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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Tuesday, January 13, 2015


i almost overdosed this weekend on football
i had just enough to keep me high all weekend long
but not enough to overdo it

the fumble and the noncatch is the story of the weekend
me a big cowboy fan had a hard time watching the last
half of the cowboy game

just change the rule please
murray just hold on to the ball
romo is a good quarterback
and a warrior

rogers the belt check guy is tougher than nails
just try to play a game like that with a torn calf muscle
it aint easy
he is going to be a sitting duck for the seattle team this weekend
it may not be pretty

now peyton
man he didnt play real good the last month
he quit passing much just handed the ball off to the
running back
in the game he had a wide open field that even he could
have ran 20+ yards down field untouched
but he didnt
boy did he get criticized

as it turns out
he has a torn quad muscle
thats your big thigh muscle
the opposite side of the hamstring the running muscle
that the running back and wide receivers tend to tear
now i understand
dont criticize the guy

maybe those sports announcers ought to tear theirs
and try to walk up or down stairs
or run
or step back on the right leg to set and throw a pass

maybe if it heals he will be back

then finally we have a true national champion in
college football
no determination by some computer
or a group of reporters
or a group of folks chosen to  chose one

it all got settled on the field the last two weeks
the way it should have been

without the playoffs it would have been
alabama vs florida state
what did they know
they both got beat

now ohio state just dominated oregon
just think how bad it would have been if they hadnt
fumbled so much

then the ohio quarteback
cardale jones
what a story
third string
no playing time just the last three games
marched right through wisconsin alabama then oregon

in the game he ran right into a 300+ lineman knocking
him back out of the way

a real heisman like candidate for sure
what they may redshirt him next year
since he may be third string again

i say man i say
go pro
transfer somewhere else

a national champion
a new hero

they need to add 4 more teams
start the playoffs earlier

the organicgreen doctor

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  1. Oregon Ducks looked incredible out the gate but fumbled plays seemed to kill their enthusiasm and OSU's patient drive kep them on a steady course.Had to call it a night at halftime but it was a great first half and not surprising that OSU won it.