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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, June 26, 2017

put your name on it

if what all the news folks said this weekend is true
obamacare will flip over to trumpcare this week

my guess for trump that will not be a good thing
when it sticks on you that word
its there
forever probably

im sure those 15-20+ million that will lose their health coverage
arent going to like it much
theyll remember it when they go to vote
many of them voted for trump

this weekend i watched several different news shows
about the new trumpcare plan
fox cnn msnbc pbs
read a diverse number of articles on the plan

my thoughts are
i agree
its obamacare lite
with less folks being covered

whenever our health system is being revamped
and both sides dont work together to get it done
its not going to be a good  plan

the democrats did a one sided plan
called obamacare
the republicans are doing a onesided plan
called trumpcare
when the democrats control congress again
it will be back to
obamacare 2

cant we like
take a step back
take a deep breath
get a bipartisan group together
come up with a plan
that is better for all of us

now if you make over $250,000 a year
youll like this plan
you are getting a tax break
if you make less than that
well you might not notice much

will it affect most of us
this trumpcare plan
probably not
since the majority of us arent affected too much
by all this
the general consensus is that
all our insurance costs are going to rise
no matter what is done

im not sure this plan is going to fix this
its not

theres the let the states decide on things like
preexisting conditions

lets see
texas is going to make that better for those of us
well most of us
who have preexisting conditions
the state
that has the third world statistics when it comes to
maternal and child health
an embarrassment for one of the richest states
to be ranked down there with those third world places

i wouldnt want the state of texas to make things better
for our health system
their record is not a good one

obamacare wasnt the answer
it did fix somethings like capped lifetime amounts and preexisting
conditions to name a few
tumpcare wont be the answer either
it will create what i call reverse death panels

folks will lose insurance
diseases like cancer diabetes cholesterol high blood pressure
those slow killers
will slowly kill those uncovered folks

we wont be better i am afraid
it will probably affect all of us

here we go again
back into the health care abyss

the organicgreen doctor

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