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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

one and done


if you are a ncaa basketball fan and a fan of march madness
then you know what one and done is

just ask kentucky
they won last years tournament with a group of one and doners
that all went pro
this year they got more of them and they couldnt play well
together so their team were doners
now they have a new crop coming in to replace these guys
that lost
those old guys wont get to play next year if they stay in school
so many will try to go pro

there are a lot of one and doners and one and doner schools
texas kentucky north carolina etc etc etc
and we as fans pay the price in seasons that are awful like
this year for texas and kentucky
cant even win a game in the third tier tournament

why the one and doners
the kids the real good kids cant go right to the nba from
high school because they arent old enough
they are good enough to play there but arent old enough
lebron james kolbe bryant and kevin garnett are examples who were able
to go to the nba from high school

one and doners are like kevin durant

these guys come in and play the one year then are gone
kudos to keivn durant in that he is going back to school
each year to get his degree even though he doesnt have to from
a financial standpoint

these one and doners really make the whole basketball thing
in college distasteful
even to me an avid basketball fan

then there is harvard who doesnt give out scholarships
made it past the second (really the first round) of play this
year then was wiped out by a  professional college team

then there is a team called florida gulf coast
guess they are on the gulf coast in florida
who have made it to the sweet 16
thats the 4th round
they are a senior/junior laden group that has played together for
long enough to gel together as a team
no independent players with that eye on the nba instead
of playing as a team

other teams have done things like this also like vcu butler etc
no laden one and doners

isnt it about time the colleges and universities consider stopping
being a minor league professional team for the nba and nfl and mlb
and invest that money in college students who want an education

there is a small division 3 school near here that doensnt like harvard
give out college sports scholarships who is playing in the finals of
the division 3 finals this year
no pros to be just students who will probably graduate and get
their degrees and become teachers coaches doctors lawyers policeman
like it was meant to be


no one and doners there

the organicgreen doctor


  1. Does it make me a bad person that I honestly have zero knowledge or interest in college sports?

    I feel like my friends are speaking a foreign language every March. How do ya'll know all these stats?

    Help me Doc! ;)

    1. wxrman
      i played high school basketball, coached youth basketball for several years, coached a high schools select basketball team for 4 years, have two brother in laws who coach basketball, and my youngest son was a high school basketball player

      so thats why i know a lot and keep up with basketball high school college and professional

      but i dont know a thing about the weather except that it doesnt rain

      we all have our own interests and things we are involved in
      those you are involved in may be more important than those that i am and your friends are involved

      dont change

      you dont need help


  2. I agree with you, I like the guys who stick it out and get their degree. The same is true for football players who are sure picks in the NFL as juniors but remain for their senior year.

    UMHB will win the title April 7.

    1. one of my former patients plays on the team. i hope it is on espn


  3. The best part of watching Florida Gulf Coast is that they look like they are having so much fun! Imagine that - having FUN while playing a GAME of basketball! I saw one of the players interviewed marvelling at how much celebrity he now has on campus - reminds me of when our local university - George Mason - made it to the final four a few years back. :)

    1. yes i always hope each year that a team like george mason or florida gulf coast makes it this far

      its always the same a team thats played together for awhile