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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

the merger


two issues affecting all of our planet
clean water

there may not be enough of either

now when i see bayer i think of bayer aspirin
i take one a day the 81 mg dose to prevent a
stroke or heart attack
i hope

well i take a generic one since it costs a lot less
so far its working

bayer is also about seeds and weed killers and other things

the merger with monsanto that has happened
or will happen
is a big deal

those of us
in the nongmo organic antiroundup antinonorganic pesticide
antinonorganic insecticide movement
know these two companies
bayer and monsanto

they are the devils

just ask a lot of the farmers who arent looking forward
to this merger
it probably means higher prices for their seeds and bad
chemicals they spray on their crops
that we all consume

you know what this means
your foods gonna cost more

i read where one of these companies has designed a new
herbicide and will design plants that are resistant to it

that sort of seems strange
to grow crops that their poison wont work on

i feel better when i am eating stuff out of my garden
since i know that there is no poison anywhere thats being
its an all organic garden

when i go to the store or even better the farmers market
i try to buy all organic all nongmo food

it just doesnt seem right
messing with mother nature
changing up those genes
its better if we let mother nature do it
its call adapting

i always figured that one day out in those gardens there
will be this giant frankenstein veggie that will take over
the farm destroying all living things

thats what happens when you mess with mother nature

this merger and those companies
well they just might be the frankenstein that takes
us all over

this all seems wrong to me
just take a drop or two of roundup and place on your tongue
then see how you feel
open a bottle of it
sniff twice real deep

then enjoy the trip

we are all eating and drinking that stuff

we have to help feed the world
do we have to poison everyone while we do it

in many third world countries these two companies
and their poisons have come in using their engineered seeds
like wheat or corn
the soil eventually gets depleted of it biological life
production drops off

these places have found
that going back to the old garden practices
using old ancient wheats or corn that have adapted itself over
hundreds to thousands of years to the area
it increases their yields

mother nature knows best
dont mess with her
she will fix things for us

the organicgreen doctor

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  1. Amen. And who knows what illnesses, diseases and other effects these pesticides are causing.