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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, April 6, 2015

finally busted

Image result for busted ncaa basketball brackets

my wife she and i both had kentucky as the winner
of the ncaa march madness
we were both wrong werent we
i guess she beat me since she had
duke vs kentucky in the finals
she got one of them right
i got none

its hard to admit defeat though
as at least one of the kentucky players showed
afterwards when he got miced saying something
he shouldnt have said

now he did man up and apologized
called the other player and apologized
that i respect him for
not that it excuses what he said

now i have heard blacks say those words to other blacks
i guess thats accepted
just dont cross racial barriers with those words
like ive heard gay folks say gay slur words to each other
i guess thats ok
my view is
just dont use those words at all and youll be ok

i also noticed some of the kentucky players just walked
off the court and didnt shake the wisconsin players hands
poor sportsmanship i would say
i would say apologies are needed for that

Image result for kentucky wildcats basketball loss
now despite all that
those kentucky players were fun to watch
if they played wisconsin again kentucky would win
in this tournament you have to be perfect every game
to win it all
the best team doesnt always win sometimes
just like in life

now kentucky will have 7 players that will be first rounders
maybe more than that
thats amazing theres that much talent on one team
if pairs of two had been given to other teams
those teams would have been in the tournament
theres enought talent to spread to 5 other teams
that could have then made it to the big dance
heck texas could have used two of them

i doubt that we will ever see a team this good again
i for one enjoyed watching them play this year

Image result for kentucky wildcats basketball loss

then theres wisconsin
the antibasketball team
not like others it seems in the tournament
good defense real good
good shooters all of them
generally mistake free playing
one of a kind team we dont get to see much

i hope wisconsin wins tonight
we deserve a winner like them

the organicgreen doctor

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