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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
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Monday, April 23, 2018

it was willies day

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last friday was willies day
he is so closely linked to this day
that i think he should just make it his official

looking at him though
i dont think he has many 4/20s left in him

im sure this year as he celebrated the day
he felt different about this one

the fda is about to or may have already approved
a new cbd product for use in folks especially kids
who have hard to control seizures

now cbd stands for cannabidiol
the ingredient in marijuana that doesnt make you high
but it has effects that are becoming important in treating
neurological diseases
maybe some use in things like alzheimers disease
parkinsonism als ms
there is a lot of research going on with these diseases
and cbd

now old willie
he is a walking lifetime experiment of how this stuff
controls anxiety
that boy he aint anxious or uptight at all
the cbd works
they dont need a better experiment than this

the new cbd drug is called epidiolex   
its an extract from marijuana
thats purified
then patented
so they get all the money for selling it
it went through the research and fda approval process

it apparently works
in controlling those childhood seizures that nothing else
will control

if you dont like this being approved
please crawl back under your rock

its a life changer for parents who have to watch their
kids have those seizures

one problem is
a month of the stuff will cost them or the insurance company
or whoever pays for it
a lot of money

$2500-5000 a month for the drug

i see folks figuring out ways around this
in states like california and colorado
i see folks figuring out in the medicinal clinics
how to get the cbd at a cheaper price

this stuff will cost more than my aducanumab for alzheimers
durg if it makes it to the market

this doesnt seem right to me

another thing willie will be happy about is the fact that
california now has legal marijuana in the state
in fact
willie will be selling his own brand here soon

the local cities the local counties the states
are excited for the increase in revenues
the feds should be excited also
since folks who grow market transport sell the stuff are all going
to make more money
pay income taxes
even investing folks and banks are starting to handle the money
yes they will make money they will be paying taxes
a lot of them

this is all money that before the legalization was not being
paid in taxes
millions and millions of dollars

a $50 purchase of marijuana will cost $61.93
thats $11.93 of taxes
7.75% local state and local sales tax
15% state excise tax
$1.15 state cultivation tax

thats all money that goes to taxes that werent paid before
you paid your dealer the 50 bucks
he paid no taxes on it
he paid no income taxes
all lost revenue

some dispensary owners make over a million a year
paying state income taxes at about 6%
paying federal income taxes at about 30%+-

someone is making a killing off this
it seems to be the government is doing quite well for itself

i know willie celebrated on friday last week
hes stoked for sure

i will add
i know a lot of folks who use this stuff for medical reasons
anxiety chronic pain chemo side effects sleep nausea
appetite improvement neurological diseases like
ms als alzheimers parkinsonism seizures
just to name a few

its time we all get on willies team
there is good to be had in all this

the organicgreen doctor

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