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Thursday, December 11, 2014

best settings

our two kiddos live in san francisco
it seems to us when we go visit that its always
cold there
cold to the bone cold

thats what i thought about when i saw an article on
what the best thermostat setting was for the winter
thats a relative question

in san francisco its going to be upper 50s as the high
this week
it seems when we go visit there in the summer
it feels like its that cold
but its really not
of course when they come to visit here in the summer
they just about melt away in our heat

so i guess it is relative
which relative is visiting where

so according to the consumer report article
usually the average temperature setting is
70 degrees during the daytime

then at nighttime the average setting
is 68 degrees

however to be more efficient
the ideal winter temperature in the daytime
is 68 degrees

ok ill give them that but i sure feel better if its
at 70 degrees

the ideal nighttime temperature
is 60-62 degrees

apparently at the lower temperatures
you not only save more energy costs
about $100 a year
you also can burn up an extra 100-150
calories a day
a pound of fat burned off in a month

so here at the coutnry n
we dont have central heat
we have a thermometer in the middle of our downstairs
our goal is to keep that sucker at 70 degrees when its
real cold
less so closer to the 68 degrees when its
not real cold like in the 50s outside

we use a woodburning stove to heat downstairs
using supplemental space heaters if needed
keeping it at a toasty 70 degrees

upstairs we dont use any heat in our bedroom
so its kept at about mid to low 60s
we feel more comfortable at that temperature
plus we can burn off those calories from eating dessert

so i think our kiddos just smile at us as we talk about
the 50s temps here
they live with those temps without using any heat
they get adjusted to it
as their house always is in the 60s all year

well we do smile at them when they talk about
our summer heat

so in summary the best settings for your house
is what you can afford
how comfortable you are
who wins the war of the thermostat

now we have found that if we jump into our
104 degree hot tub each morning
our internal thermostats get reset
we seem to tolerate the lower temperatures in our

its all relative i guess

the organicgreen doctor

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