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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Monday, April 30, 2018

will this help curb the losses

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the life expectancy of white males is dropping
especially in the south
some of that is from obesity and diabetes
the sudden death rate
well its from opiates

opiates are vicodin or hydrocodone oxycontin fentanyl
obtained legally via prescriptions
illegally off the streets
also it includes heroin
which is cheaper than the prescription stuff

white folks be dying from this stuff
in maine and new hampshire and well everywhere

is the solution getting rid of heroin and the street narcotics
this stuff has been around a long long time
its still here

now many folks got started legally on this stuff
thanks to the medical community
apparently for susceptible folks it can take 5-30 days
to get hooked

when i ruptured my disk in my back i was given 30 days
of vicodin to take
i took it too since it controlled my pain
i can tell you in the back of my brain was this little
opiate devil saying dont get addicted
as soon as i could i got off them

some folks
in those 30 days would have got hooked
its really how their brains got wired

apparently there are lots of nerve pathways in the brain
that get destroyed when some folks use opioids
stopping the opioids leads to an overwhelming desire for
the stuff

so far
theres nothing to use to stop this urge for more
methadone replaces the opioids by controlling the dose
naloxone added to pain meds helps also
when its stopped
back comes the urge for more
its the urge that doesnt go away

now enter cbd
whats cbd
in marijuana there are two chemicals
thc thats the one that gets you high
cbd thats the one that doesnt get you high
its the one that is used to prevent seizures in those kids
who cant control their seizures any other way

the thc is the component that gives marijuana the symptoms
we all read about

cbd does not

a variation of cbd is about to be approved by the fda for use
in hard to control seizures

now this is important

there will soon be a legal prescription pill for cbd that doctors
can write prescriptions for hard to control seizures

now enter off label use
thats where doctors use drugs for other reasons that what they
are approved for

i did it
all doctors do it
there are a lot of medicines you probably took and your kids took
that were used off label
eg albuterol proventil for asthma wasnt approved for use in folks
under 12 for years
most of my prescriptions for asthma for albuterol were in kids
thats off label use

remember this

last night dr gupta on his cnn report on the use of marijuana
specifically cbd in controlling pain
showed taking cbd decreased or eliminated the use of opioids in folks
who were addicted

remember their brains were changed maybe permanently
something has to be used to cover those receptors
it seems cbd does that
successfully in most cases

you should read this article or watch the cnn video on this
to make your own opinion on this
could this be the answer to our opioid crisis

i suspect most of you who are reading this has used marijuana
in you lifetime
i have
now i havent used cbd by itself yet
but i plan to
it appears that cbd may cause the removal of the bad amyloid
from the brain
thats sort of what the infusions i am getting at ucla does
the cbd also acts to decrease the inflammation in the brain also
a big component of the destruction in the brain in alzheimers
i have nothing to lose

i think if i was addicted to narcotics like heroin or other opioids
i would try the cbd program
like with me and my alzheimers disease

they have only one thing to lose if they dont try it

the federal government makes it hard to do the research that needs to
be done to show if this really is the answer or not

this transcends your political beliefs
death from opiate overdose doesnt care what your politics are
it affects all of us

i wonder though if this new cbd pill will be used off label

i think ill go buy stock in that cbd  company today

the organicgreen doctor

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