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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

by the numbers

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obamacare is all over the news
it gets attacked regularly by one party
praised by the other party

those folks who need insurance seem to be caught in the middle

so heres the numbers

the uninsured rate in the us is about 10%

in the two states where i have spent most of my life

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in texas who doesnt support the obamacare
seems to fight it all the time
they have a uninsured rate of about 20%
they like their football team rates one of the worst right now

Image result for arkansas razorbacks
in arkansas
called the progressive state
the uninsured rate went down from 23% to 9%
better than the national average
they didnt fight the system
they developed their own plan to get the federal dollars
texas instead has turned way
its multiple powerball like dollars

so in the us here are approximate numbers of folks covered by
different insurance plans private and public
total us population about 320,000,000

employer insurance     155,000,000
non employer                 19,000,000
medicaid                         60,000,000
medicare                         50,000,000
military va tricare etc      14,000,000
none                                32,000,000

of these obamacare covers 11,700,000 or about 3.6%

so here are my thoughts looking at these numbers

most of us have private insurances
about half of us are on a federal program
obamacare which we hear a lot of stuff about it
only represents a small small percentage of the total pie
why all the time and effort being put into fighting it

we need to
do something about those millions without insurance
if you are one of those on the federal programs
thats half of you who read this
quit complaining about obamacare

as ive said before
that federal funded health insurance coverage
now at 50%
needs to be at

the organicgreen doctor

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