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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Friday, October 24, 2014

are things better


almost 4 years ago i took a neuropsychological examination
at the alzheimers center at ut southwestern in dallas

there was a portion of the test where i had to identify pictures
for some reason there were several pictures that i knew what
they were but i couldnt remember their names
sphinx hammock pretzel pelican eg
this is one of the items that gave me a low score on the initial
now since ive taken this test 8 times in the last 4 years
i have learned the test
so that i get all those pictures correctly
in fact on the last test a few weeks ago i was 100% correct

was it because i learned the test or i am improving

my guess i learned the test i know thats the major part of the
but i do think my memory is stable

there are lots of other parts of the test that you cant learn
as the answers are randomly changed each time
i still have short term memory problems but they dont seem
to have gotten worse

i was recently able to review my scores over the last few years
you can see the numbers improve from test to test then
they leveled off
still off slightly like a level where the bubble is
not quite in the lines

this week i got my official letter from the study
saying that my short term memory tests had improved
but i realize part of that was from learning the test

its been three weeks since i have been on the new
16 vitamin and supplement regimen that was discussed
in this article on
reversal of cognitive decline from the ucla department of neurology

(warning dont start this regimen without discussing it with your

i am following the regimen but cannot tolerate the ashwaganda
and the melatonin
my sleep has improved slightly though even though i am not
taking these two supplements that would have helped my sleep

i notice a degree of alertness and pep that are due to something
in the vitamin and supplements i take
plus since my b12 and vitamin d was low that should be
eventually returning to normal

now i plan to continue this regimen until its disproved to not
be effective

a longer study i think is planned at ucla which will be expensive
and lengthy
the results will probably be years from now
these people need to be followed long term really to know how well
this works and even if it works to stop the disease

my guess its that it slows down the process but doesnt stop it

then studies will need to be done on folks years before symptoms
start to see if can actually prevent alzheimers disease
thats 20 years of taking stuff and changing your life style
before you know if it did any good or not

the studies that need to be done will be expensive
the only way they can get funded is by you
the national institutes of health (nih)
the alzheimers association
all the things are generic and cannt be patented by some company
so they can make millions
its all at your grocery store and drug store and up to your willpower

you can help you know by donating and or walking at a
walk to end alzheimers near you
click here to find a location 

the two walk to end alzheimers i will be walking in next month

bell county walk to end alzheimers at the pepper creek trails
in temple texas starting at 1000am on saturday november 1, 2014
team name   organicgreendoctor

little rock walk to end alzheimers at the clinton library
in little rock starting at 930am on saturday november 8, 2014
team name   #joe nash
in honor of my younger brother and mother and father

so help us find out if this new regimen will work for all of us

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, October 23, 2014

monsters of the earth


we have all seen these little grub worms that get in our
well your grass since i dont have lawn grass i have to
worry about
buffalo and thunderturf dont get the damage from these
varmints like st augustine bermuda and other lawn grasses do

if i do find one of these guys i usually just leave it along
i fling it over the fence to our country n chickens
the shark frenzy that occurs when the flock goes after
the winner chicken doesnt share is what i noticed

yesterday i got my bed where i will put my onions
in february
ready for the winter rest

i removed all weeds and cut off at the ground my peas
that were growing as a cover crop
leaving the roots in the ground to provide nutrition to the
soil as it breaks down
the pea fixed nitrogen to the soil as it grew
a natural fertilizer

then i raked the bed removing the mulch i had added
i always use mulch to hold moisture in the ground
to keep the soil cooler in the summer and warmer
in the winter
the mulch will also breakdown into compost
eventually into soil
good stuff mulch

i use pine straw if i can get it since its acid and allows
rain to get down to the soil but still keeps the soil
cool or warm
i use your leaves you gave me

then i applied 4 inches of my compost which is from
my chicken run area
its made up of newspapers paper shreddings cardboard
lots of your leaves and grass clippings you gave me
the chickens have been digging and shredding this stuff
and mixing it all up for me for over 6 months
they are my compost workers
of course they made frequent deposits in all this to
add lots of nitrogen to it

its not a finished product but its close

i rake it out even
i dont even work it into the soil
i added a thick dusting of pure composted chicken manure
i get from under the roosting area
its full of feathers poop and leaves
its a real high nitrogen compost
so im careful how much i use of this stuff

then i add handfuls of an organic fertilizer
i used ladybug brand 8-2-4
i soaked the whole bed with a mixture of humates and molasses
this provides energy sources for the good bacteria and fungi
that are needed to improve the soil

i then took some more of those leaves that you gave me
thanks again
and covered the area with about 3 inches of them

Displaying photo.JPG

now i am ready to plant my 300+ onions in late janurary

we are about half way through the ones we harvested
in late may

they are hanging as onion chimes in our garage

when i was shoveling the compost from the chicken run
i threw a shovel load onto my garden bed
is what i said
when is saw these guys

Displaying photo.JPG

these are monsters of the earth
grubworms on steroids is what they looked like

in the past i use to throw them to the chickens
man talk about a chicken frenzy when the ladies saw
these guys

now i know better not to do that anymore
these monsters are the larva stage of the giant biggo
rhinoceros beetle

which does a great job making compost
they chew up plant materials breaking it up
and pooping out good fertilizer material

so i gently dug a hole in my garden bed
buried the guy
gave him a pet
thanking him for the job well done

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

inspirational video

one of the things i miss from my practice was the
daily interaction i had with my young teenage and
young adult patients

once you lose that constant contact
you can actually get this distorted view of our youth
based on newspaper articles the internet and of course

one of the things i enjoy about working at habitat is that
we get these groups of kids coming in from schools churches
youth groups sport teams
that infusion of youth in our builds that frankly
i think all the volunteers that are regulars really enjoy
well most of us are gray haired and retired
enjoy it i do
i enjoy talking to them about what they are studying
what their college and future plans are
it gives me a pulse of what good hands our future is
being left in

they dont sweat a lot of the things we make as our issues
like gay marriage race etc

so i found this video below
this young college student is spending her college years
living in a retirement home

its well worth watching

here is the youtube link below for the above video if it does not show
on your smartphone

 click here to watch the video

when my time comes to enter one of these places
please allow those kids to live there
to youthenize us all

the organicgreen doctor