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Monday, January 6, 2014

a strong candidate

thats what they wanted at ut
a strong candidate
thats what they got this time

charlie strong

when i look at his picture im reminded of the story of the
exmarine who became a high school teacher in a rough
high school
this from facebook so you know it has to be true

just a few weeks before his first day in this new job
he was in a car wreck and sustained a broken back
he was placed in a body cast from his waist to his armpits
one of those things thats worn under your clothes

when he entered the class the first day of school in this
very rowdy classroom
you can imagine how noisy it was
paper being thrown everywhere
sagging going on
probably some bullying also
he steps up to the desk
looks them in the eye
reaches down and picks up a piece of paper from the desk
along with a stapler
and proceeds to staple that piece of paper to his chest

never had problems with that class again

the thought i had when i heard coach strong was hired
was that guy has some fireplugs for arms
bet he could be the strength and weight coach at ut also

bet those kids arent going to argue with him at all

the other was the obvious thing he was black
ut hasnt had a black mens coach before
they had a black track coach but let her go since she had an affair
with a student that lasted a long time
while a white coach just got a reprimand
probably will cost ut a lot of money when the suit is finally settled


when you look at ut football
its mostly black guys
wouldnt it make sense to get a black head coach
to recruit these guys
wonder why that hasnt been done before

but when you look at this strong candidate
he had coached at some good schools and when given the chance
to be a head coach he took a took a losing program and made
it a winning program in just a few years
his qb will probably be the first qb taken in the nfl draft and probably
will be the first taken overall

he recruits heavily from florida and now he gets to do that in texas
two of the best football states in america

when you look at his total coaching package
you can see why he was chosen
he has all the credentials
now if all those texas exes dont wear him down
and will just leave him along
hell win here
since thats whats important is winning

yep a strong candidate
charlie strong

the organicgreen doctor

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