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Monday, December 8, 2014


that stands for hookem hogs or sooie horns
thats how i feel today when i opened my news feed
this morning
saw that texas would be playing in the advocare bowl
in houston on december 29
against the arkansas razorbacks
advocare something about them doesnt seem right
cant you just eat right and exercise

now when i was growing up that would be a game that
i would be looking forward to probably more than
a chance to see arkansas play against their most disliked
the texas longhorns

since ive moved to texas 25 years ago my redness has
turned more to a more burnt orange color
sort of a reddish orange tint
like if you took your razorback jersey
washed it way too much
let it hang in the hot summer sun way too long
that would be the color of the jersey

now i must say i am now a full blooded horn fan

heck old bevo lives just a few miles from my house
deep down there in my heart i do bleed razorback red

what makes this match up interesting is
that charlie strong
mister discipline master that we wished all  coaches could be
has that razorback red also flowing through his blood
he understands what this game means to the hog fans
he grew up there
played high school football there
played college football at the university of central arkansas
got his first job as defensive coordinator with the well known
producer of college and high school coaches
at henderson state university
sporty carpenter

from there he went to florida south carolina southern illinois
notre dame texas am and eventually louisville before going to texas
what if he had been signed to coach at arkansas
what a great story that would be

but thats not how it worked out

then bret bielima moves down from the cheese state wisconsin to
i always liked to watch wisconsin play
run it down your throat offense with a defensive type team
his team produced seattles quarterback russell wilson
why cant rg3 be like him
never understood why he left there to come to arkansas

both teams have a 6-6  record
started off bad
but got better as the season wore on especially arkansas
with a good ending that will be the beginning of
good things to come in the future

both are defensive coaches
almost alabamian like
thats what saved the season for both teams

i am afraid though that arkansas in your mouth offense
with its running game may be the difference in the game
since texas has sputtered a lot this year offensively
still to find themselves on that side of the ball

there is a good chance that the hogs will use their tusks to
defeat the horns
a good ending to their season

ill just
say hookem hogs
sooie horns

the organicgreen doctor

1 comment:

  1. I would think Arkansas should own this game but I still believe that UT's new coach has done an admirable job "cleaning up" the team and lost some key players including the concussion-related loss of Ash and as such, has less of a chance to win. I like to think with Strong, humanity/morality wins a small victory over lawless brute force.