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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

hes the man

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first i will confess i am a long time cowboy fan
not a jerry jones fan
even though he is from arkansas

every once and a while a player comes along
that embodies
what a football player should be like
what a man should be like

that man
that football player
jason whitten

he is retiring on his own terms
soon to be an announcer for espn

ive watched him for years
just do his job
every day
sick or injured or sad or happy
no matter what
he was there
rarely missing a game
doing his job

his job was
tight end

he could block
really well
maybe the best in the nfl
hes one of the reasons that the cowboys had a good
running game
well until that running back hit his girlfriend
upside the head
and got suspended

jason whitten
would never ever do that
he was as good off the field as on the field

he could catch the ball
the go to player for several quarterbacks over
their career

just ask tony or dak how important he was
if you arent a cowboy fan
thats the last 2 quarterbacks for the cowboys
he was their security blanket
throw him the ball
he would catch it

theres not many like him in the nfl now
probably none
most tight ends
are really just wide receivers
are just smaller tackles there to just block

not jason whitten
he could do both
real well

other players on his team or not
didnt mess with him
you didnt see them taunt him
i think they all had too much respect for him

he was the walter peyton man of the year
he won the bart starr award
he has his own foundation
thats done a got of good for other folks

hes well
a good man
he is almost the prefect football player
the perfect man
i admire him
as do many others

hes the man
he will be missed
there may not be another one like him

he is what all football players should be like
what all us men should be like
hes a good man

the organicgreen doctor

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