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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
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Friday, February 26, 2016

alzheimers news-caregiving to the forefront

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yesterday as i sat with a large group of mostly caregivers
i thought to myself
caregiving needs to be pushed to the forefront in this
alzheimers battle

as i looked at each of the caregivers talk about their situation
i realized
their loved one has the disease
for the most part are getting some of the best care you can get
for this disease at the stages they are at

those caregivers representing one person at the meeting
really represent several sometimes double digits folks
who dont get the care they need as a caregiver
either because its not available
because they dont know how to reach out and find it

we as an alzheimers community need to make whats
out there
get that information to folks who need help

really taking care of an alzheimers patient from the medical
point is almost cookbook in its approach
there arent a lot of options available
most of these patients cant be made better
they will only worsen and eventually die from their disease

the caregiving lives can be made better and helped
its seems though each ones situation and social situation
is different
the approach for each may have to be handled differently
no prescription drug can fix their issues

as i realized also sitting there thinking of my mom and my brother
things linger emotionally and psychological up in your head
even years after they are gone

in this area central texas
there are a lot of resources for people
there are a lot of caregiving groups readily available to folks

reach out to the area agency on aging in your location
reach out to the local alzheimers organization
here in central texas its the new named alzheimers texas
they know whats available around here
reach out to some of the memory centers
most will have caregiving groups respite programs

caregiving folks
dont try to do it alone

one of the caregivers there takes care of his dementia mom at home
he uses the service of a local hospice program
that helps him
even providing some respite relief every 2 months
medicare is actually paying for a lot of services now
as i sat there i realized how helpful that would have been
for my mother and my brother as they worsened down the
awful alzheimers slide

this gentleman you could see the fatigue the depression ooze from
but he seemed refreshed by the interaction at the meeting
realizing this meeting helped him
realizing that more is available to help him
that others care

i think this meeting was good for me to attend
i was there to answer medical questions
i realized as i had flashbacks
that i learned a lot from listening to the caregivers

yes they laughed some
laughter is the best medicine you know
cried some
as they told their stories

i think like early treatment and diagnosing of alzheimers is very
very important
is the early preparation and treatment of the caregivers
they need to be pushed more to the forefront

there are two seminars that are mostly focusing on caregiving
coming up in this area

i would say
if you see caregiving in your near future
if you are soon to start caregiving or in the early stages
get yourself prepared now
these seminars are good ones
if you are in the throngs of caregiving overwhelmed
get some respite and go to one of these seminars
Riverbend’s GPS "Roadmap for Caring for Aging Familiy Members" Workshop in Austin, TX
the first is the one i am presenting first
my talk is on research
it wont help you much if you are a caregiver
but the presenters after me are caregiving talks

Alzheimer's Texas Symposium

the second
is the annual alzheimers symposium in temple
i spoke at the first one four years ago
this years symposium is all on caregiving
from the start to the end
if you see caregiving in your future or just starting or doing it now
you should find this symposium
extremely helpful
i highly recommed it
i may attend
although any caregiving ive done is over with
i probably will be the caregived one

here is the link to descriptions of both conferences

the organicgreen doctor

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  1. It's my prayer that you won't be the "caregived" one. Thanks for all you do to help people and families going through such hard times with this disease!!!!