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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

broken glass

this is about two women
who probably dont agree on much if anything
well neither probably like donald trump

yesterday i was watching cnn
the female commentator was outside sitting at the desk
like they do now for some reason
im sure it was hot out there

she i thought wore clothing that might be a little too much
or should i say too little

Image result for megyn kelly dress rnc
then this morning there was an article about megyn kelly
wearing that spaghetti dress at the rnc
not appropriate the article said
i thought as i looked at her in several pictures
they should have seen that other commentator yesterday

i think she was being attacked for who she was
not what she wore
granted i would have recommended a more conservative outfit

at least half the viewers like it though

now i dont like fox news just like i dont like msnbc
i dont always if ever agree with megyn fox i mean kelly

folks its time for us to move on
im sure if she was a male there would not have been any

she was pleasant to look at but not inappropriate i thought
leave her along
we need to move on

last night that final glass ceiling got broken

now whether you like her or not
whether you are democratic or republican or independent
you have to acknowledge her
for cracking the glass
maybe even being the first women president

Image result for hillary clinton
i personally think we as a nation are ready to accept a women president
i think whether the candidate is male or female
really doesnt matter to folks anymore

its what they believe and what they do or can do thats important
it seems to be that way with both parties

so lets step back
recognize this important milestone in our country
the first women nominated for president

then lets work hard for the candidate we believe in

may the best woman or man win

the organicgreen doctor

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