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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

i cant sleep either

i have been known for my ability to fall asleep easily on folks as i have demonstrated quite well over the years
it hasnt gotten worse over the years but it hasnt gotten better either

one of the benefits of retirement is that you can program in a nap every day
usually what i do is lay down after my lunch
i usually watch the news floating across several news channels even some i dont agree with to get a feel of what the news is and how its being received
i also have a couple of sport shows that i watch if they are on at the start of my nap or after the nap is over

this picture above is from our camping trip this weekend
as demonstrated by this true actual not set up picture i can nap in midday quite easily despite all the activity around me

except for this week
i am now on my third day of not getting my afternoon nap
a rarity
never happens event

why cant i nap
you know if youve watched the news
its about all those kids that are being snatched away from their moms and put in those internment camps
yes internment camps
in south texas and elsewhere

it seems very few folks agree with this being done

now thats without even seeing or hearing those younger kids those babies and toddlers that are being snatched away
they wont let anyone see those kiddos
if they do
that will be the tip of the iceberg
the uproar will only get worse if that happens

i listened to those tapes and saw those crying kids looking up at their moms being handcuffed
its hard to look at and hard to listen
i will admit that i cried when i heard those tapes

its just uncivilized

i hope joining me on this insomniac journey are

mr trump
mr pence
dhs secretary nielsen
sarah huckabee sanders who looks like she will cry when she talks about it
i think the mother in her makes this hurt inside
chief of staff john kelly
any congressman who supports this cruel and inhumane treatment
any of you who support this treatment
this internment of these kids

i must say if those above are so heartless that it doesnt bother them
they dont deserve to be our leaders

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

love those avos

this is one of six avocados that come in a package we usually buy each week at the grocery store
if we are lucky they are all at the different stages of ripening from slightly squishy to hard as a rock then you can have a just ripe avo every day
it usually doesnt work that way
they are usually all the same firmness so you do tricks to speed up or slow down the ripening which doesnt always work well
leaving it on the counter or putting it in a paper bag which speeds the ripening process up a lot or putting it in the refrigerator which seems to slow the process down a lot
if you are lucky and get things right you can almost get a good ripe one a day
if you dont guess right you can end up with several mushy dont taste right avos

we like to go to the farmers market here on saturday to pick out our avos
they some of the farmers have them lined up by their squishiness
from hard as a rock to soft to softer you better eat it today

heck they even have an avocado festival here each year since this area grows a lot of avocados
they have examples of all the avos
some are real tiny others are big as a football
they have avo margarita avo ice cream fried avo you name it they do it to the avos

if you are lucky to know someone with an avo tree then you can get real off the tree fresh ones
now those are the best

now avos like eggs got a bad rap for a long time but now they have determined like eggs that they are good for you since they have the good type of fat
avos have become the hipster food or the millennial food
im not either of those but i sure like avos a lot
i always feel like when i eat an avo that im helping my brain heal itsefl

why am i writing about avos this am
this company with some funding from the bill gates foundation has concocted a powder that you can spray on an avocado that inhibits the ripening
you can buy several and they ripen real slow
if you cut into the avo then the process speeds up since the ripening gas get released

this is a big thing for avo growers and those who ship and store them for sale
this stuff is made from plant materials that sounds like its left over from different fruits and veggies and grass no not the pot kind
it appears to be a nontoxic way to delay ripening
although they dont say it it sounds like its all organic

they also are developing ones that can be used on different veggies and fruit that wont be toxic like whats used now

these avos will appear first at costco and harps

someone it seems has been thinking outside the box

i personally would like to thank them
i love avos

avocado toast anyone

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, June 18, 2018

kids come first

Image result for american flag with a kid on it

i am sure if she was still alive she would agree with her daughter in law
barbara would probably say it was cruel and immoral treatment

there are 4 living ex first ladies or first ladies

ms bush 2 says its immoral and cruel
the present first lady doesnt like separating those kids from their mothers
you can see some folks who are suppose to be agreeing with whats going on
well you can see them squirm and hem and haw
you know they are uncomfortable with whats going on
you see they are mothers who have held their babies and their kids
they know how that mothers bond that mothers instinct how strong it is
they know its not right

this folks
it transcends religion race politics
you can see religious leaders some already outspeaking against separating the moms and kids
they know for those who are religious be they protestant catholic hindu muslim
they know its not right

i think back of all the refuge pictures from that mass exodus from the middle east to the european countries i dont remember ever seeing or hearing of any country separating women and children
they know its just immoral to do that

we in our country have done some immoral and cruel things
slaughtering hundreds of american indians
murdering and killing blacks across the south
putting japanese in interment camps
stealing their land and property
thats immoral and cruel

this it seems is another layer of cruel and immoral

have you ever been in texas in the hot summer
even with air conditioning its uncomfortable
now put yourself in a hot tent city in southern texas
thats almost cruel treatment there

i must say i agree with those two first ladies
and im sure the other two living ones agree also
that this isnt right
its immoral whats being done

quit pointing fingers
stop it
do whats right for our civilized country

may god have mercy on your soul if you dont

the organicgreen doctor