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Wednesday, February 1, 2017


a few years ago when i first saw this word
i didnt know what it meant

i saw vetting
so i thought it was
about a group of folks usually guys that got together
as a club
a vet club ie a corvette club
that went on rides like in the hill country on the weekend

like the bmw club does
riding their beamers across the hill country
i guess they are beaming

then i realized they were talking about
checking political candidates or appointees
to make sure they didnt have bad things in their past
that would keep them from serving

later i heard the word vetting in regards to immigrants
coming to the us

in fact
when we watched the movie brooklyn
she had to be vetted to come to the us
when she had to go through ellis island
even though she had all her paperwork done
she still was scrutinized on how she looked and acted

i dont know what extreme vetting is
i personally feel uncomfortable when i hear or read
that word
it means someone has gone too far

Image result for plane crashing into the twin towers 9 11

so a relative of mine which obviously i dont agree with
did a posting about this
i never ever respond to views that i dont agree with
rarely in fact do i respond to views i do agree with
i dont usually even read either view in fact

however this person and their siblings we have a special affection
for which developed over the years
i have only responded a few time before to an opposite view posting

that was to ones that my best friends son posted
now my best friend and i dont agree on politics
nor does his son
we have a healthy respectful bantering back and forth
sometimes usually with some humor involved
it usually elicits a smile im sure in both of us

so this relative i responded to
i did only because of this affection and bantor respectful
i wanted to elicit

so back to vetting

i have no problem with vetting
i have no problem calling folks who we want to stop coming
to the us radical islamists or radical muslims
yes i dont mind being politically incorrect
they are muslims they are radical

in the us
we have radical christians
extreme there is that word again right wing radical folks
many christian in origin
the most well known is the group
ku klux klan

several years ago my grandfather
the relative i responded to that would be their great great grandfather
told the story
of the klu klux klan raiding a black family there in
southern arkansas
a nearby neighbor
burning their home
taking the head of the household
stringing him up and hanging him until he was dead

that is radical christianity at its worse

to me they and the radical islamist are the same

now my opinions were helped shaped by
having many of my patients be first and second generation
most of them muslims
none of them radical muslims
all hard working and respectful
having worked side by side with colleagues who were in
the same category
we shared the same clinic we shared patients
having worked with these families through all kinds
of adversity like cancer heart attacks deaths
also good times like births graduations job promotions

so when you have a lot of exposure to these folks
you see what quality of folks we are letting come here
you dont fear or feel uncomfortable over the issue

so again back to vetting
i saw the picture of the planes crashing into the towers
those folks were radical islamists
they were from saudia arabia
they obviously werent vetted correctly
blame that on previous republican and democratic administrations

they should have been vetted maybe not extremely
but aggressively i would agree
not based on their religion
on their ideology which they use religion incorrectly
as a basis for their beliefs
much like the radical christians did in the us

so vet them and vet them hard
let them in
like all our relatives were when they came to america
very few of us are not from immigrant countries

i would hope all of us would agree on this
no matter what our beliefs are

now back to that picture
if we the us government had vetted those folks correctly
this tragedy may not have happened

when you do it
you have to do it with compassion and make it legal
not base it on religion

is protected by the constitution
it trumps all other laws

so when i banter with you
i am doing it out of affection
not for disrespect for your opinion

i dont agree with it
i do agree with your right to do so
would defend that right just like i would for those who
agree with my opinion

the organicgreen doctor

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