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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

dear ms b-what goes around comes around


ms b
there is this barbecue place
thats bbq for short
in austin that as your gma says
is to die for
now im not an expert on bbq but i know when i like something

the two best bbqs i have eaten since ive been in texas
is at a small place in bertram texas that is now closed
they made the best bbq

the second one
well sorry to say is that everyone else knows about this
the problem is that if you want this bbq
you have to wait in line
a real long line
that starts at dawn even though the place opens at 1100am

now your gma
she has gone down there several times over the last few years
to wait in line and wait in line and wait in line
then the rest of us all show up at 1100am
so we can eventually eat
usually at 100pmish

now ms b she has a good time when she does this
visiting with folks for several hours
a real fun time is had by all

Image result for taylor swift
now ms b do you know who taylor swift is
the singer
thats so popular
im sure you would like her
most young girls do

once as she getting her award for the best female vocalist
or best overall award
up walked up on stage was the singer
that no one likes
you know the kardashian hushband
that names his kids compass directions
you know
kanye west

so recently him and his big wife showed up at this bbq
place in austin

called franklin bbq
at opening time
trying to break line
hoping to get favored status

that my friends aint going to happen
in austin
at franklin bbq
you are president or expresident ie obama and clinton
Image result for kanye west franklins bbq
sorry mr west its to the back of the line
oh by the way
the back of the line is a block or so away
the last person in that line
they get the last morsels that are left
the rest of the people behind them
they left hours ago
you mr west can take their place

mr west and ms big didnt get no franklin bbq that day

im sure somewhere taylor swift is asmiling
since shes from the south
she understands bbq

yes it came around and kicked him in the backside

dont you ms b
just love karma

the organicgreen doctor

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