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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Thursday, December 21, 2017

i know why they were all smiling

Image result for tax bill
now i have always been an advocate for tax reform
i say do a consumption tax so that we all pay our fair share
with no tax breaks to save on taxes

everyone pay the same tax
a flat tax

make it real simple like other countries do
it just takes a few minutes to do your taxes there
in some countries

so after the tax bill was passed
i ran our taxes to see how much we would be paying
more or less
it didnt change
my social security check went down a hundred bucks
because of the increase in premiums on our medicare
i gess they will get you one way or the other

i was hoping that folks who have small businesses
a restaurant
a beauty shop owner
a small company with just a few employees
what would happen to them
would all those tax breaks help them out
the small businesses are really the backbone of our economy

who really made out like a bandit
im afraid it all shifted way towards the top
how can you drop the corporate tax rate that much
oh i understand
they were the ones that supported all this
used their money and influence to make a killing off our backs
not my back or many of your backs
heck for about 10 years many of you will bring home
more money each month
then that will go away
youll pay more most of you
they those top guys
they will keep on making a killing

our kid our grandkids and our greatkids
they are the ones that will suffer the most from all this
they will be paying all this money back that we are borrowing
that deficit money has to come from somewhere

when the market crashes
which it will
i hope it goes down slowly and not in big junks
we are living in a bubble im afraid
that is going to burst

i do worry about my granddaughter and her generation
did our country just sell our soul to the devil

i know why they were smiling
most of them those congress people are multimillionaires
they are about to make a killing
it seemed may have sold theirselves to the devil
the greed devil
to get what they wanted

someones kids will make a billion dollars saved in taxes
when that someone dies
who pays for all this
we do
it the tax and the national debt doesnt care what your politics are

no i dont like the tax plan
like 2/3 of the us
we all know what it means
it pays us now we pay uncle sam more later
they the wealthy amongst us get paid now also and forever it seems

it just doesnt feel right
it even smells a little

the organicgreen doctor

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