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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Thursday, August 16, 2018

i wonder if it tastes salty


thats what i was wondering when i read this article this morning about using sea water for drinking water
i cant wait to drink some of it

here its dry
naturally dry
now we are in a drought
now we are unnaturally dry

here they get their water from a reservoir and from underground water and from the california water system and from lakes

one of the water sources got a lot of debris and stuff in it so it is not at its full capacity for providing water
its not raining so the other sources arent to full capacity
the water table in california is dropping
in fact in some locations the ground is even dropping as more water is removed

man as a species needs three things

the basic needs triangle

we here are at risk if things turn bad to loose the water angle of that triangle

in the mid nineties a saline water system was set up
it was shutdown as it was i think too expensive to run
cheaper water was available

now cheaper water isnt available
heck expensive water my not even be available soon

the city decided to reactivate the saline water plant

now israel is the best i think at doing this
i think all their water comes from the ocean

so reactivate it they did

heres how it works

water is sucked deep from the ocean two miles away
about where the oil platforms are i think
i dont really know that to be a fact

the water is sucked through screening to keep out larger animals and creatures
no sharks or crabs or mussels or lobsters are allowed in

it goes through filters eventually into reverse osmosis
eventually all thats left is pure water
expensive water
remember that triangle
gotta have water

then they put stuff back into it so it matches up with all the other water the city gets from other sources
things like minerals etc

i think it represents 20+-% of the cities water

the stuff thats left from the desalinization is then dumped back into the ocean since its real salty
way out about a mile and half about where the city waste water dumps their stuff into the ocean

i sure hope the pipe sucking the ocean water into the system isnt close to where this waste water is dumped and isnt close to those oil platforms

seems a disaster in the making if they reactivate those oil platforms

we seem not to learn lessons do we

i told someone yesterday my wife she and i still handle our water like we were back in texas on the rainwater system
limiting dishwashing and running water while brushing teeth etc showering with less water limiting how much water i use in my garden
in fact im using the methods i used in texas
i water my garden only once a week underground and use a heavy mulch of pine straw to prevent water loss

the average person in the city uses 350 gallons a day a recent article read
we use that in a week
maybe that was a misprint or something

i cant wait to turn on my facet and drink this 20% sea water drinking water

i wonder if it tastes salty
maybe it smells like you are at the beach

the organicgreen doctor

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