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Monday, May 21, 2018

there will be an answer

Image result for school shootings

there has to be an answer
it probably will be somewhere between
what the gun advocates want
what the gun controllers want

here is the 2nd amendment wording

 "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free 
State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be

to me that says that folks can have guns
it will take a change in the constitution to change that fact

its up to all of us to set the parameters of that gun ownership

the one video that stood out to me this weekend
was the video of the high school girl
who looking down
she look so sad
she said

i was thinking it was going to happen eventually
its being happening everywhere

it was chilling to watch her as she said those words

now that we have a granddaughter i think of her
when i think of things that affect kids

its sad that we in the united states allow our kids
to have to go to school and fear doing so

even i when i volunteer at the school think as im
standing in the school garden what would i do
looking around the campus
theres really nothing you can do

it has to be done before it happens

thats where the answer is

maybe the victims or their families would be allowed to sue
the gun owner and or the gun manufacturer and or the nra

these lawsuits usually will change what congress wont do

one of my neighbors in texas is a red neck cowboy
as country as you can get
he has lived in the country near us for 40+ years
he was from far west texas
guns were part of his life
he owns several
he has pistols and shotguns and hunting rifles

it wasnt unusual to hear him shoot at something at night
it was some varmint destroying something
recently it was wild hogs tearing up his pastures and garden
bam bam bam bam

it never bothered us that he had those guns
each one was used for a specific purpose in his ranch life

once his dog saved his horse he was riding from being attacked
by a ratttlesnake
the handgun was used to shoot the snake
he was wearing it while he was riding

it never bothered me when he rode by our house with the gun

it was not unusual during deer season or turkey season or dove season
to see hunters with hunting guns shooting them in the distance

i would never try to enter his home even if he knew i was coming
without making a lot of noise or knocking loudly on the door
he used his guns also to protect himself

now hes not a right wing super conservative person
his politics is pretty much aligned with mine

i thought this morning
the solution to all this might be with folks like him

lets have people like him who uses the guns he has in his daily life
for a reason
lets let them help us come up with a solution

no hes not a nra member

people like him
i think may have an answer
we cant
let it be
this problem

weve lost too many kids in the last 10 or so years

the organicgreen doctor

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