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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

cut the cord

as we sat down to visit with a friend recently
i saw on her coffee table
the august 2017 consumer report
i opened it up
there was this article in there on
cutting the cord

whats cutting the cord
its cutting yourself away from the holds of the cable folks
or the direct tv or dish tv folks

now we had lived way out in the country for several years
we didnt have cable
we relied on satellites to provide our tv connections
so we basically had two choices
direct tv or dish tv

for our internet we had two choices
a cell phone card
satellite internet
both are slower and more expensive to use than
cable connected internet

so each month as we got our bills
two of them
i would seethe
having to write that check for over $200+ a month
just to stay connected to the outside world
that includes no access to hula live tv or netflix or amazon etc

so when we moved i wanted to do something different
now when i write i i mean we

so as i opened the magazine
i read the several page article on how to
cut the cord

i wrote down what tv stuff we watched
like all the local stations pbs sports stuff news stations comedy central
rfdtv hbo etc
then i looked at what or which services we could use
to watch our tv stuff and still cut the cord

here is what we came up with

i bought a tv antenna
mohr 50
its is flat and lays down behind our tv
we get all the local channels minus nbc
and three pbs stations
and several spanish speaking channels

i like to watch the local news so we now have access to the station
that we like to watch here
all for free minus the cost of the antenna

i bit my tongue held my nose and held my breath
opened a cox account
for the internet only
looking at what all we planned to do
which was just watch tv
no gaming etc

so now we have a fast enough for us speed to hook up
to this new world

we chose of course
no more dvds to pull out and watch house of cards
we are in tv heaven now
cost around $10+- a month

we chose hula with live tv
we get now all the channels we regularly watch except for
comedy central and rfdtv
we can add hbo if we want
we want
hbo may get attached to hulu or amazon prime for free
it also has dvr
cost around $40 a month

we added amazon prime
cost around $10+-

then we used
apple tv as our streaming service in order to get the
hula live tv
we already had roku as a streaming device which allows
us to get amazon prime

now we are all set up
initial costs
antenna around $40
apple tv around $200
roku around ?$40 my wife she lost the records on the cost
modem/router around $180
note the cable company charges over $10 a month to use theirs
cable hookup $20

so for the initial cost of around $480
we have now cut the cord
we should break even in 6 months

we have a monthly cable bill of $40
netflix $10+-
hula live tv $40
Amazon prime $10+-
for a monthly cost of $112+-

if we were full cable we would have a bill in a year of close to
$200+ a month

so thats how we cut the cord
i know i know
we still have to be hooked up to the internet
but that cable cord i cut
is all way through

it feels good
the selection of what to watch is much better
we dont feel screwed by the cable company

the organicgreen doctor

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