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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

no care i care

i care that some people will get no care under the
affordable care act or obamacare
no real fault of the act its self
because of  the way its being presented to us all
by the news media and those opposed to it

its now the law
there are a lot of protections stuck in the law
i will admit and most people no matter their political leanings
will admit
its not perfect and not the way they would have done it

well they we all had our chance to do something
as usual the law is what we are stuck with
lets try to make the best of it

because of states like texas and florida some of the people who
need the most help are getting left out

so i personally have helped people out by using the states or
the healthcare.gov websites to navigate for them
here is some of what i found

most of the platinum plans may not be good ones
as they are strict restrictive hmos

california there is a reason they have signed up so many people
they make it so easy to do
my son went online once i figured out what policy he needed
he signed up in a matter of minutes on a silver plan

massuchusetts has figured this all out years ago
they cover close to 97% of its people
signing up there is fairly painless

in some states the major carriers are not participating so the choices
are companies i was less familiar with

if you smoke you will pay more
one young person in their twenties that will get subsidies will
pay $30 more a month since that person smokes

in many cases the plans you can buy on the government site
have better coverage than the ones you can buy from the
private insurance company sites

be sure and check if your provider is on the plan thats chosen
as well as the hospitals you like to use

my son travels to two different states so we found a plan that
had providers in those states on his insurance he chose
he chose a good blue cross ppo plan

then one thing i found out was that if you get a subsidy
eg a single person makes under $28000 a year
if they chose a silver plan the maximum amount of money they
will have to pay out for copays deductibles etc is $2250
which makes it like the gold or platinum plan
one person got this plan with subsidies for $120 a month

another thing is that if you find a plan that pays well to use a
clinic-copays without having to pay the deductible for visits xray lab
er urgent care or scans
you may have higher costs for hospital care

i suggested to people they plug in what health care they had
last year and see what they might have to pay
and what health care they expect this year

also if you arent geting subsidies you dont have to use
the government sites at all
i recommend people who dont get subsidies to look at both sites
before making their choice

i also went on sites like www.ehealthinsurance.com and used it to
look at the plans as they like the insurance companies sites
unlike the government sites
allow you to sort out the different plans by things like copays
deductibles ppo hmo insurnace company maximum out of pocket
expenses etc
then i went to the government websites to look at the policies it

so massachusetts has figured it all out already
thanks to mitt romney
california has made it easy
other states like yes texas florida utah etc has made it
difficult to do

its all too confusing to most folks
all of the people i helped were college educated
computer internet savvy folks
even i who has been in the medical field for a long time
had to work hard to get all the information to help
these folks make a decision

yes there has to be a better way
maybe a single system

we no matter our political beliefs lose in all this
we will pay one way or another for those not insured

so i care if you have no care

the organicgreen doctor

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  1. This is a great service to folks. I forwarded it to folks I know trying to retire before age 65 and figure out their healthcare. Thanks!
    Arkansas Susan