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Monday, August 20, 2018

why is any acceptable

baby foods

last week it was roundup or glycophosphate acceptable levels in kids cereals
this week it is metals like lead or cadmium or that old homicide metal arsenic acceptable levels in baby food

it use to be you would occasionally see lead exposure in babies and kids from usually old pipes since they were soldered with lead
like what happened in flint michigan
there were a lot from the contamination from the lead in gasoline before they took it out
kids who lived along freeways or major highways would get too much lead since it accumulates in the soil and since kids eat dirt

it seems some of that poisoning has now settled down as environmental protections seem to ease the exposures to these metals

now this
consumer reports just did a review of baby foods for lead and cadmium and other heavy metals
there should be zero nada none of this stuff in babys food
no excuses

its naturally in the enviroment
then take it out of the food at least

they tested 50 baby foods
some of them the sacred organic ones
all of them had lead arsenic cadmium in them
the recommended level in these foods like i said is zero

2/3 of the tested foods had too high levels of these heavy metals

the heavy metals are naturally in our enviroment
most are from man made sources in water and soil like farming pesticides manufacturing and gasoline

just because its everywhere doesnt mean the levels in food not zero are acceptable
they arent

here is a list of things that can happen to babies who get too much lead and other heavy metals
many are long term
none of them good

you see
babies are tiny
like with a dose of tylenol a little goes a long way
it doesnt take as much to damage a baby as it would an adult
most of these exposures are long term over the baby food years
when things in their bodies are growing fast

side effects
physical and mental growth and development
learning ability

they said in   this webmd review   that rice and sweet potatoes had the highest levels
so they recommended using the rice and taters with oats and cereals
wait a minute
now you are mixing heavy metals like arsenic lead and cadmium with roundup in the babies food

just what are we doing to our babies
poisoning them

take it out i say
take out these heavy metals

you have to make them do it
they wont do it unless you make them do it

this food should be as pure as fresh fallen snow use to be

will it happen
probably not
look at the companies and industries involved
they carry a lot of influence
if parents get upset will it change things

sometimes i do wonder if a lot of our neurological diseases like autism and add and asthma and allergies and learning disabilities that we seem to see more of arent caused or made worse by
fetuses and babies and kids exposures in their everyday lives when they
eat play breath

not acceptable i say

the organicgreen doctor

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