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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

michael morton


this father and husband got up one morning and went to work
he left his young son and wife at home
later he called to talk to his wife and the sheriff answered the phone
sir your wife has been murdered
can we talk to you
apparently he was murder suspect number one from the beginning
he went to trial and was convicted to life in prison
he said im innocent and refused to ever admit he murdered his wife

this despite a suspicious van in the neighborhood
a bloody bandanna was found near his house
his credit card had been stolen and used in another town
his son told this story of a wild man hurting his mom that day

the problem was none of this evidence was ever given to his
lawyer or presented at trial

the problem was that a similar case nearby happened
another young lady was murdered in her home
that case was never solved

he spent 25 years in prison
he lost his son
he was a broken man
the innocence project became involved
for 6 years the now prosecutor refused to let dna testing be
done on the bloody bandanna
finally the innocence lawyers got court approval for dna testing
and got odd records
dna showed another guys dna matched the blood
he was a known criminal who is now
being charged for the murder of michaels wife and for the murder
of the other young lady 25 years ago

sad that 2nd murder could have been prevented
and michaels lost life would not have happened

the prosecutor now a judge-thats scary-
is under investigation for misconduct
i say disbar him

here is the news report of his story
it does make me teary eyed when i read and hear this story

makes you have real confidence in our legal system huh
how many other michael mortons are there out there
what if he had been sentenced to death

his life was lost but now in the later stages of his life he has
hope for some happiness with his son and his new granddaughter

justice is it blind

the organicgreen doctor


  1. I've been following this story from the get go and I do think Ken Anderson withheld the evidence to keep his conviction rate high for political reasons. Of course now, 25 years later and with two key people in the investigation having passed away Anderson's memory is foggy on some of the details, especially those that would point a finger at him. I've always liked that Williamson County has been tough on crime but want justice not a railroad system. The two million plus dollars Mr. Morton is getting from the state for his wrongful conviction can never replace the loss of watching his son grow.

  2. This is one of the greatest injustices of our legal system. I too, have wondered how many others have been wrongly imprisoned and evidence has been not allowed that would clear them. Breaks my heart because his son has grown up for all these years without a dad who could have given him the best love and the support to heal from the event and both were robbed blind of the opportunity.