pause often and ponder this
i did think a lot about it when my older brother
oldest of 5 boys
was diagnosed recently with early alzheimers disease

of course i really think of it a lot at the birthday of my
younger brother
youngest of 5 boys
since he died a year or so in the final stages of the disease
a terrible last several months to the course of this disease
disturbing it is when i think about him
one he was my younger brother
two i felt like i was looking in a mirror when i saw him
or think of him even now
this will be my fate im afraid when my time comes
im just hoping ive pushed that time down the road some

it all started with my mother developing this disease
so insidious in its onset
then it became obvious to all
then it just got worse

then my dad probably had it but he was spared the
course of the disease as he died of a heart attack

so ive seen it up close

it sucks

i also viewed alzheimers as a doctor
since i had a few patients with the disease
i just didnt do a good job of treating them
a do over would be good

since i may have alzheimers disease
the symptoms have improved some since i got my
i guess thats why i dont think about it as much as i
use to
out of sight out of mind right

its there
its not going away
like someone with cancer in remission
you just keep waiting for the time when it raises its head

time will tell

i plan to talk about this today as ive mentioned above
i will let the audience ask me questions for the rest of
the allotted time
an audience of professional workers in memory centers
students in the dementia and aging department
maybe some caregivers
they ask the best questions since they dont usually
get good answers to their questions

wish me luck today

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, April 16, 2015

not a drop to drink

could that happen in the largest populated state
in the united states
Image result for glass of water
this last week as we go to a restaurant to eat
you have to ask for water if you want it
you have to ask for water if you want it
you have to ask for water if you want it
you might or might not get it

now in san francisco i dont know how they process
their water or where they get it
but its the best tasting water next to our
country n rainwater

its just they dont want to give it to you
i thought
i wonder how much that really saves

why dont they just say
if you wont flush your toilet once a day
we will give you a small glass of water
that not flushing would save a lot more water
i think

a couple there we visited with
lives in a nice area of california
lets say oprah area
they are doing water conservation
like we do on a regular basis here at the country n
dont flush every time
limit shower time
put a bucket in the shower to catch water
then use it in the landscape
put rain barrels under your gutters
using that water to water the landscape
all guests are explained these rules when they visit

now my she and i wont have any problems with
this rule
we already do so and have done so far years

we know that felling of running out of water
we got real close a few years
when the drought here was bad
ok so i accidentally left on a valve and
drained two 3000 gallon tanks of its precious water
i thought thats what its like when people just
waste water

we got down to only 50 gallons of water at 1 point

what happens to that big state of california if its
residents reach that point
what a disaster and panic there will be
what a major national disaster that would be
we would be short of food everywhere

Image result for jerry brown water rationing
so i watched with interest as governor brown
stood on that rocky soil that should be  covered with
several feet of packed snow to provide water this
year for all those cities
there was no snow
bodes not well for california

strict drought rules are being enforced
hopefully they will restrict the sucking of water from
those deep reservoirs that can never be replenished
it took millions of years to get there

im sorry but its bad when the ground just sinks down
everywhere as the water gets sucked out of there

i think about all this as i wait for my waitress
to not bring my water

heck ill just order a lemonade instead

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

life never the same

my rainwater brother said something like that to me
actually what he said was
when you get a granddaughter
life as you know it will never be the same

it seems now 7 days later that
my rainwater brother was correct

life is not the same

once this bundle of joy appeared on the scene
all of our plans for the future changed
all our future vacation plans seem to now
swirl around this little bundle

now my wife she is called
by my rainwater brother
since when we visited them when their granddaughters
were babies
once she got her hands on them
that was it no one else had a chance

she demonstrated it quite well this week as
she held the little bundle of joy

in fact
what i learned to do was to grab her first
not let go
until she was pried from my hands by ms velcro

a few weeks ago
my son her dad called ms velcro
mom could i have some of dads garden soil
he wouldnt say what for
i of course
envisioned a nice plant
maybe a bean plant
a plant that would last forever to put in her room

so after the delivery
he came out of the doors with his scrub suit on
with torn pockets
with a big ole smile on his face
when he got alone with us
out came this container with dirt labeled
country n garden soil
he had slipped it under the table when the csection
was done
he wanted his daughter to be born over texas soil
she was

country n soil as it turned out
now i know why ive worked so hard to get a good
garden soil

im sure if the right plant gets planted in that soil
it will thrive
grow with her

i hope she plays with it
maybe takes a bite or two of it
you know
eating dirt is good for them

you know when i was diagnosed with possible alzheimers
disease 4 1/2 years ago
one of the things i thought about was grandkids
realizing if this disease were to speed up on me
that i might be here physically
i might not be here in a state to realize and enjoy
this bundle of joy
there is more hope for the future
i hope to see her grow up to be a young lady
if that doesnt happen
i am quite satisfied now
after this last weeks exposure to her

my our life as i we know it has changed

the organicgreen doctor