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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
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Monday, February 15, 2016


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poor guy
hes barely even cold yet and they are having fights
over his replacement

they dont have any respect for their dead do they
republicans or democrats

they need a moratorium at least until they get him
in the ground
his final respects are given him
start the political debate

they have no shame do they

no autopsy may not be done
excuse me
he was a supreme court justice who died unexpectantly
found with a pillow over his face
im sure obesity tobacco and artery blockage was the cause
of his demise
but still this needs to be handled correctly

granted his death does make this political year
whats left of it
more intriguing

does obama have the right to nominate a new one
should he
no says the republicans
yes says the democrats
you didnt expect otherwise
change the politics some
if there was a republican president
yes says the republicans
no says the democrats

i say yes the president has the right to nominate a judge
if he even wants a glimmer of a chance that the nominee
gets approved
the nominee must be very middle of the road
like anthony kennedy
who votes 50/50
actually i think all the judges should be 50/50

republicans are risking
getting a moderate judge now
if they win the election and retain the senate
they can appoint another scalia like judge
but if they lose the election and lose the senate
the democratics will appoint an even more liberal judge

moderate now liberal later or conservative maybe later

democrats are risking
getting a moderate judge now
if they win the election they will get a liberal judge appointed
if they lose the election another scalia is appointed

moderate now liberal later or conservative maybe later

seems both side will partially win if they let obama appoint
someone now

thats why this election is now even more important than it was
those judges stay on the court a long long time
they determine which way the laws are interpreted

this election will decide that for years to come
as some of those other judges look pretty old
like they may need replaced soon also
in the next presidents term or second term

if you werent interested in this election now
yes i know its a real circus
isnt it
you should be now

there is a lot at stake here for you and your future generations

get involved
be sure and vote

may they let him rip

the organicgreen doctor

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