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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

dear ms b-brooklyn


now ms b gma and i went to this movie this weekend called
its a movie about immigrants
yes immigrants
im sure youve heard a lot about immigrants lately
if you were listening to the tv or radio

i guess from what i hear listening to some news reports
especially to some politicians
that immigrants are bad things

now ms b
my historian brother has done dna analysis of all
of your aunts and uncles on my side of the family
now ms b
it seems that we are all immigrants
that part of you that comes from my lineage
there is no
native american blood
its all european like northern europe england and ireland
well theres some northern africa
some western africa
now that western africa dna got in there im sorry to say
if the story is known was not consensual
a dark spot on our history

so ms b
i am 100% immigrant ancestry
thats right
all of me

so ms b i feel sad today
does that make me a bad person
do i have to live in camps somewhere
not wanted by anyone

in this movie
i know youll like it whenever you see it
its a love story with sadness mixed in
a live story of decisions one has to make
a chance for a better life guaranteed by a dying relative
without violence
too much sex stuff
well just the right amount it seems
a real feel good old time movie

i see oscar nomination for the actress in the above picture
one of my new favorite actor singer favorites
that would be with adelle nora jones amy from the voice
and my former patient abbie
that just have it that i like to see in a young female

now in this movie
its is about seeking a better life
its about the irish
yes you got irish blood
some about the italians
yes you got italian blood in you
you little immigrant you

the irish during the time of the movie
were the mexicans of our modern time
the irish built the northeast
the bridges tunnels buildings
yes they were discriminated against
not as much now
just like the hispanic populations are now

im sure there were a lot of send them back to where
they came from sentiment
vicious im sure

who would have built all that stuff in that era
it wouldnt have got done

just like now
no food no roads no houses no buildings no bridges

ms b
we need to rethink things
maybe look back in history
lets not let history repeat itself

now ms b
you know that picture thing that you look at
giggle and touch and kiss
when we facetime you
yes that iphone thing

you got it
a second generation immigrant is responsible for that
a real visionary
a little weird maybe
smarter than most
Image result for apple founder steve jobs
he was a second generation immigrant from syria
his name
steve jobs

so ms b
be proud of your immigrant ancestry
enjoy the movie

the organicgreen doctor

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