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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, March 5, 2018

thoughts on the oscars

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the oscars were subdued this year
less politics
less issue raising comments
it was there
just more subtle
which sometimes works better

one benefit to living here now
is that they have a film festival in february
where you can see
if you want
all of the movies that were nominated
even meet some of the stars

i only saw two of them
the billboard one
the water one

i wanted the actress in the water one to win
best actress
she went through the whole movie
without saying a word
you could feel what she was saying all the way through
i would have voted for her for sure

not that frances didnt do a good job

the water animal actor
how come he didnt get nominated for something
i never even saw him interviewed
i know he wasnt animated
was he
my wife she the movie connoisseur says no
hes real
hes a tall skinny quiet guy

now for best movie
i wanted the water movie to win
that movie
it just left something with me
makes me think about the movie frequently
even when im in my garden

now i didnt see the other ones
i would like to
there is so much diversity in them
actors producers writers etc
i really like the historical ones like
dunkirk mudbound darkest hour
we need to all read and watch history
so it doesnt ever repeat itself

i like the diversity in the nominations
black hispanic women gays white guys immigrants
some won some didnt
in the end you want them to chose the best movie
best actor
best actress
without caring who or what the person was

i think thats what we want for everything here in the us

kobe won an oscar for mr basketball
i noticed he cried frequently while accepting the oscar

coca won
made my wife she happy and ms b happy

we all should have watched the oscars last night
it was the way you would want them to be
it truly represented the diversity in america

we all won last night

the organicgreen doctor

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