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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

the true american hero

Image result for mccain voting against trumpcare

this is the picture of mccain being mccain
he went against the grain
against what the others in his party wanted
he was being a maverick
he was doing what was the right thing to do

he was a staunch conservative
just the opposite of the political spectrum from me
i have always liked him
he was a maverik
he was independent
he could think for himself

he voted on a lot of things that i dudnt agree with him on
on this one
the repeal of obamacare
i think he did the right thing

why did he go all maverick on this
there were several reasons
one he probably was giving the president the middle finger in the form of a thumbs down motion
im sure that was one of the reasons he did this

the other
i think
he was doing what he considered the right thing

i think he had gone through a lot of medical issues the last year
he probably saw a lot of real sick folks
he probably saw how much all his care was costing medicare and the golden medical insurance that senators get to have that we probably dont
he probably saw folks some kids who werent so lucky as he was
voting down the obamacare would or could wipe out the financial protections that this obamacare offers people

it doenst care whether you are conservative liberal independent democrat republican
medical expenses can wipe out a family

i think both of these were on his mind
as he walked up to the front in his wobbly walk from those years of torture in prison camp
with that big scar and bruising over his left eye and left face
he paused
stuck out his hand
he could raise it only so far since he had such residual damage to his shoulder from that prison camp torture
he poked down that thumb
making history
being maverick
probably saving peoples lives and their financial lives

our family has two young folks who are facing potential organ transplants in the future
his vote has a huge effect on both families health and financial futures

he did the right thing
he had a conscious
he followed it

thank you john mccain

i didnt agree with most of what you voted on
i respected you

a real true american hero

john mccain


the organicgreen doctor

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