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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

hog calling

Image result for wild hogs in texas

no razorback fans this isnt about your
well mine too
its about those rogue ones
wild hogs

now here at the country n
knock on wood
we have been spared the damage these
ancestral hogs can do

now for years they werent around here
but gradually
i guess over the years they have followed the river

now though
they are at the upper limits of our river
since the river just starts from it tributaries
a few miles from here

our neighbor has experienced these wild hogs
doing destruction to his pastures and gardens

now we have a problem usually in the winter if its
real cold
the summer when it gets real hot
of mice getting into our house
but thankfully not big ole rats
well leave those to you big city folks

we use a multiple prog attack
in the pastures the hawks can be seen swooping down
at times and grabbing them one
the mice not the hogs

our cat occasionally will bring one to our front door
after he has played with it for awhile
all dead
thanks the cat says for feeding me

we also inside use
those old traps with the spring
just dont mess up setting those

scares the bjervers out of you if they go off

we use those sticky traps
which seems to work well
seems cruel
but we are after all trying to kill them

we use those poison baits
in plastic containers
so only mice can get in there
they eat it
they get their blood all anticoagulated
they hemorrhage to death
there is some concern of other animals eating these
dead ones causing harm
like our cats and our hawks

all are effective and keep them under control
you cant get them all
theyll be back

so it is with the hogs
to me
the best attack is letting folks shoot and kill as many
as they can
a lot of folks do this and eat the meat
donate it to charities that feed the needy
seems like a good way to do it
thanks tom for doing your part

maybe they could use robotic drones like they use
in the war against the extremists

this morning i read where they are putting coumadin
the blood thinner that can kill you and a hog
if you or they get too much
in feed bait
hoping to cut down on the population
hogs not humans

lets see
humans eat these hogs
wild animals eat these hogs when they die
nothing worse than an anticoagulated buzzard

it just seems that
something bad is going to come out of this
a dead human
lots of dead buzzards
dead coyotes
now thats not too bad

so i say
dont do it
just call them up with traps or baits
shoot them
leave them where they are or eat them

i wonder if we could bait them with birth control
make it free
to keep them from having so many unwanted pregnancies

there probably is not a real good solution to this problem
killing as many as you can by unlimited hunting helps some
it just feels uncomfortable killing them with coumadin
knowing there is this risk of humans getting hurt
but i want all the buzzards to stay around
to keep our roads cleared of all that
road kill

the organicgreen doctor

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