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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

theres no excuse

yesterday i was awoken at 3am as it sounded like
someone was throwing small tiny pebbles against
the window in our bedroom

as i got up and went downstairs i could hear the sound
on our metal roof
dang it i thought as i had planned a day of doing errands
that i had put off
some of which had deadlines attached to them

i knew that that sound on my roof meant that i wouldnt be able
to do all i had planned that day
my wife she has to drive 40 miles to work
so we have a country n rule
if it sleets or rains frozen rain
we dont even start our cars
thats a rule we have followed in the 14 years we have lived here

it has bode us well over the years

my theory is if you dont get in your car and drive in this icy
dangerous mess then no harm can come to you or your car
or to someone else you may crash into it

so theres no excuse i thought
as i watched the school closings start piling up starting at 4am

why does it seem that all the rural school districts always get it
maybe because so many of their kids have to be bused over
longer distances
or do they just think differently those rural districts
while the city one think another way

i think its because the rural ones go outside
look on their windshields
walk in their driveway
skate on the road
i dont want my kids out in this mess or yours

maybe the city ones dont do that part of the job
they rely on a phone call meeting early in the morning to

just walk out your damn door and youll know all you need to know

just as the sun came up or should i say dawn since the sun
didnt come out until hours later
i watched our yellow cat peaches try to walk on our walkway
then cross over some large rocks
poor guy
hope he didnt hurt himself
(yes our male cat is named peaches thats another story)
wished i could have videoed him trying to slip and slide his
way around

that when i thought about all those kids in those cars and buses

one of the large districts near here
no mention of  the name to protect the non innocent
has 5 high schools with an average of 2000+ kids in each school
then add in all the middle schools and all the elementary schools
thats 30000+- kids and staff that are put at risk
by a decision that wasnt made
until most of them were out the door to school

thats just one of several schools who didnt shut the school
down until it was too late

luckily only one school bus wrecked with kids on board
pretty precious cargo i would say
luckily for them and the powers that be
that no one was injured

so there is really no excuse
for not having closed all the schools yesterday around here
this was not snow
which most can drive it
but this was sheets of ice
that had closed the highways and parts of the interstate near
those schools long before school opened

what were they thinking or not

theres no excuse
no apology accepted

the organicgreen doctor

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  1. It's amazing how a stranded bus in the middle of nowhere full of kids can change a superintendent's way of thinking. They get REALLY careful after that.
    Cowgurl friend