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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

why do we pay more for our drugs

thats what i was asking myself this weekend
as i was calculating how much this person was paying
a year for his drugs

one of the meals on wheels clients is on social security only
with no drug plan no government help for his meds
now this is the old guy that wouldnt believe i was a doctor
for two years
so i didnt argue with him at all
Image result for social security
now if you are on social security only with no other source
of income
folks you are in the poor range
like millions of old folks

well at least they have medicare right
who can negotiate for you for lower drug prices
with all the millions and millions of prescriptions
that old folks take every day
what clout they must have

now medicare has done a good job of negotiating the prices of
medical care at doctors offices and hospitals
so they arent as overpriced

folks im on medicare and i look at what they pay doctors
its a fair price they pay for the services rendered
trust me on this one

if you want to know how well theyve done
just go to a doctor or hospital and get a bill for services
yep thats a big sticker shock there
a $5000 bill for a non insured person may only be $500
for a medicare persons
medicare has kept reimbursement costs down
they negotiate
well i dont think they negotiate
they just say
this is what we pay

why doesnt that happen to drug prices
a deal with the devil was made
satan won
medicare cant negotiate prices for drugs for all these
millions of poor folks on medicare only

thank you so much mr and ms congressperson

next time you meet one of our politicians
ask them why
dont let them give you any double talk crap
it doesnt matter whether they are republican or democratic
or independent
dont let them bs you
its the devil
Image result for medicare part d
now this old guy
on medicare only
pays $2500 a year for his drugs
i researched all his meds for him
if he bought a lower price medicare part d thats d for drug plan
he pays $29 a month premiums
his total out of pocket cost for his drugs including these premiums
would be $940 a year

he folks is just one expensive non negotiable drug prescription
away from total financial ruin
what most folks do is they just dont fill the prescriptions

like the arthritis cream he was given that cost $200 a month
god forbid if he were to have to be on a cancer drug or
expensive heart drug or expensive arthritis drug
he would probably like in a third world country
just die

so luckily i understand the drugs
looking at his meds
he could change one to a cheaper generic drug
another the b12 shots he takes to a oral or sublingual b12
cost savings close to $500

so this old guy
could save maybe $2000 a year on his drugs
why on why is it this way

so folks this took me a doctor a few hours to figure this out
most folks dont have access to my knowledge
so they
these poor old folks
just keep getting skewered by our countries unfair drug prices

can we not ask that question of our politicians
who are running for president
there is no excuse for this
in our country

i ask again
why do we pay more for our drugs than any other country

there is no just answer

the organicgreen doctor

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